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Transcript: Vassula's Dublin 2005 Meeting

Good evening, everybody.
I would like you to please stand up and we shall pray the 'Our Father'.
I will pray it for you in Aramaic, which is the language of Jesus:

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Abboun dbashmayo,
netquadash shmokh,
titeh malkutock;
nehweh sebyonokh,
aykano dbashmayo of baro
hab lan lahmo dsunquonan yawmono
washbuq lan hawbayn wahtohayn
aykano dofhnan shbaqn lhayobayn.
wlo telan lnesyuno
elo fason men bisho;
metul dilokhi malkuto
whaylo wteshbuhto lolan olmin. Amen.

Please sit down...

Well, I'll just give you a little bit of my background. Although I was introduced, I am sure there are new people here who would like to know a little bit of how this charism has come about. So as you heard, I come from the Greek Orthodox Church - I'm baptized there - and I'm married to a Lutheran Swedish man, so already there is some ecumenism in the family.

I have two sons, one who is 29 and the other is 34. The one who is 34 is married and I am already a grandmother. So from the 17th of December, we had a baby girl.

I was born in Egypt and my parents also and we are from four generations in Egypt. I was one of these people who you find out there a lot and in every country I would say - baptized Christians but not practicing their religion. Why ? We don't know... there are various reasons. In my case it just went away. My parents were not regular Churchgoers, but they prayed a lot at home I remember. When I got married, I stopped going to Church altogether. I never used to go either in the big Feasts, like Easter or Christmastime - so in my family there was no prayer and no practicing of religion.

My children were growing up in this way, not knowing Christ nor nothing.

In 1985 when God approached me, in this special way - which is actually I would call it in fact a miracle - Easter was approaching and I asked my son then: "What is Easter for you?" And he said: "Holidays from school and Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs and that's it..." Nothing to do with the reality of what Easter is. So of course I explained to him what Easter was then and he was very surprised and he was listening, because children listen! They listen once you talk to them... they listen. So I understood how far my children would have grown without the Church, without knowing anything about Jesus or our Blessed Mother, about our Saints etc.

Now, I was one of these people in Bangladesh that had lots of friends...and you know, sometimes people ask: "Did you have this experience with God because something wrong came into your family ? - like a sickness or some sad news or something like this... because God could use something like this as well. He could use every way to being people back to Him. God is always active in our lives and always gives us several graces and opportunities to return to Him. There's no one of us who could say; "Well, I never felt God or I never had any presence of God in my life"... That's wrong. It's always there...it's just that we don't pay attention. We don't...

Now, it was that time in my life that I was a tennis player and I was almost a fanatical tennis player because I was always at the courts, competing with other teams. I was also fashioning clothes, just as a hobby, as a model and I was painting canvasses. And that is in the family - the gift of art. So I was very busy and socializing...And this was my life! Now any woman would have been happy to be living like this because I had everything! Absolutely everything! It was just at the peak of my success when God came. I will not go into detail about the beginning because there is so much to say about what God is saying to us, and the basic message is Unity as you heard, so I will not stick to the beginning, although it is very interesting to find out how it started day by day, But it's possible to read that in the books you have out there (at the bookstands: books: My Angel Daniel/A Divine Bridal Call).

I'll just tell you a few things from the beginning of how God approached.

Now, as a person who has never had any Catechism either - nothing! I was just totally blank in my mind. In fact I thought and believed in my naïve mind that the Church was one...like one Church, but with different nationalities...and then Jesus started to reveal to me one thing after another...like how we are divided, He says divided not only in two or three pieces but in splinters...that was His expression.

This is a very sad tone from Jesus - He is very unhappy about this division because it is a sin...anyway, I'll come back to that.

Now the first approach was the angel, my guardian angel. My guardian angel just appeared and I did not see him with the physical eyes but with the eyes of the soul. This is an interior vision which is clear, very very clear and I could hear from within me the voice, even the tone of the voice. Now the proper word is 'locution'. Today we call it locution and the vision that is given, if a vision is given, I have it as an interior vision. So when there is a vision, now, even after twenty years, if there is a message within which there was a vision, I remember where it was ... I cannot forget where it was. Because when God speaks directly to a the soul He imprints it (message/vision) on the soul...

