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Vassula visits Puerto Rico, November, 2000

Vassula had a very successful meeting in Puerto Rico on her first visit in 1994, but since her second visit in 1995, she was severely attacked and persecuted. Since that year, we thought it was a dream to bring Vassula again to Puerto Rico. To the Glory of God, Jesus brought her, last November, to evangelize, for the third time, His messages and to strengthen faith in His mission of True Life in God.

The Catholic Church in Puerto Rico has been going through a strong rejection and persecution of any private revelations including, of course, Vassula and True Life in God. For this reason we can not count on the support of the Catholic hierarchy. But God wanted Vassula to come and bring His messages of love, peace, reconciliation and unity to more than 5000 people.

The door was opened when Hogar Crea agreed to include Vassula in a big meeting in cooperation with True Life in God.

Hogar Crea is a non-profit organization dedicated for over 30 years to the prevention and treatment of alcohol and substance abuse. The abbreviation 'Crea' is a Spanish acronym which, translated, means "A Community for the re-training of addicts". Its philosophy is based on the practical principles of individual and collective responsibility, self-help, and mutual support.

The movement, under God's help, provides the re-education of drug and alcohol abusers and their total re-integration into the community. In their 85 communities operating throughout the island of Puerto Rico, Hogar Crea offers drug and alcohol addiction treatment services within a residential environment to individuals and adolescents of both sexes.

The youths of Hogar Crea came from all over this island to Vassula's meeting in their trucks and very colorful buses and their bright uniforms filled the activity with a lot of happiness and enthusiasm.

All the 85 establishments were represented at the meeting held on November 11th and thanks be to God, over 4000 of their members and families attended Vassula's meeting and they were very receptive to hear Jesus messages.

We have to emphasize that the cooperation and support of the Hogar Crea organization was significant in the success of Vassula's meeting. They did the promotion, brought the people and arranged the place in a big coliseum in a small town called Cayey located in the middle of the island.

At the meeting were two Orthodox priests, some pastors from the protestant church and over 1000 people, apart from the Hogar Crea audience.

Government members, directors and representatives of Hogar Crea, musical groups and True Life in God volunteers welcomed Vassula and Father Gerhard Wenzel. Vassula gave two talks in English that were translated into Spanish by the professional translator, Mr. Agustin Acosta, who came from Miami, Florida USA especially for this event.

Vassula emphasized through Jesus' messages a strong called for conversion, forgiveness, reconciliation, peace, love and unity. Every one of her words was like an echo in our hearts to live a True Life in God.

Vassula shared with the youths of Hogar Crea the following message given by Jesus to them:


Reveal Me to mankind the way I have taught you. I am a God of Love and Mercy, I am not a complicated God and I never hound anyone to death. Realize that I give to ask accordingly; I shall never demand from a soul more than what she can offer, I do not ask more than her capacity offers. I am asking from each one a small return of love, a smile, a thought, a kind word - just one word coming from their heart would be received like a million prayers. This is of considerable importance, even a mere thought, I shall take it ever so preciously. I love each soul to folly. I am a God ever so Tender and Meek. I am Gentle with my offsprings; whosoever presents Me to My offsprings as a demanding and quick to anger God, is damaging My church. I am patient and slow to anger but I am known to go and find the sick and wretched - their wretchedness attracts Me, their Incapacity to reach me makes Me all the more eager to pull them up to Me and press them to My Heart. I am Jesus and Jesus means Savior and I come to save and not to condemn.

At the end of the meeting we had a healing prayer by Vassula and Father Gerhard. Even though it was late and lots of youths of Hogar Crea had to return to their distant homes, up to three hours by road, the majority gathered in front to receive prayers and blessings from the hands of Vassula and Fr. Gerhard. All the participants looked happy and among themselves commented on the success of the meeting. Many of them gave testimonies of Peace, conversion and interior healing.

Everything was not roses, we also have thorns. We suffered the rejection and persecution from some members of our Church. They tried, through a written communication, to intimidate the Hogar Crea and Catholic members not to attend the meeting. There were moments of suffering and anguish but with a strong faith that Jesus wanted the meeting. When Vassula arrived we informed her and Father Gerhard about this problem. They visited the responsible priests and some bishops to clarify the mission of True Life in God and Vassula's position and support from the Vatican. These visits were very important and necessary even though we did not know what was going to happen in the end.

The end result was, as I have already said, that Jesus wanted this meeting and gathered to it more then 5,000 persons. At the end we celebrated the success of it and gave thanks and Glory to God.

Beth Myriam in Puerto Rico

On Sunday, November 12th, a dream came true. Father Gerhard and Vassula blessed the first facilities of a Beth Myriam in Caguas, Puerto Rico. This was a private activity but approximately 50 people assisted. Vassula looked very happy, she spoke about the origin and development of the Beth Myriams and about the ones which were already functioning. Gogui requested from the actual group to prepare themselves to participate and serve when, in the Lord's time, the Beth Myriam in Puerto Rico would open formally. We are planning to serve at least one meal per day, to provide showers, clothing and lodging for those who comes in need of help. In addition to the facilities of a kitchen and dining room, we also have bedrooms, praying chapels and rooms for reading, meetings, and facilities to listen cassettes and to see religious videos. At the Beth Myriam we will offer food to fortify the body but also spiritual food to fortify the soul. When we formally open, we would like to invite our brothers and sisters of TLIG from all over the country to visit and help our Beth Myriam of Puerto Rico.

We thank again, Vassula, Father Gerhard and all the others who supported this visit. We are now praying and asking for your prayers for another dream - Jesus, please send Vassula again to Puerto Rico this year, 2001.

Gogui Merced

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