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Vassula's talk in Bangkok, Thailand

February 14, 1999

Holy Redeemer Hall, Ruam Rudee, Bangkok

Preparation for the mission
After a brief introduction about herself, Vassula described the difficulties she experienced in the beginning of her mission. She had difficulties believing that God can communicate with her and was afraid of being deceived. She thought that God seeks only the holy people. She once asked Jesus, "Why did you choose me, who never prayed, who never loved You? Why don’t you go to your holy people". Jesus replied, "Don’t you know that wretchedness attracts Me. Through your wretchedness, I will show My mercy." When Vassula showed the messages to the priest, she was immediately rejected. She experienced difficult trials and persecutions with the priest who thought that she was mentally disturbed or possessed by satan. After finding out that she was not crazy, the priest finally accepted and later on promoted strongly the messages. Vassula also underwent purification with her angel to prepare herself to meet God. This purification made her see her sins in the eyes of God. She suffered so much for three weeks. Vassula said that God encouraged us to confess our sins once a month and to ask the grace to be able to see our sins in God’s eyes. All these were preparations for her mission.

Meeting God the Father
After all the doubts, persecutions and purification, God, the Father, manifested Himself to Vassula. She recalled this moment; "I was stunned and amazed by His voice. His voice was the most tender and loving voice one would ever imagine. There was not a trace of harshness and severity. I felt His presence but could not see Him. In a split of a second, I understood many things. I knew in an instant that He is my Father before my father on earth. When the Father said, "You come from Me, you belong to Me, you descend from Me, you are My seed, you are Mine." The words penetrated the depths of my soul.

Meeting Jesus - "remain nothing"
After God, the Father, Jesus came and then asked a question, "Which house is more important, your house or My house?" Vassula replied, "Your house, Lord". Jesus then said, "Revive My house, embellish My house". When she protested saying she does not know anything about church matters, Jesus replied, "I have blessed My work and every nation will hear these messages. From a rivulet it will widen up into a river, from a river it will start gushing into an ocean". Vassula insisted, "Why do you choose me? I am a nothing." Jesus replied: "In your nothingness I will show My greatness, so remain nothing. I want a nothing. In fact, die to yourself so that My Will can be done in you".

What is God's will?
Vassula continued with a teaching on God’s will. She asked, "What is God’s will?" In the messages, God told us "Die to yourself, have Me as first". God’s will is therefore putting Him as first in our life. Many people think that they still have time to grow up and only when becoming old that they think about God. Vassula pointed out that this is wrong because only through God that one experiences real joy and peace. Even the most difficult moments of life would not become heavy anymore when God’s joy is with us. Many times, Vassula pours out to God these words; "You are my joy, You are my smile, You are my laughter, You are my life, You are my bounce. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be happy".

God made Vassula understand what life is without God. One day, Jesus disappeared and abandoned her. It was a spiritual desert without God and the angel. It was the most horrible time in her life, she recalled. She was surrounded with friends but deep inside her she was alone. This made her realize that it was God Who gave her life. Finally, she cried out loud, "Yahweh, take me, purify me, and take what You want out of me". After this, God appeared and then the messages began.

Why is God speaking this way today?
Why is God speaking this way today? Why is God sending our Blessed Mother everywhere in the world to preach? We are living in times of the great apostasy foretold by St. Paul. Vassula explained that in the history of the Church, whenever things went wrong, God always intervened. God is a Father and as such He comes to reprimand His children when they needed to be reprimanded.

The Father said: "My children I have given you My Law from the beginning to keep you alive. My Law to this day is not kept because you do not live in the love of God. So long as you have no love for your Father in Heaven, you can not love your neighbor and you can not say you are obeying the commandments. So long as what you have been taught in the beginning is not alive in you, you are still not rooted in Me. My whole Law is summarized in a single command - Love. Have they followed My Law and examine their conduct daily, they would have discovered that they are not living My commandments. And if they tell Me, how is it that we are not following Your commandments? How are we meant to follow Your commandments? Can we teach Your commandments if we do not follow them? I would say, you are not following them because love is missing within you. The crown of My commandments is Love. To love is to live according to My commandments".