It's not like a human teacher, where he will give you the lesson and you note down and you retain parts of it ..you register some of it, but sometimes you forget parts of it because it's just human...Whereas when God speaks, even a simple question He will give, it is like a river, His Word...because it splits up, this Word, in several rivulets, guiding you into more treasures of knowledge. So it is not just what He gives you but He leads you into many other treasures of knowledge so that what you obtain from God is quick learning, very quick learning and it's imprinted...imprinted so that you cannot forget...it's there, it's impossible to forget the next day or even a year or two after that. So that's the difference... and that is why in exactly three years the Lord made it possible (for the Message) to become public. That means to speak to the public. Before the three years, I knew nothing and had no Catechism in my life, therefore no knowledge at all. After these three years of teaching - and its amazing, because if you just saw me, if you just went into the room where I was called and I was receiving the Message, you'd see nobody around! But I would be waiting to hear within me and write down ... and this went on for hours every single day. Like it could be three hours, or it could be six hours or up to nine hours per day writing. And that was especially in the beginning, every single day I was called. Every opportunity God found that I was available, He called me. Of course I had to choose...I had to drop my tennis completely, because there was no time for that anymore! And I started to withdraw from certain things that took my time in my life which for God were not that important. His Work was more important. And in the end I found myself writing non-stop, to the point sometimes - now let me say also, that as you heard I was a bit confused, because when the Lord approached me how could I know that this is all true ?...It was happening, so I used to believe because I heard Him, but when it was over -the Message- and I had to do other things during the day, I started to doubt...I said: "No, it can't be! I mean, who ever heard that God speaks today...!" Because in my life I had never heard , whereas in reality God always speaks! And He can speak whenever He wants and to whomever He chooses. So it's not impossible for God. But for me, since I'd never heard of this phenomenon or charism, whenever I was free again, I was always thinking: 'No... there must be some sort of explanation, it can't be God...it's impossible...' And I had no one to ask, because all my friends were like me - they were tennis players and were not going to Church. So it was impossible to find out. And that was a big - I wouldn't say 'worry' - but it was a cross...because it was happening... I was writing. I was progressing. I was starting to recognize God in the way that we should start loving Him and getting to know Him...

And, to know God and to understand God - and this is important - is the biggest treasure you can have in your spiritual life - to know God and to understand God.

To believe in God is one thing... even the demons they believe in God, but they don't love Him. So to know God is another thing and to understand Him is even deeper because through this gift I would say, through this grace, you will be doing exactly God's will and to come to this progress of getting to know Him this Call that He's giving us - True Life in God - is like a school, step by step you start approaching your Father, our Father the Creator and you start getting to know Him in a very intimate way. And this is important - to know God in an intimate way. However it is not just intimacy that He asks from us but also the Fear of the Lord. The two things together.

Now in the beginning it was the angel. Before God's approach the angel had to come to me and to ask me to read the Scriptures. So I did not have a Bible at home and I said to the angel: "I don't have a Bible at home."...and he said: "Yes, I know. just go and get one." But then I said to him: "In Bangladesh, it's a Muslim country, I will never find any Bible there..." But this was not really the real thing (reason) it was just because I didn't want to get a Bible! I thought what am I going to do now. If I bring a Bible here: my husband, what is he going to say? My friends, what are they going to say?...and I was worried about what the others would say about me the tennis player, instead of having a racket in my hand I will be going around with a Bible in my hand! And I didn't want that to be known...so I was embarrassed and so I used to find arguments with my angel. So my angel said: "Go to the American School and you will find a Bible there, in the library." Now I was debating whether to go or not and in the end I said: "I better go." And I went and I found a Bible, I brought it home and he said: 'Read'. Now...read how, where? With all this thick Bible, I thought: well I'll just open at random and find what the Lord is saying there...so I did that and I went into the Psalms...Now, I know enough English to understand the Psalms, but when I read down the words I did not understand a single word...nothing! And then something happened, there was this way that I understood that in front of God I cannot read His Word...why? Because I'm totally blind and I'm in total darkness...and that hurt me so much that I wept...it was so painful to realize my condition...and then that was not finished because the angel started to tell me certain things I've done in my life that did not please God and in fact offended God. Now when we see our sins the way we see them with our human eyes we see them with our eyes with human understanding. We go to confession, we repent...but not in this way...when He showed me the things which offended God with God's eyes - how He sees them, they were different, not the way we see them - they were horrific! They were big! I thought they were small, tiny little things...but in God's eyes they were enormous they were ugly. And so I was so shocked to see myself the way God sees me, the way God used to see me, before repentance...I wept and wept, and that was every single day for three weeks...the angel came, let me know another thing and it went on and on...and it was just like fire ...immaterial fire that just burned and burned all these things that did not please God, and I truly repented, with tears in my eyes.

When I say to the people, like to crowds like this, how would we know how could we know God's will within us? Because everybody wants to do God's will - You want to please God! Everybody wants to go to Heaven, so we have to do God's will...so how are we going to do this? So people say: "Holy Spirit...isn't it? We call the Holy Spirit upon us to give us the light in our eyes and to give us light to see God's will...' - but that's a mistake!

Because you cannot call the Holy Spirit before going through repentance, because the Holy Spirit will not come upon a soul who is in debt to sin. And He cannot fill you with His Life if you are filled with other elements within you. So one has to empty himself - through repentance, confession - but true repentance ...the more you are true in your repentance - the more you empty yourself -the more space you give to the Holy Spirit and the more Light He can give you.

And in the end He wants to possess you. And you will be wanting to possess the Holy Spirit and be one. This is when you can say in the end: "I am walking with God", because you would be going in the same pace as God wants you to go. So always I say: Only through repentance - first repentance ...and then you will obtain the Holy Spirit, you will possess the Holy Spirit. Because the Holy Spirit wants - He is willing - to invade us with His Light and transfigure our lives into a heaven and into an unceasing prayer. So this is the teachings of Jesus from the beginning.

