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Vassula in Kerala

November 21 - 30, 1999

Sunday 21st Nov. 1999. Vassula and Tom arrived at Eranakulam South junction on 21st Nov 1999 at 1 PM by train from Goa. They took rest at the International Hotel, Eranakulam, which is about 3 kms from the south railway station. Vassula's first meeting in Kerala during her second visit was at St. Gerorge's forane Church, Edapally. The meeting started at 5.45 pm. Rev. Fr. Thomas Mattom, Vicar, St. George's forane Church, welcomed Vassula and Tom. Dr. P.M Chacko, Professor, Dept of English, U.C College, translated the English speech to Malayalam. The Malayalam version of True Life in God Vol X and My Guardian Angel Daniel were released at the end of the meeting by Vassula. The copy of Vol X was received by Fr. Thomas Mattom and of My Guardian Angel Daniel by Dr. George Irumbayam. After the meeting Vassula met editors of various journals. At about 8.30 pm Vassula and Tom returned to the International hotel. They were very tired because of the long journey from Goa to Cochin (about 17 hrs). Even though she was very tired she appeared fresh at the meeting at Edapally.

Monday 22nd Nov 1999. In the morning Vassula met His Excellency Mar Varkey Vithayathil (Apostolic administrator of Kerala). His Excellency and Vassula talked for about 1 hour. He was very cordial to Vassula and discussed various topics. The themes include ecumenism, unity, apostasy etc. His Excellency gave a grand reception to Vassula. Rev. Fr. Thomas Mattom was also present with Vassula and Tom at the Archbishop's House. At about 11 am Vassula, Tom, Mrs and Mr. C.J. John, George and M.P. Mathai went to Trichur to meet His Excellency Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy, (Arch Bishop of Trichur). His Excellency gave a warm reception. All of the team had lunch with the Archbishop. At this time Vassula introduced herself to His Excellency. She said that she had attended more than six hundred meetings and visited more than fifty countries. She narrated the history of her conversion, her purification and a brief account of the messages she gets from Jesus, Our Father and Our Lady. His Excellency's expression was such that he was very much convinced. He said to her he would visit Vassula at Rome in his next visit to Rome.

Vassula and others left Trichur by 2 pm and reached Ernakulam Junction at 4 pm. Vassula and Tom rested from 4 pm to 8.30 pm at the International hotel. At 8.30 pm Vassula, Tom, Fr Gratian, Mrs. & Mr. John, M.P Mathai, George, Thomas and Babychan got ready and arrived at the railway station to catch the cochin Trichi Express train at 9.15 pm. The train was a bit late. The train started at 9.30 pm and reached Trichi at 9.30 am, 2 hrs late. The climate at Trichi was thoroughly unfavourable. Most of the roads in Trichi Tamil Nadu were inundated due to untimely heavy rainfall. The purpose of Trichi journey was to meet the visionary Mariamma and Moses, resurrected son of Mariamma's brother, at Vadiakkad. We started our trip from Trichi to Vadiakkadu, which is about 125 kms from Trichi at 10.15 am in two vehicles. As we were late and we had to reach Trichi back at 7 pm to catch the Trichi Cochin train after visiting Mariamma and Moses at Vadiakkad. We were in a hurry and we could not get time to eat during the journey. But when we were about 3 kms to Pattukottu, a small town, 18 kms to Vadiakkadu one bridge on the way was inundated and we had to take a long deviation, which took about another 2 hrs to reach Pattukottu. Vassula and others took rest for a while at Kalpana lodge and resumed the journey to Vadiakkad and reached Mariamma's Brother's house at 4.30 pm where Mariamma, Moses, Fr. Prasad and other 100 people were anxiously waiting for Vassula.

