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The Asian Report Part V - Singapore

An Explosion of Divine Graces!

Nov. 28 - Dec. 5, 2005

Our arrival in Singapore marked the beginning of the final stage of Vassula's 5-week Asian Tour. There had been sixteen meetings in total in Japan, Hong Kong, India, Thailand and the Philippines, and visits to the Beth Myriams in Bangladesh and the Philippines. After all these events, the success of Vassula's Asian mission was evident in the response and encouragement extended by the clergy and laypeople in each country she visited. The impeccable organization and assistance of the TLIG Associations and the multiplication of Prayer Groups are a confirmation of the special grace from the Holy Spirit bestowed on Vassula for her mission.

TLIG organizers Tisha Starling and Vincent Lee with Vassula
TLIG organizers Tisha Starling and Vincent Lee with Vassula

Vassula was welcomed for the third time to this little southeast Asian island lodged between Malaysia and Indonesia, by the Singapore True Life in God Association. In the last 50 years, Singapore has become one of the world's most prosperous countries, its port being one of the busiest in the region. Its multi-racial population of 4.5 million is composed of Chinese, Malay, Indian, among others. The Asian languages spoken are varied, as are the places of worship scattered around the city: Buddhist, Muslim, Taoist, and Hindu temples; Catholic, Orthodox and other Christian churches. The TLIG Association here is made up of Christians of different denominations and ethnic backgrounds, working together for Christian Unity.

Dec. 1st, Prayer Meeting in the American Club of Singapore

TLIG Association's Gerry Kessler introducing Vassula

Organizers in the TLIG Association invited the public to this Prayer Meeting where Vassula was the special guest speaker. The objective was for Vassula to explain the importance of reading True Life in God, the Messages through which God reveals Himself and speaks to the soul, bringing it to recognize its Creator. The wealth and abundance of learning in the Messages of True Life in God transform a soul which maybe close to death and in darkness, back to life and into the light of God's love. In the Messages, God Himself teaches and imparts deep teachings of Theology like those of the Doctors of the Church. Vassula emphasized the importance and power of prayer, prayers from the heart, and the unceasing prayer wherein the soul longs for God and thirsts for Him every moment of the day.

The primary purpose of a TLIG Prayer Group is to progress spiritually by reading the Messages and pray for Christian Unity according to the Lord's wishes in True Life in God. The Lord simply asks us to unify the dates of Easter, which would allow Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants to celebrate His Passion, Death and Resurrection together. Once this step is taken, the Lord has promised to send His Holy Spirit in full force and bring His Church to Unity. From the Messages, Jesus speaks:

"Will I, brother, one more season go through the pain I have been going through year after year? Or will you give Me rest this time? Am I going to drink one more season the Cup of your division? Or will you rest My Body and unify, for My sake, the Feast of Easter?

In unifying the date of Easter, you will alleviate My pain brother and you will rejoice in Me and I in you, and I will have the sight of many restored heart " October 14, 1991

This was an opportunity to gather many to pray for Unity, using the International True Life in God Prayer Meeting Guidelines. Designed to be ecumenical, they contain Catholic and Orthodox prayers, some Protestant hymns, and many prayers from the Messages. Vassula underlined the urgent need to pray for Unity in our times, encouraging us to answer the Holy Spirit's call today for Unity. Vassula said: "During this time of grace and mercy, take your children to Prayer Meetings. Statues of Our Lady ooze oil showing that Our Lady is pleased to be amidst Her children as they pray from the heart. A statue of the Sacred Heart is shedding tears of blood in a TLIG Australia Prayer Group Meeting, which indicates that something is going to happen and fervent prayers are needed. Pray for Unity to come and the Lord will fulfill His promise to put an end to wars, natural disasters and catastrophes. In His Message the Lord says:"

"If the churches are able to go beyond the negative obstacles that hinder them to unite, obstacles that according to Scriptures are against the fulfillment of the unity of faith, love and worship among them, I will be faithful to My promise of releasing a time of peace in the entire world; this peace will draw every being into My Mystical Body, fulfilling My Words given to you all in My prayer to God the Father, when I implored:

"may they be one in Us, as You are in Me and I am in You, so that the world may believe it was You who sent Me." [Jn. 17, 21] this supplication uttered by My divine Lips is echoing every second from heaven still;

My Words intonated were meant that the whole of creation must be affected into a spiritual unity and not a unity by a signed treaty; to fulfill My Words the churches must seek first humility and love, graces that can be obtained through the Holy Spirit and a great repentance." December 10, 2001

TLIG Singapore Association was on hand with the books and to guide the people in their requests to join TLIG Prayer Groups.

Visit to Bro. Michael Broughton

Vassula visits Bro. Michael
Vassula visits Bro. Michael

Vassula paid a visit to Brother Michael Broughton, the principal of St. Joseph's Institution, who had hosted her meeting in the school chapel during her previous visit. Bro. Michael is officially involved in the ecumenical and inter-religious activities in Singapore, and was therefore delighted to receive firsthand news of Vassula's meeting with then Cardinal Ratzinger in his CDF office in Nov. 2004. She had been graciously received by His Excellency, the Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, and was grateful for the opportunity to personally thank him for his Office's work in clarifying the matters of concern in the writings of True Life in God and her mission. Bro. Michael had received the booklet Clarifications of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith and was happy to see progress in her mission. He was equally pleased to be informed of the successful TLIG International Ecumenical Pilgrimage to Lebanon-Syria-Jordan in May 2005, and was impressed by the photos with Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican bishops and priests celebrating the liturgy together with 280 pilgrims from 40 countries, and of different confessions.

December 3 Meeting in the Auditorium of the RELC International Hotel

Before the Meeting, by the TLIG bookstand.

Many in the audience of just over 100 Christians and non-Christians did not know of Vassula or the Messages. Therefore, an introduction was made by Roselynn of TLIG Singapore to make the listeners aware of the scope and breadth of True Life in God and Vassula's mission for Unity. The main points of Vassula's talk revolved around her testimony, the Apostasy, the Prophecies, God's Intimacy, Repentance and Unity.

"I never used to talk about Prophecies before, usually I speak about God's Intimacy and Repentance. But the Holy Spirit is pushing me and inspiring me to speak about the Prophecies and warnings, and what is to come. In the books, you will find the Prophecy of the 2 Towers given 10 years before. The Tsunami was also prophesied 3 times in the Messages, first in 1987, then a few years later, and again, because the time was approaching. The Lord said:"

[September 11, 1991]

the earth will shiver and shake and every evil built into Towers will collapse into a heap of rubble and be buried in the dust of sin! Above, the heavens will shake and the foundations of the earth will rock! Pray that the Father's Hand will not come down in winter;

the islands, the sea and the continents will be visited by Me unexpectedly, with thunder and by Flame; listen closely to My last words of warning, listen now that there is still time; read Our Messages and stop being scornful or deaf when heaven speaks, lower your voice and you will hear Ours;

think twice before you judge; think more than twice before you condemn the Works of the Holy Spirit; I shall not spare anyone who mocks the Holy Spirit, blaspheming Him outright; Justice will send them down to the underworld heart

lift all of you your faces and search the heavens for My Holy Face to contemplate! Lift your eyes towards heaven and you shall not perish.

repent! and ask the Father to relent; soon, very soon now, the heavens will open and I shall make you see

The Judge

Jesus symbol

Vassula shared that years before the NY Towers incident, she was watching a documentary on television about Manhattan, and at that moment she had a vision: before her eyes, she saw the buildings crumbling down and she uttered loudly in front of witnesses, "...and all this will be no more."

We need to decide for God and listen to His Call, and listen to this Message from above. Scriptures say we must love God, love our neighbor and serve Him, and be good. When Vassula wholeheartedly decided to live for God and to serve Him alone, Jesus told her:

"If you want to serve Me, serve Me in the world where they spit on Me daily, where they insult Me, where they scourge Me, where they put thorns in My Heart, where they are re-crucifying Me with their sins, that is where you can serve Me, out in the world. Souls are rendering Me in such a state because of their wickedness."