In fact I will come now already to the part where the Father approached - God the Father, because it's a Trinitarian spirituality. So when the Father approached, now in my youth when I used hear the Greek people, my family, speak about God, they made him so severe - (the) Judge and that's it. And even when you have a child playing and he's naughty and the mother keeps saying: "Don't be naughty, don't be naughty!"...and in the end he stumbles, falls and gets hurt and the mother says: "See! I told you- God is punishing you" So with this idea of God punishing, that God is severe, you withdraw and you don't want to know somebody who is so rigid. And that's wrong! Because in my experience and in the Message He gives to us He says: "They are not speaking of My Sweetness, they are not speaking of My Tenderness as a Father. He says: "Yes, My severity is as great as My Mercy" Yet, Jesus described in two words - two sentences - the Father. He said: "My Father is a King, yet so Motherly. He is the Judge, yet so loving and tender . He is the Alpha and the Omega, yet so meek." So this was the description of Jesus at one stage when He wanted to talk about the Father. And it is true, when the Father approached and I did not have a vision of Him but I heard Him and He said: "I am your Father" Just that - "I am your Father", it was so powerful. To start with, all the image I had of God the Father was demolished in one instant because of that tenderness, but mostly for me, it was this paternal voice. You knew truly that He was your Father. There was absolutely no doubt that He was your Father before your Father on earth, He was the Number One. And He made you understand when He said: "You come from Me." Now it was God who was speaking and when God speaks He penetrates the soul. When He says; "You come from Me"...You knew absolutely that you really come from Him. And then He said: "You descend from Me, you belong to Me" and when He said 'You belong to Me', you absolutely knew that you belong to Him! You are the flesh of His Flesh, the bone of His Bone - there's no doubt, no doubt...We are of Kingly descent, we are of Royal descent...we are from Majesty - so why, why sometimes in our lives do we behave like the beast? The Lord says: "But you come from Splendour - You are blessed in Our Image, so why do you listen to the beast?"..and damage that Holy image which He has imprinted within us... So this is important also to remember from where we come...to lead a holy life, Now, the Father as I said, when He spoke, spoke in a very paternal way to the point that my soul was taken so much within Him, absorbed totally within Him, that I felt as if I knew Him! He was family - He was my kin - K-I-N, kin, not King! - and it was so powerful that when He asked me to pray the Our Father to Him, instead of responding quickly to Him with happiness - why? - I was happy because it was the only prayer that had remained with me since my schooldays...because I remembered this prayer form my schooldays. So I said - instead of responding to Him: 'Yes, Lord' or 'Yes, God', it slipped out of my mouth and I said; 'Yes, Dad' ...and I was afraid, because I said: how can I dare say 'Dad' - at least I could have said :'Yes Father' but Dad is ...slang. And Dad is actually 'Abba' and He said immediately , because He knew I was afraid: "Daughter, do not fear, for I have taken this word 'Dad' in My Hand like a jewel." And He liked it. And He said: "I want you to love Me more" and so this is for everyone. Because this Message is not just for me, otherwise I would be sitting at home very happily, not travelling, and obtaining all this for myself! But the Lord commanded me: "Go and witness" "Go and speak" "Be My Echo and give what you have received and let them know to take away your name from the book and put in their name inside.' So you'll have to take away my name and put in your name when it is written: Vassula', so that you feel that He is speaking to you.

So, He said: "I want you to love Me" and I said: "I love you Lord." But you know if you ask people if they love God they will always say 'Yes' somehow, those that believe a little bit they will say yes...but how much? How much do you love God?

He wants 'Equality' of love - equality of love - but this is so big, so how much love can you return to God? He gives you His Love but you have to return His Love to Him. So when I said: "I love you." He didn't say: "This is not enough...or starting to reprimand me, but He said very simply: "Love Me more...but to love Me more you'll have to approach Me, you cannot be far away as you are now, you have to come forward. Approach Me! Come closer to Me, speak to Me from your heart with simplicity of heart and become intimate with Me, nevertheless, never forget that I am Holy" So it is the two things He requires from us - to approach Him like a child, because when a child speaks to his Father he speaks with simplicity, direct from the heart. Because any prayer - when you speak to God it's prayer, even if it is simple - so if you speak from your heart to God always from your heart comes truthfulness, and its direct and simple-so this is very powerful. He says: speak to Me from your heart with simplicity of Heart and nevertheless never forget that I am Holy." In that manner, we have to revere Him, worship Him and be in awe in front of God's presence. So it's the two things, the fear of the Lord and the simplicity - to be like a child and speak to the Father. Now that was the beginning...