We ate Chicken Biriani and Soft drinks from there. Vassula and others visited the place where our lady used to come, the place where Moses was buried etc. Vassula met Mariamma privately for about half an hour. Fr. Prasad interpreted Vassula's conversation. After this private meeting Vassula addressed people present there and said that Vadiakkad is the only place in the world where the voice of our Lady was heard by so many people. In all other places only the visionary could hear the voice. So this place is a chosen one. Vassula gave presents to Mariamma and Mosses. She also gave rosaries and other religious materials to the people who were present there. We left the place by 5pm and reached Trichi by 8.30. The Trichi-Cochin Train left before we arrived at Trichi. So we hired another big Vehicle and went to Erode about 125 kms from Trichi. We got ordinary tickets from Erode to Cochin. But the railway officer in the train was very kind to us and gave first class AC tickets for us. The train left at 2 pm from Erode and reached Ernakulam south at 8.30.

Vassula Tom and others slept well in the train. Vassula and Tom returned to the International hotel and took rest from 9 am to 12.15 pm. We started our journey to the Divine Retreat center at 12.20 pm and reached it at 2 pm. The priests, sisters and others headed by Rev. Fr. George Thadathil received Vassula and Tom. Divine Retreat Center is a place where retreats are is going on all week starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday morning. The meeting began at 2 pm. Vassula was introduced to the people by Prof. C.J John in Malayalam. Dr. P.M. Chacko of U.C College, Alwaye, interpreted Vassula's talk. She recalled the attention of the people to her first visit at Divine retreat center in 1998. There were about 8000 people. Vassula told the audience that God brought her to the Divine retreat center for the second time. Her talk continued for 2 hrs. After the meeting Fr. George Thadathil, Asst. Director of Divine retreat center gave a memento to Vassula. A senior priest, who had read all the volumes of True life in God messages, proposed the vote of thanks. Vassula, Tom and others started their journey at 4.45 pm to Vallichira, near Pala where the stay for Vassula and Tom was arranged at Saji's house and reached there at 7.15 pm. Rev. Fr. Kurian Mattom was also present at Saji's house to receive Vassula and Tom. So after a long journey and programme at Divine Retreat Centre Vassula and Tom reached at Saji's house Vallichira, near Pala.

Thursday 25th Nov 1999. At about 11 am Vassula, Tom and others went to Kollam to attend the meeting at St. Kaspian Church auditorium at 2 pm. Vassula, Tom and others were received by Mr. Francis Xavier and his friends. Mr. Francis Xavier is running an Asylum at Kollam where about 85 poor destitute mental patients are residing. Prof. C.J John introduced Vassula to about 7000 people assembled there. She talked about her conversion, Jesus' call for ecumenism and unity. Dr. Kurian Mattom translated the talk. The meeting was over by 4 pm. After the meeting Vassula, Tom, Francis Xavier, John, M.P Mathai, and others went to the Bishop house, Kollam to meet His Excellency the Bishop. As the Bishop had to go to a certain place on an urgent matter, Rev. Fr. Rozarios, the Vicar general was authorized by His Excellency to receive Vassula. In the Bishop's house Vicar general and others were ready to receive Vassula and others. Vassula was given a warm reception. Vassula discussed her mission, brief account of her massages, Jesus' call for ecumenism and unity. She told them that she had visited fifty-three countries and attended more than six hundred meetings. Many nuns were also present in the Bishop's house. We left Kollam at 6.15 pm and reached Vallichira , Pala, at 9 pm. The programme at Kollam was very successful as was evident from the response of the audience.

Friday 26th Nov 1999. At about 10 am in the morning Vassula Tom and others started their journey to Kottayam to meet the Jacobite orthodox Bishop Thomas Mar Thimothios Thirumeny and reached the Bishop's house at 10.30 am. Thirumeny gave a heart-felt reception to Vassula. She narrated her conversion, the number of countries she had visited, the way of getting messages from Jesus, our Lady and our Father, relevance of True Life In God messages and also a brief summary of the messages. Thirumeny was very much pleased with Vassula's visit. After this meeting Vassula, Tom and others moved towards St. Mary's Forane church, (Orthodox Jacobite) Manarcad, which is about 8 kms from Kottayam and is on the way back to vallichira. Manarcad is about 22 kms from vallichira. Rev. Fr. Thomas Ettiadath, Asst Vicar of St. Mary's forane church together with about 15 priests received Vassula and Tom. Vassula was introduced to 7000 people gathered inside the church by Prof. C.J. John. The meeting at Manarcad started at 11 am and ended at 12.45 pm. Vassula's talk was translated by Dr. P.M. Chacko of U.C. College, Alwaye. Fr. Thomas, Ettiadath welcomed Vassula and Tom and a senior priest proposed the vote of thanks. After the meeting Vassula Tom and others were received in the church office hall and were given light refreshments and soft drinks.