Vassula continued: "The world has become more violent. That is because the world is glorifying itself rather than glorifying God. Satan is deceiving the world again with the first lie he deceived Eve: "You do not need God, you can be god," And today he is playing the same trick on the world. It makes its own rules, its own commandments. God has given us commandments and the world is disobeying them. For example, Abortion - Kill! Innocents, how many abortions! In the Messages, it says abortion pleases Satan, because any human sacrifice pleases him. Satan today is glorifying himself with human sacrifice, and gains power because of human blood. Keep pleasing Satan by keeping Abortion legal. St. Michael the Archangel says that this is the greatest sacrifice you can do to please Satan. Which side are we on?"

"And yet, God forgives those that have committed these sins, He only asks you to repent. Ask God for the grace for you to see your sins and repent; He is merciful. Forgive, the more you forgive, the more God forgives us. The Father will forgive us if we forgive and we will grow in the grace and the love of God. Jesus says in Scriptures: "It is someone who is forgiven little who shows little love." [ ... Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, loved little. Luke 7:47] People who do not love, who bear grudges, and are spiteful, they have not been forgiven. They have to forgive others so that God forgives them, as in the prayer to Our Father: "forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us..." [Matthew 6:12] In Judgment Day, we will be judged according to the measure of love we had here on earth. To obtain the gift of love, we need Repentance which empties our soul of all sin and allows the Holy Spirit who is dazzling, pure light, to fill us with His Love."

Receiving the Holy Spirit
Receiving the Holy Spirit

Vassula ended the Meeting with the Prayer for Healing and Deliverance, and prayed over the people individually. I could see that some people were stunned by Vassula's powerful talk on Forgiveness and Repentance, some were surely shaken by the Prophecies and warnings, but filled with hope in God's Love and Mercy. Having understood that prayer and reparation could change the world, many were eager to read the books and know more about joining the TLIG Prayer Groups.

Vassula with TLIG organizers Vincent, Felicia and Monica

TLIG Singapore Association group photo

Vassula had passed on the message and had completed her 5-week mission at that last meeting. Moments before departure, she received a woman quietly suffering from cancer in search of healing. Vassula explained to her that these Messages are anointed by God and that she would have a better chance of being healed if she read the books. God does not like lukewarm hearts - either one believes or not. If she believes these Messages come from God and still remains indifferent, God is hurt and will "spit her out!" Vassula very gently asked if she believed that the True Life in God Messages come from God, and that God speaks in the Messages, and the woman answered in the affirmative. Most sicknesses come from the devil, Vassula was told by an exorcist, so she advised the woman to make a good confession which is an exorcism in itself. Vassula then prayed over the woman who was very touched along with the grateful couple who accompanied her.

Here ends this marvelous tour of 7 Asian countries now engulfed in the Holy Spirit's Grace. Vassula had done amazing, astounding, miraculous, awesome work for the Lord; His seeds of Love were sown and He was sending us home...but not without a gift for all True Life in God Readers, Organizers, Associations, Prayer Groups, and all those who labour for Unity. About 2 weeks before, Vassula described a vision she had just received:

"I saw myself at the top of some garden steps leading down to a wrought-iron gate. I looked down below and noticed the Holy Father with a bunch of keys in his hand trying to unlock the gate. He was accompanied by a group of clergy who had come to discuss Unity. There was an air of confusion and desperation as none of the keys fit the lock...suddenly, the iron gate turned into a glass door, and I saw them attempt to cut a circle around the lock. I calmly made my way down the steps with my head and my eyes fixed downwards, and withdrew a key which I put in the lock, then opened the door to let the Holy Father and his companions pass through, my eyes looking downwards at all times."

May the Lord be praised and glorified in our work. We thank Him for Vassula and True Life in God, for all the opportunities we are given to serve Him, and for all the saving graces bestowed on the world in this Explosion of Divine Graces!

By: Cecilia B. Lutz

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