Now God has a method...He wouldn't come and tell me I have chosen you to write Messages ...come and write and go forward and give them - No, there was a whole procedure. There was the call of the angel to bring me to repentance. Then there was the approach of the Father, then Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Mother... to start to know God a little bit and to start loving God more than what I did before, to be able to serve Him with Love. There's no point in serving God out of duty and without love. It's important to serve God with love. And what is the biggest service you can render God? What is the biggest service...it is to bring one soul back to Him...To bring one soul back to Him is the biggest service you can render God, because souls are so precious to Him. Every one of us is precious in His Eyes. So everyone is welcome to become a 'living altar' for God. And that is by really wanting to change your lives and to be serious about wanting to change your lives and meet God through prayer. Now Jesus, when He came at a later stage to me, the first words were: "Which house is more important, your house or My House?" And I said: "Your House, Lord.", which meant the Church. And He said, in a very solemn way: "Revive My House, embellish My House and unite My House." When I heard this, without even knowing what was wrong in the Church, I said to Jesus: "You know very well, Jesus, that I cannot do anything of that...I can't do anything and I don't know how I'm going to go about it...'' He said: "Die to yourself so that My Holy Spirit can breathe in you. Annihilate yourself entirely and I do not want to see any rivals within you." For me, at that time, these words, especially the word 'rival', I could not understand what Jesus meant. But then He quickly made me understand, because not long after I just looked at my watch and he said: "This is a rival - when you count the time with Me." But the biggest rival against God is our will. So we have to die to our will, we have to die to our ego, we have to crucify flesh - we have to die to everything which is us-we. So just die to yourself, be nothing! So when He said these words, I said: "But I know nothing..." And He said: "I want a nothing. Remain a nothing,..Through your nothingness I shall show My Authority and that I Am." In fact He said: "Allow My Holy Spirit to transfigure your soul from a desert into a garden, where I can have My Rest in you. Allow My Holy Spirit to transfigure your soul into a palace where I can be King and reign over you" And He went further.to say; "Allow My Holy Spirit to transfigure your soul into a Heaven, into an Eden, because in this Eden only, you will be able to glorify Me"

So these were the first words, I should say, that came from Jesus...

And I want to tell you, so that you know a little bit: Jesus never forced me!

He always asked permission ... "Allow Me..." He starts...see how gentle He is..."Allow Me to use your hand to write - Allow Me, permit Me to use your time to write.." This is the gentleness and meekness of God, of our Father, of Jesus and of the Holy Spirit.

They do not force things upon us. They come very gently and in fact with these Messages God says: "Give to those who want to hear and those who do not want to hear, let them not hear. " So nothing is being imposed on people, they should be free if they want to hear or not.

So why is God manifesting Himself in our times? In our times that are times where evil has grown so much - multiplied ! The Lord says in a Message here: "In these times of Grace I come with Mercy and I address you with poetry. My words uttered are religion and virtue. With oil of gladness I anoint all those who approach Me sealing them on their foreheads. This is My approach to you all in these times. My approach is redemption, saving help, mercy. If you only realized what I am offering you, you would not just stand there, you would open the door to your heart and welcome Me." Today, in our times, we can easily say that these manifestations - because there are different people who see Christ in visions and Our Lady, especially the apparitions of our Lady - they are multiple. So these manifestations of God are actually in fact His Visitation. You can call it His Visitation or in other words, it is the Passage of our Lord among us. And you can call it also Baptism of the Holy Spirit or Baptism by Fire or the Visitation of the Lord or the Day of the Lord or the New Pentecost . Now I'll) come to this subject because when the Lord speaks He comes to warn us to start with, to shape us up a little bit because we have really been going away from Him. In fact these times, the Lord says, have been predicted by the apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2 - that in the end of times, which is now the Lord says (which is not the end of the world, it's the end of one epoch) they would be called the times of the great revolt. In Scriptures it's called the great revolt which means apostasy. So there is a great and generalized apostasy in the whole world. They have been, if you like, de-Christianized, they do not believe in God any more. In my country sometimes the young people if you ask them about God, they will laugh in your face-they'll say: "Do you still believe in these myths of 2000 years ago?" And this is the young generation mind you, this is the future... so what is happening?

Satan again is deceiving the world like he deceived Eve with the first lie: that we do not need God because we can be gods/ that we can be like God/ that we don't need Him... So we make our own rules to blaspheme His Ten Commandments and His Rules and His Precepts.

So this is the world of today - Evil...

And evil, the Lord says, brings natural catastrophes.