About Love Vassula went on saying, "Do you know that in judgement day, we are judged according to the measure of love we give on earth?" How to obtain the gift of love? In this regard, God says; "Repent, repent from your heart and recognize that you are a sinner and unworthy of God’s gift." The fruit of repentance is Love and from Love will sprout all other virtues. Love is the root that holds all the other virtues.

Vassula continued with Mother Mary’s message about love. Our Lady said: "Have you not read in the scriptures that if you give away all that you possess, piece by piece, but without Love, it will do you no good whatever. Have you not understood that if one of you is hurt all parts of the Body of Christ suffers with it. If you hurt your neighbor, you hurt Christ’s Body, not your neighbor. Can you say I came to God with reverence and with sincerity and love?" Our lady emphasized that what we do with our neighbor we in fact do it to Christ. Our Lady also said: "Many of you fast with food but how I wish you fast yourself with your lips". Vassula clarified that the biggest sin we commit from our tongue is by mutilating our neighbor with words, by treating them with insults, and despising them without reason.

The message of True Life in God is a call to go back to our real foundation and to come back to the root of all commandments, which is love. Our Lady said that the world has turn out to become icy cold to the Love of God and Jesus is suffering because of that. The apathetic people, lethargy and disinterest we have of God are so powerful in our days and yet their lives depend and hang on God without them realizing it. Yet God gives everything and He is so patient. Jesus said; "Come back to Me with all your hearts and let your prayers reach Me because it is not he who said to Me, Lord, Lord, (who) will enter the kingdom but the one who does the will of the Father in Heaven". But what is God’s will? Jesus explained, "Speak with love and I shall hear you. Give with love and I shall know you. Pray with love and the doors of My Kingdom shall open to receive you, act with love so that I will tell you one day, you are Mine, you are My seed, come to your Father."

What is Jesus asking from us?
What is Jesus asking from us? Jesus does not ask so much from us. He said: "Do not wait to become (a) saint to come to me. Come to me as you are". Jesus asked our help and asked for prayers for reparation not only for you but also for those who do not know God and those who persecute God. It is our duty to pray for the conversion of our sisters and brothers out there because we should not forget that we came from one Father. In the messages, God is calling us "sons and daughters". Similarly He said: "You are the offspring of the Most High. You descend from sovereignty and splendor. You belong to heaven. You belong to us, the Trinity, You are of royal descent. Why do you behave like a beast? Why do you listen to the beast? You are blessed in our image, not of the beast. You are all meant to walk in the cold of the Mighty One. So allow Me to clothe you in My splendor. Open your heart and I shall save you. Learn that anyone of you who turns to Me will (have) the sole desire to please Me, with all My heart, Yes, with all My heart, I will grant him my favors. I will reveal My image of goodness so that they end their journey with Me."

The messages call for reconciliation and unity
The messages call for reconciliation and unity. When Jesus once said to Vassula, "Unite my House". He actually meant to unite His church. But unity will come from the Holy Spirit. But it is not just the church that Jesus wants united. Jesus wants unity also in the family, and reconciliation and forgiveness in the family. For this, we also need the help of the Holy Spirit.

What is prayer without ceasing?
What is prayer without ceasing? Jesus says: "To pray without ceasing does not mean I want you 24 hours a day on your knees. To pray without ceasing means that your heart longs for Me all day long, when your heart will thirst for Me all day long and desire Me your God all day long. This is the prayer without ceasing".
Vassula commented that it is a top prayer, which we called the silent or contemplative prayer. With this kind of prayer, God does not need words anymore from you because your heart is united with God in His Divine Love and your heart is a glow in God’s heart. And so it is just like God possesses you and at the same time you possess God. This is the top thing that God wants from us. At the same time you are following the greatest commandment of all. To reach the point of desiring God constantly and thirst for Him all day long.

To know God
God said:"If you want to love Me, you can’t keep your distance (from) Me. So long as you keep Me far away, you would never get to know Me and to love Me".
To get to know God is the most important thing in life. Many people speak and preach about God, yet they never met God in a special way and never had special relationship with Him. This is the reason why many people intellectualize God. To know God (in an) intimate way will eventually lead to nothing but love for Him. To be intimate with God, we also need to respect His Holiness.

