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September 11-14, 2005

On our early morning drive from the airport, Carol shared with us all the activity of the local TLIG organizers in preparation for the meeting here. We thanked God to hear about the increase in fervor and numbers to the TLIG group in Scotland. Carol prepared a place for us in her home where we stayed for the four days we were there.

We wasted no time. Within hours of landing we were off to the Assembly Halls situated on the "mound," near Edinburgh castle where Vassula would speak to the awaiting crowd. Within minutes of walking through the gates into the courtyard, Vassula was met by a local priest who was a supporter of her mission and the messages. They talked about the TLIG apostolate while the people continued to filter in and find their seats. Local musicians were singing and praising Jesus while incense burned, purifying the atmosphere for the Presence of the Holy Spirit to come and sanctify the hall.

The room was filled with people from all walks of life. One would never have guessed that the TLIG organizers ran into so much opposition to pull this meeting together. From the indifference from many clergy, expressed by a mere 10 responses to 70 invitations that were sent out, to an outright calumniating news article against Vassula in the local paper, the Evil One planted his seeds to block the meeting. However, this is always expected..."Blessed are you when they abuse you and persecute you and speak all kinds of calumny against you on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven; this is how they persecuted the prophets before you." (Mt 5:11-12) And for Vassula and those that work in the TLIG apostolate, the Lord has also warned us of this kind of opposition in the Messages. "Satan is observing all of you and has sworn to stop My Plan by obstructing it and by using strong opposition; his threats are reaching heaven daily;" But he gives us the remedy, too. "without delay work hard and willingly; for My sake work with My Spirit and not with yours;" (March 2, 1995) And that is what they did. The Lord, who can do all things, knows how to turn evil into good. For the very newspaper article that was meant to prevent people from coming, was speculated to be one of the main reasons so many people that have never heard of the Message of True Life in God before came that day. The vast majority of the 500 or so people were hearing the prophetical messages for the first time. Praised be Our Lord and Savior! Additionally, there were clergy present from the three main Christian Denominations, another victory for the Lord.

The Meeting Begins...

Vassula led by bagpiper

In true Scots tradition, Amazing Grace resounded from a bagpiper who led Vassula in to start the meeting. She delivered a powerful speech, touching on various themes like The Sweetness of God, The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Repentance, The Day of the Lord, the New Heavens, the New Jerusalem and the New Earth, the Unceasing Prayer and more.

Like many of the readers of True Life in God, I have heard Vassula speak about repentance many times. Some things I could recite from memory. But, I can never be reminded enough of Jesus' teaching on how to do His Will. Probably because His Will escapes me too often. For those that suffer from amnesia at times, like me, here is a summarized version of what Vassula said on the subject of repentance.

Vassula speaking

Vassula speaking

How do we do God’s Will? We all want to do God's Will, so how do we do it? Many think that we call upon the Holy Spirit to give us a light of understanding. Simple, right? But it is not that. Many forget or have never known that the Holy Spirit cannot come upon someone who is in debt to sin. We must first repent. A TRUE repentance. A TRUE metanoia (change of heart). Sins, iniquities, RIVALS, etc. obstruct the work of the Holy Spirit within us. What are rivals? The biggest rival we have within us is OUR OWN WILL. The more pebbles (obstructions) we have in our jar (soul) the less space there is for the water (Holy Spirit). If we allow only a small space for the Holy Spirit, we can "see," but not enough. We must first empty the pebbles so that we have ample space for the Holy Spirit to be poured into us. We must DIE TO OURSELVES. We have to take OUR WILL and throw it completely out. Ask God from your heart, "Take my will away Lord. I don't want it. I don't know how to use it. I only want Your Will. Only Your Will so that I am invaded by Your Holy Spirit. So that the Holy Spirit gives me the Light to know You and understand You."

Once we have that, we can say we are walking with God. Our step will be with God's step. We will be walking at the same pace - not in front, not behind. And, anything we ask for will be according to the Mind of Jesus.

I can never get enough of this teaching.

When Vassula was done Blessing the assembly, we prayed a final prayer together and she was led out again by the bagpiper playing Amazing Grace. And that is what it was, a grace filled afternoon.

I looked around and saw some in tears, others hugging each other. I asked one woman how she felt afterwards and she said, "There was nothing but love in that room today." Indeed Love was present that day. Everyone was thoroughly enriched and many purchased books of the messages.

Blessed be His Holy Name.

The next day, we were preparing to go to a meeting with clergy from the Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant denominations to discuss the subject of unity. We were preparing some important information to bring to the meeting and having trouble getting it together. Once we put our minds together and found a solution, it must have infuriated Satan and his like because Vassula then underwent a serious attack. To read about the details, please see the news archives for the prayer appeal that was sent out just after the attack.

Despite her severe fatigue from the attack, she dragged herself up in order to get to the meeting on time. When we stepped out Carol’s front door, we noticed the strange formation of clouds in the sky. We all noticed it, as it was so obvious. The clouds were vertical, like standing and arrayed in a line. Whichever way we looked - North, South, East or West - they were like that. They looked like angels! We just could laugh and thanked God for this visible reminder to his message from March 18, 1995, "daughter, a throng of angels will be by your side to accompany you in your mission..."

Sky with 'angel' clouds

Vassula spoke with two Benedictine priests, a Greek Orthodox priest and charismatic leader from one of the Protestant communities in Edinburgh. They all listened attentively and asked questions. Only time and the action of the Holy Spirit will tell what fruit will be borne from that meeting. Come Holy Spirit!


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