Like the earth is rebelling - even Nature is rebelling so this is why we hear of so many natural disasters because the world is becoming so wicked. So it is in bad shape, we are in bad shape. But the Lord does not forget us. He will always be there. So He will manifest Himself and there is a spiritual war going on: evil with good. God is sending our Blessed Mother everywhere to appear so that she warns the people and brings them back to prayer and back to her Son. This is the role of Mary. And when the Lord was speaking about the 'Day of the Lord' or the 'New Pentecost', it is the Passage of God in our life, in our soul. Now the Passage of God is Fire - It burns...what does it burn? The iniquities and the sins within us ...and it hurts. It's a purification. So God's Passage is a purification in our life - it is the 'Day of the Lord'. If anybody has not repented and has not confessed and having all his sins accumulated within Him, the 'Day of the Lord' to this person will be very hard because he will have to extirpate and burn to the root all what was evil with this person and it is a suffering, It is awful! But it's a grace at the same time! And I would say it's wonderful to go through this grace although it hurts because then you become transparent - He cleanses you with His Fire... and the New Pentecost that the Lord says: He was talking about the New Pentecost all over or the Second Pentecost and perhaps the Catholics here might know that Pope John the 23rd, in one of his prayers, was praying for Unity and he was praying that the Lord sends us a Second Pentecost to renew the Church, to renew His Creation. And this is happening! I was expecting when the Lord was talking about this that it will happen in an extraordinary way, that suddenly everybody, all around the world, will start having like tongues of fire coming on them and having some sort of revival instantly. But you know, even if God speaks in powerful ways and imagery, He always acts in a very natural, almost unnoticeable way - not in a sensational way . God expresses Himself in a remarkable way, but then His acts are very mild and you should take care of (pay attention to) the small signs and don't expect big spectacular signs because He gives you signs every single day of your life and people do not notice them because they are so small. So the Second Pentecost, when He was talking about it, I never understood it but then suddenly, it pleased Him to give me an understanding of what He was saying. And I said: "But it's happening, it started already the Second Pentecost !" Because when God speaks, yes... He will reprimand you, but then He will always give you hope. The Hope is the Holy Spirit. In our times the Holy Spirit is active like never before in history. He is making a renewal of His Creation - renewing His creatures. And it's happening because it's like a tide. The tide comes and like a tide coming in, you don't notice it because its not with a rush/ gushing you know...the tide comes in a slow movement, and you suddenly find yourself with the water rising up very slowly, very quietly...this is how the Second Pentecost is happening. And I'm sure in your families maybe you've had experiences of perhaps some people being so far away form God, spiritually dead, that her stench maybe reached Heaven...And then suddenly, without any merit, God approaches this soul and sends His Holy Spirit in full power, with fire, and blows within that dead corpse a resurrection breath..and then this person gets up, alight with the fire of the Holy Spirit, and runs - just like the Samaritan woman ran, you know like this in the village, declaring that she experienced God's Love, tasted God and He put her alight and she's becoming a witness - an apostle of the end of times. And this is happening. It doesn't mean like that this person should always be like witnessing with a microphone...no, the charisms are multiple. For instance, these people who put up this whole Meeting - what do you think they are?

They are lay people, simple people, but apostles, apostles for the Lord. They have been renewed - they were dead before, spiritually dead but there was a renewal within them from the Holy Spirit and then they become full of fire to want to declare to others the Love of God and then assemble people from all over the country to come and hear the Lord's Messages. So this is also an apostolate work.

The Lord is teaching us to pray - how to pray. The prayer without ceasing...You know, I have learned every step from scratch with the Lord. When Jesus one day came and said to me: "I would like you to pray without ceasing..." I said: "But Jesus I would not be able to...because I'm a mother, I'm a housewife and I have to run my household as well. I cannot be praying non-stop." And the Lord allowed me to just babble for a long time... And then He said: "But you have not understood - to pray without ceasing does not mean that I want you 24 hours a day on your knees. To pray without ceasing means when your heart longs for Me your God all day long. It is when your heart thirsts for Me your God all day long. When your heart desires Me your God all day long - when you are aware of My constant Presence. This is the prayer without words. It is the prayer without words, it is the silent prayer. It is the top prayer which is the silent prayer, the meditation. And how to come to that? It is when you start loving God in such a manner, after having had an encounter with Him, that you can't do without Him. Because you know, after that, that without God your table is empty, but with God your table is full. So God becomes everything for you and then you speak only about God, your conversation's about God, you long for Him and it becomes then, that you are following the greatest Commandment of all - which is to love your God with all your might, with all your soul. So this is you are following the greatest Commandment of all...and to love your neighbour.

So the prophetic spirit today is pushing all of us to Reconciliation and Unity. Reconciliation with the family, reconciliation with friends, reconciliation among countries, reconciliation among peoples and reconciliation within the Church and Unity as well. So that we put into practice the sayings from Scriptures: By the love they have for one another you will tell that they come from Me. You should realize that we are living in a time of ineffable Grace and Mercy when the Holy Spirit in full power is renewing His Creation - this is what the Lord says: "I am renewing My Creation; this is the beginning of this renewal; this is My Passage among tombs among this vast graveyard. My passage will turn the tombs into glorious cathedrals with the Fire of My Love within them; by their love they have for one other you will tell they come from Me.' This is what the Lord says...