How does the Father reacts at the moment one goes and confesses his sins to Him? The Father would say:"My eyes are worn out with sensation and the violence of the world, for no evil will become heir of My Kingdom. Come to Me and tell Me, even if you are wretched". "The Father sees all the sins of my soul, yet I know Father that You are all merciful and generous. Teach me Your will, Father. Teach me Your judgement. Come and bind me to you, Father, and remind my wretched soul that I belong to Your Kingdom too. Though my temptations are countless I trust in Your saving help". "And I will answer you My child, Bless O My soul. At the memory of your creation I wept, I wept tears of joy, I have sent you in your mother’s womb with heart, do not turn away now. I have heard your prayer that you said from your heart. And I tell you, you are very precious in My heart. For the sake of your heart, I tell you, seek from today love, peace and reconciliation. I long for you. I bless you without ceasing so many times".

God wants love, peace and reconciliation
God wants love, peace and reconciliation. The Father says: "Come and learn. In the morning, sow your seed of love. At noon, sow your seed of peace, in the evening sow your seed of reconciliation. When God collect your harvest and offer to Me, your Father, in heaven, and I will tell you, in your graciousness My child, you have obtained your reward in heaven. From above I call to you all, come and make peace to Me, your God, and you will have My blessings. Return to Me, and you will live for others." Vassula recalled in the beginning when the angel said, "Come and make peace with God", and she said, "I was never in war with God".

What it means to reconcile with God and make peace with Him is to accept God and to decide for God. For as long as you do not decide for God and accept Him in your heart, you are still at war with God.

Vassula mentioned that there are many messages but the essential is our heart and that God wants intimacy and love and prayers for the conversion of humanity. God said: "I do not like to pass by your room in heaven empty for all eternity." God speaks about the Russian church, Russia that will be the country that will glorify God the most. There are also messages of the triumph of the Two Hearts to completely overcome satan. Here the Rosary is very important because it is the chain that chain satan. Consecration of your family and country to the Two Hearts is very important.

Holy Spirit
Vassula concluded by emphasizing the importance of the Holy Spirit in one’s prayer. In the True Life in God, there are profound teachings of the Holy Spirit - like Who is the Holy Spirit, this mysterious third divine person. Why? Because our time is called the end of times, not the end of the world but end of one epoch. God has never manifested Himself so powerfully than in our times but everything has been predicted in Scriptures when He said that the Holy Spirit will be pour out to all people.

The end of times
The end of times could be recognized in two signs. In 2 Thessalonians 2, St Paul said that the end of times could be recognized in two signs, the great revolt or the great apostasy and the spirit of rebellion that apes God and opposes God all the time. In Matthew 24, Jesus spoke about the end of times to His disciples. He said "When you see the prophet Daniel’s prophecy relevant, know that they are the end of times." The prophet Daniel said that the disastrous abomination of the desolation shall be erected in the sanctuary of God and the perpetual sacrifice will be abolished. Perpetual sacrifice represents Mass and the Eucharist while the disastrous abomination of the desolation that penetrated into the sanctuary of God which is the spirit of rebellion as predicted by Pope Paul VI. Meaning there is something wrong in the church and there is a spirit of rebellion among the priests, cardinals and bishops opposing the Pope and the traditions. For example, some religious priests, cardinals and bishops think that Jesus’ resurrection was only symbolic and not real. God is revealing the truth and not only from True Life in God. This is one thing that the Holy Spirit is intervening now because God will not see the church destroyed. The Holy Spirit will renew, it will be outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

The messages spoke about the second Pentecost. Vassula explain that it will not be like as fire coming out but every conversion is so powerful that the person converted is on fire with so much zeal in God, which is the second Pentecost for this person. Second Pentecost is individual. Nobody can put a person on fire except the Holy Spirit and this is happening more and more. The Holy Spirit is now invading us and puts us on fire and God is renewing His creation. In Apocalypse 21, Jesus said about the new heaven and new earth. This is not literal(ly) but everything will be within us. Today, most of the people’s hearts are arid, like a desert. The earth within them is dry, but the outpouring of the Holy Spirit will put celestial seeds within them, which will sprout and make the earth fertile and this earth will be turned into a garden. As a heaven too, it is like darkness within us. Once the Holy Spirit will put His rays inside us. It will be like a heaven illuminated with hundreds of constellation. As we are sanctuaries of God, as God is within us, we can also be a city of God because He dwells in us. So the Old Jerusalem will be no more. We will be renewed into a New Jerusalem, shining from within and without.

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