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Sr. Lucy Rooney and Fr. Bob Faricy

Lucy Rooney and Bob Faricy have written widely on contemporary apparition events, having strongly defended Medjugorje.

Vassula Ryden: national tennis champion of Bangladesh, Sheraton Hotel model, exhibiting painter, socialite, her husband's hostess, mother of two sons, the ideal person to receives revelations in our times? Perhaps so, since God's ways are always surprising, his choices not usually those we would make (cf. Isaiah 55:8)

The extraordinary way in which these revelations are made - by Vassula's hand being taken over to write messages, is off-putting. She herself had doubts from time to time - yet knows in her heart that it really is Jesus who moves her hand. "I am too realistic, too sceptic. I can't help feeling again today doubtful that this is happening ... I who very well know that I can't handle my hand and that I know how powerless I become when God takes possession of my hand." (10:23)

She has examined all the arguments: that she is influenced by the sub-conscious, or by evil spirits, by psychological disturbances. She knows what will be said about her: ridicule at least, even hatred. Yet courageously, risking all the scorn, she publishes these messages. She knows too her own lowliness as the messenger, as Jesus said to her: "Do not think for one moment that I gave you this charisma because I love you more than the rest of My children." (23 January 1987)

But how do you know that the words here attributed to the Lord really come from Jesus? How can you be sure that Jesus spoke to Vassula, wrote through her, dictated to her? Do you have a right to believe that? Can you believe it? We believe that Vassula's experience is authentic. That is our personal discernment. We do not, of course, nor could we, make any kind of official recognition or pronouncement of validity. On the contrary, we submit our judgement to the judgement of legitimate church authority.

Obviously, no one is obliged to believe that Jesus says what Vassula says He says. But anyone can believe that these are Jesus' words. Should you believe? Make your own discernment. Read, and decide for yourself with the Lord's help.

What is the message of Jesus to us through Vassula? He said: "I come and refresh all that has already been taught by Me." (1 March 1987) "My message is one of Peace and Love ... I come to show this world My Mercy." (8 March 1987)

It becomes clear from the multiplicity of apparitions and revelations in our times, and it is perfectly in accord with the Gospels, that the end of these times is near. There is a battle on, before Satan loses his power. There is no indication of the end of the world, but of a time of tribulation followed, for those who endure, by a new era of love and of peace. We are in training for those dark days. Meanwhile we are living in a time not of judgement, but of Mercy. Jesus said to Vassula: "Your era has lost all spiritual values." (26 August 1987) "The world has incessantly been offending Me, and I, for my part, have incessantly been reminding them of My existence and of how I love them. My Chalice of Justice is full, creation! My Justice lies heavily upon you ... My cries resound and shake the entire heavens leaving My angels trembling for what has to come. I am a God of Justice and My eyes have grown weary watching hypocrisy, atheism, immorality; my creation has become in its decadence a replica what Sodom was. I will thunder you with My Justice as I have thundered the Sodomites. Repent, creation, before I come.: (1 September 1987 and following) When Vassula pleaded that his clildren were only asleep, He replied: "They are sleeping hour after hour, year after year."

Jesus says that He has sent signs and warnings but they have been rejected (1 September 1987) Here then in Vassula we have another message of mercy: "You are one of the many signs." (8 January 1987) And Jesus confirms what has startled us all - the present day outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all who ask, and the multiplication of apparitions and wonders all over the world: "I tell you solemnly that I shall keep spreading My Holy Spirit on your sons and daughters as has never happened among many generations, to nourish you from My Own Hand, and to place My entire Law in your hearts". (message from the Sacred Heart for England, February 1991).

"All the messages bearing the call of love and peace, leading those that are lost to find their way back to me, are all from the Father and Me." (10 October 1986) This is the good news: "The weaker and more wretched you are the more I seek you and love you." (17 March 1987) It is our unbelievable privilege that Jesus can say to each one of us, through Vassula: "I love you to a degree you are unable to grasp." (8 January 1987) "I, God, love you to distraction." (8 December 1986) And most profoundly of all: "Love loves you."(29 August 1987)

Read the book and share in Vassula's experience of the Lord. That sharing will constitute a part of your own experience of the Lord. Read with faith. Not with faith in Vassula, and not with faith in the authenticity of her experience, but with faith in Jesus. Have faith, Jesus wants to share himself and His love for you with you through these messages. Through your reading, Jesus can lead you to know Him better, and to love Him more, and to follow Him more closely.

What if you, the reader, are not a Roman Catholic? Neither is Vassula. This book is not just for Roman Catholics, but for everyone, for anyone that the Lord leads to read it. Whoever you are, if you know Jesus, this book will help you to know him better. And if you don't, the messages can help you to know him. He knows you. And He has already led you to read at least this far.

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