Now about Unity...when the Lord in the beginning showed me three iron bars as a vision. The bars were very near each other, very close to each other, and they were very rigid standing like that. When the Lord gives a vision, He also gives the light of understanding for you to understand... And I understood it represented the three Churches - the Protestants, the Orthodox and the Catholics. And when this came about, it was in the beginning, so I saw that the Lord was starting to turn all His teachings about intimacy, about prayer, about the unceasing prayer as well into the Church matters. And when I realized He is turning towards the Church matters I was afraid. I said: "No, I'm not ready to be involved with the problems there." So Jonas had taken the boat and he fled. I took my car and I went out of my house! I went into the market so that this vision would just leave me...but when it is a vision, which is interior, it doesn't leave! It 's just there, even if you close your eyes it's there! So I drove into the market and I was trying to distract myself - I didn't want to be involved in all these Church matters...But then I heard the Lord say loudly: "Pupil, stand up - you have fallen. I will help you carry this Cross of Unity". So I had to go back home and He asked me to draw these three bars, which I did. And He asked: "How are we to make those bars bend their heads so they are able to reach one another and unite? ..." And He said: "Unless they bend in Humility and Love..."

And that is the key - The key to Unity is Humility and Love.

It is total humility, effacement and Divine Love, real love. If this is not there, it means the key has not been found yet, So the Lord is asking the Churches to die to their ego, to practice Humility and Love to be able to unite. But mainly what He is asking is to unify the dates of Easter, because without unifying the dates of Easter, Unity will be very difficult to achieve...that He said. It's not a difficult step to do, to unify the dates of Easter, why? I don't know if you know, but the Orthodox Calendar differs from the one which the Catholics have and we have different Easter dates. Last year I think we had one month's difference! So to the world we are a scandal! We are having two crucifixions, we are having two resurrections - so what credibility are we going to give to the outside world! We are scandalizing the Lord says and we are living in constant sin. If we like it or if we don't like it, we are in constant sin, because division is a sin...now we know it is not our fault that the Churches are split - the people of the Church - the Church is one, the people of the Church are divided. So it was not us, it was our forefathers, but still ...why do we linger..? There's a lot of dialogue, there's some progress, but the Lord wants it quicker. He wants more goodwill. He wants more Humility. He wants more of dying to oneself. So this is very important to know that the Call of our times is Unity and to pray and to dialogue it's good but it's not enough - we have to put it into action, that's what the Lord says.

You know that the Lord continuously gives Himself to us unsparingly, to sanctify us and prepare us for eternal life. And He likes to gaze at Himself in you - that means you become like a mirror and the more you are filled with God the more He contemplates Himself in you. And He delights in that vision: "I will be obtaining in this way all that belongs to Me already through My Divine Love that will be poured in you, you will be deified, transfigured, so that My Father identifies you on Judgement Day with Me."

And I will come back to this Repentance because people dislike to suffer, I would say, in this way because its not really suffering but it is the fire of the Holy Spirit that makes them realize their wretchedness. When I said to the Lord so many times in the beginning: "Why have You chosen me?" - I did not go to pray, I did not go to Church, I was not one of those nice nuns that love you, I was none of this. So how is it you come to a person who ignored You all her life?

And He said: "Did you not know that wretchedness attracts Me? Through your wretchedness I shall show My Mercy." So those were His words.

So I say here, allow...let God level you to the ground and drag you into the desert in which He drags His anointed ones, so that He brings to your memory, in the silence of the desert, all your misgivings and your evil conduct so you loathe yourself. Let God strike you with bitter remorse for your indifference towards Him and His Law of Love. Allow Him to do all these things so that this transformation takes place within you and from there on He will be your Master, your Educator but not only that, He will be your Friend and Brother as well. Then, with great tenderness He will dress your wounds and lift you to His Heart while He will utter in your ear these words: "You must keep secure now all My Teachings remembering always the beginning, so that you increase your knowledge of Me your God."

Now...I would also - I hope you understand this - tell you that one can have a vision of God while you're still here on earth. Which vision? It's an interior vision. It's like tasting God, His Sweetness, while you're still here on earth. It is a kind of a foretaste, a slight foretaste, of the Beatific Vision. Now this Sweetness of God is mentioned many times in the Psalms - David, if you read David, the Psalms - he was so amorous of God, he was so taken by God with His Love and he was always saying and remember this: The Words of the Lord are sweeter than honey. The Lord is sweeter than the honeycomb....Because David tasted the sweetness of God. And this we have to remember...we cannot sit back and say we do not know God because in our minds we have kind of intellectualized God and not made Him as a Loving Father. So we have to know of His sweetness and that once we taste that sweetness, we will approach Him even more. And the Lord says in this Message, you will be so taken by His Love that He says: "And although you will still be among men, among people, your mind will be in Heaven; although your body will be moving among men, your soul and mind will be as an angel's. I will teach you to live in Us, move in Us and breathe in Us."

Now, as I said before, to know God and to understand Him is one of the biggest gifts we can obtain to know Him more...the Knowledge of God. In one Message the Lord had said: "The true theology, but the true theology (and He insisted here..) is the contemplation to Me your God ...That is the true theology.

Failure to know God is a sin. And when we know God, we would know it by the transformation that takes place within us. The Lord said in a Message: "And when you will ask, and what is it to understand God?" He says: "To understand Me is the first principle of Wisdom. It is to acknowledge Me as your God and to fear Me. To fear Me is avoidance of all evil. It is as well to have seen Me with your spiritual eyes while still on earth. It is essential for each one of you to have tasted Me while on earth. It is important for each soul to search for this vision, the vision of God. And if your soul has not been able to attain My Heights, struggle and persevere to raise your spirit through contemplation, how else would you know God? How would you, if you have not seen Me, be one of My sons and daughters arrayed in My Holy Light?" "It is good to do good works for Me" the Lord says, "and follow some devotions as well as acts of Love, Thanksgivings and acts of Reparation; but I would be greatly disappointed that you would die before having known Me. I would be greatly distressed were you to die now without having understood Me. Many of you are busy with your daily chores, which please Me if they are done with Love and they are according to My Mind; but all of this would be incomplete if you do not open to Grace and acknowledge Me in My Intimacy. I have given you instructions of Byzantine Lectures to reach the highest contemplation to reach Me. Vagueness and rigid formulations are not My Ways of teaching... but My Theology is based on Truth and on Divine Love..This is My Theology."

Now I will speak a little bit about the Holy Spirit because this is what's happening with the Second Pentecost. I want to remind you also, that in the Messages of True Life in God there's ample teachings on the Holy Spirit, because the Lord says: "You somehow know Me - Jesus - and you know the Father a little bit" (because of the Old Testament and because Jesus is talking a lot about the Father...) "but you know very little about the Holy Spirit and the action of the Holy Spirit and Who the Holy Spirit is..." So He gives ample teachings on the Holy Spirit.

I will now just give you a small extract about the Holy Spirit...He says: "I am the Light and he who lives in the Light becomes part of the Light. In Me there is no trace of darkness, nor any shadow. Grace makes part of Me and is Light as well. When Grace is diminished on someone that persistently offends Me, so then the Light given to Him diminishes and gradually fades away. If one remains in My Grace, he remains in My Light that widens his knowledge into spiritual realities and riches, since a powerful transformation takes place within the Light leading him towards higher ascents and deeper in Me, Your God, progressing his soul, enlivening him, putting him ablaze and like a straw, lifted by fire, in this manner do I lift him into higher ascents of holiness. But those who fall from Grace, fall from My Sight and what a fall that is...they fall into profound obscurity in veils of darkness. All of you are given access to make part of My Light and become one flame, as much of Grace is Light, so are the Virtues which are in the Light. They too are obtained by those who dwell in Me, in My Light and through your intimate relationship with Me, these will enliven into becoming Light allowing you to grow into Piety, truly resembling Me; transforming you into a god and transforming your mind, soul and heart to radiate My Glory; for within you will be Nobility itself My Kingdom and My Throne and anyone who sees you will be perceiving Me, not you, altogether we shall be One..." and it goes on the Message...

And these are, I would say, the latest Messages in the True Life in God. But let me just give you a little bit of the beginning because I know many of you would like to hear how Jesus teaches, exactly how He does come into our life:

I used never bless my food...and so Jesus had to teach me how to bless the food...I prepared one day my lunch. So I was alone and I started to eat ...and while I was eating, I saw within me Jesus looking at me and I was kind of embarrassed because I was chewing and He was looking at me...And after a while He asked; "Is it good?" And I said: "Yes, Lord..." and He didn't say anything and after a while He said: "Don't you want Me to bless it?" And I said: "Yes, Lord.." So He blessed the food and He remained till the end there and I knew what He wanted, He wanted me to thank Him...so this was the teaching of the 'blessing'...

Then about the Eucharist: It was one day when He asked me to write and I was hungry...so His first question was: "Are you hungry?" and I said: "Yes, Lord." And He said, very majestically: "Always be... for My Bread" but then I said: "But Lord, I was speaking about the other bread..." And He said: "I know, but which is more important, your bread or My Bread?" So I said: "Both!" So He said: "Your bread will not last you forever, but My Bread is forever..." So that was the teaching on the Eucharist.

In another Message, it was the Father, He comes (came?) after I have gone through all these 'fires', I would say, from my guardian angel and taking me into a desert I remember, abandoning me there until I decide for God..because I couldn't have one foot in the world and one foot with God (like both together). I had to decide: what do I want? Do I want to continue as I was or do I want to say 'Yes' to God? And it was very difficult, but to make me understand what I was going to lose: God ! (now, this is supernatural - so to explain it is difficult because it is supernatural, but I will try to explain it as best I can: ...) I felt that my angel left me and that Heaven closed and I was just thrown out alone in a desert. And this went on for three weeks, for three whole weeks, this feeling of total abandonment... left in a desert alone. And I was terrified! My soul was starting to be terrified because I felt I was calling God, I was calling my angel... and there was no response there was only total silence...it was like a rejection and my soul panicked. And then, at that time, there were dinners - my friends...thirty, thirty-five people, very close friends..but then their presence was not agreeable to me any more as it had been before when I used be enjoy it...In spite of all the people around me I felt very much alone...they were not there anymore my friends, not like before...I was missing the Presence of God. And He made me feel it like: Choose! He made me feel how it is to be without Him - you are alone. And immediately I couldn't bear it any more after three weeks and I decided...I said "No. God only... I don't want anything more." So I shouted, within me, and I said: "Yahweh!...take me, purify me and do what You want with me! Do what You want...!" And I can tell you that at that moment, it was really coming from within my heart, I was calling out to God ... I felt immediately the Presence of God and my angel. My angel came back and as we call it - spiritually speaking - he started to heal my wounds of the desert.

But it was a terrible experience, realizing that without God our table is empty, without God we have no joy. But when we have God we are full of joy! We want to smile, we want to jump, we want to dance like David in the Psalms because we have God within us and God is a plus not a minus in our lives! So that is the experience I had. Just after having fully said "Yes" to God..."I will do Your Will - do whatever You want with me because it came into my head that after all I don't belong to myself...I mean, He created me... I belong to God, why should I try to choose what I want to do...let Him do what He wants with me, since I belong to Him..I'm His creature.

And that's really where everything started. But after a week, the Father comes back and says to me: "Vassula, do you have anything to give Me?" And I thought well, I was going to say something, but immediately He said: "Whatever you will give Me, and it is good, comes from Me." So I said: "Do you want to tell me that whatever I will offer to you that is good, it's not mine?" He said: "Absolutely, yes...everything that is good comes from Me." So I said: "Well there's nothing I can offer You..." Then I said: "Yes, maybe there is!" I was thinking, now I know how to draw, I know how to paint... "I shall do an Icon and offer it to You in Your Church and You will like it." And He smiled: "The gift of Art, Vassula...this is also coming from Me." So, in reality I had nothing, I couldn't say anything...And then He said..."You have...your will." I said: "My will? But I gave it a week ago, I gave you my full will." And then He says: "Yes, I know... but I want to hear this every single day." So do remember, we offer our will to God but He wants to just hear it: (eg)"Today again I'm offering You my will..." So I have learned to say that as well.

Well there's a lot more Messages about Our Lady also...beautiful ! I'll just read you one and we'll end up this Meeting with this Message of Our Lady...but it's not the end, because I'll come back to you for more prayer - Prayer of Deliverance and Healing.

This is Jesus - He gave wonderful Messages about our Blessed Mother and the way I was hearing Hiim - He was really in Joy when He was dictating these Messages...

He said:
"O Masterpiece of My Father!
O Sublime Masterpiece of Yahweh!
Spouse to My Holy Spirit!
My Radiant Tabernacle!
Your Heart, Beloved of the Beloved One is one with Ours!
Your Heart is My enclosed garden,
A sealed fountain;
Your Heart is a Fountain that makes the gardens fertile;
Your Heart is My Throne, on which I have been honoured,
Heart of the Heart, whom I crowned in Our presence
And in the presence of the all My celestial court,
How can any of My creatures deny Your Heart?

My Mother continues to be proclaimed in Heaven as My Mother
When I God descended to be conceived by the Holy Spirit
And be born of the Virgin Mary
I came into My Heaven
I descended from one Heaven into the other
I left one throne to sit on the other
Like the lamp shining on the Sacred lampstand
I found her Heart shining from within and without
I have been welcomed in this Paradise to be glorified."

In throngs the Angels asked one another:
"Who is this, behind her veil?"
'Why are the crests of the mountains bowing down low, saluting Her,
as she passes them by?"
"Who is this without a blemish in Her Heart and so pleasing to God?"
"Have you seen how all God's creation lowers its gaze as She passes by?"

"Who is She who is like a fountain that makes the gardens fertile by Her graces, this well of living water?"

"Who is She, with a Heart so pure with divine love, aspiring for God day and night, night and day, and in perfect union with the Most High?"

"Who is this Virgin who is so humble over Her great wealth of virtues and graces, that the supreme God's Eye's never leave Her?

Many of My angels remained silent in admiration, words had failed them...

I will end up with a Message here that you can meditate when you will leave this place...this was for people who come to me sometimes and ask: "You know, I pray and pray but I don't have a response...I pray and I don't feel God's presence...I pray and it's like a monologue, I don't get a response, even a feeling even a sign..."

And this is what the Lord says:

"Come, you who err still in this wilderness saying:
I have sought my Redeemer but have not found Him

Find Me my Beloved in purity of heart by loving Me without self interest

Find Me in Holiness in the abandonment I desire of you
Find Me by observing My Commandments
Find Me by replacing evil with Love
Find Me in simplicity of heart
Sin no more
Cease in doing evil, learn to do good
Search for justice, help the oppressed
Let this wilderness and this aridity exalt
Let your tepidity enflame into ardent flames
Relinquish your apathy and replace it by fervour
Do all these things so that you may be able to say:
I have sought my Redeemer and I have found Him!
He was near me all the time but in my darkness I failed to see Him
O Glory be to God!
Blessed be our Lord
How could I have been so blind
I shall then remind you to keep and treasure My Principles
So that you may live."

Thank you for your patience for the moment.
I will come back. (see part 2)

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