After the programme at Manarcad Vassula and Tom reached Saji's house at 2 pm. In the evening, Vassula, Tom, C.J. John, M.P Mathai and George Visited His Excellency Mar Joseph Pallickaparampil, the Bishop of Pala. In 1998 His Excellency first gave support but later he got certain misinformation from Europe about Vassula and withdrew his support. So this time Prof. C.J John was doubtful whether he would consent for a meeting with Vassula. Prof. C.J John heard the wonderful effect of sending guardian Angel for settling difficult problems in Vassula's talk at Divine Retreat Center, Muringoor. On 25th very early morning Prof. John sent his guardian Angel to the Bishop's house to meet His Excellency's guardian Angel and after say half an hour John went to the Pastoral institute near the Bishop's house where the Bishop had some conference at 9 am. When John reached the premises of the Pastoral institute he saw Bishop walking in front of the institute. Without any hesitation of any sort but with prayers John walked towards His Excellency and informed his purpose of arrival. John told the Bishop that Vassula would like to meet him. Anyway there was a positive response from the Bishop and the Bishop agreed for a meeting with Vassula On 26th evening. Guardian Angel did his work efficiently. His Excellency Mar Joseph Pallickaparambil continued his conversation with Vassula for about 2 hrs. Vassula explained how she began to receive messages from Guardian Angel, Daniel, her purification etc. She told him that she had visited fifty-three countries and attended six hundred meetings. Vassula spoke about the present stand of Cardinal Ratzinger towards True Life In God Messages. She gave a document to the Bishop in which Cardinal Ratzinger confirms the position of the church towards the writings of Vassula. His Excellency was very much convinced by Vassula's explanation. Vassula and others had coffee with His Excellency at the Dining hall of the Bishop's Palace. His Excellency followed till Vassula and others got inside the car.

Saturday 27th Nov 1999. At about 1.20 pm Vassula, Tom and others went to Charis Bhavan, Athirampuzha. The meeting started at 2 pm. The Director of Charis Bhavan, Rev. Fr. Jose welcomed Vassula to the meeting. Prof. John introduced Vassula to the gathering. There were about 6000 people gathered in and around the retreat hall of Charis Bhavan. Dr. P.M. Chacko interpreted Vassula's talk into Malayalam. Rev. Fr. Charickal proposed the vote of thanks. The meeting was over by 4 pm. Vassula had an interview with Mr. Deva prasad, Asst. Editor of Deepika Malayalam Daily newspaper. After this Vassula and others went to Kottayam to meet His Excellency Mar Peter Thuruthikonam , Bishop of Kottayam (Latin rites). Mar Peter Thuruthikonam gave Vassula a warm reception. As usual Vassula explained her conversion, how she receives messages, no of countries visited, no of meetings attended etc. Vassula gave one copy of the handwriting edition of True Life In God to His Excellency the Bishop. Vassula entrusted Prof. John to give a complete set of Malayalam version of True Life In God to Vassula. John gave the complete set of books with in a few days. After about an hour's meeting Vassula, Tom and others returned to Vallichira, Pala.

Sunday 28th Nov 1999. Vassula, Tom and others moved to the Assisi retreat Center, Bharananganam for the meeting at 2 pm. Fr. Vincent, Director of Assisi Retreat Center welcomed Vassula to the meeting. Prof. John introduced Vassula to the people. There were about 2000 people. Dr. P.M Chacko interpreted Vassula's talk in Malayalam. Vassula's speech was very effective and that was evident from the face of the people attended the meeting. Fr. Gratian proposed the Vote of Thanks. The meeting was over by 4 pm. After the programme Vassula and others went to the tomb of Blessed Alphonsa, which is about 1 km from Assisi Retreat center. After spending half an hour at the Blessed Alphonsa's tomb Vassula and others returned to Vallichira.

Monday 29th Nov 1999. At about 11 am Vassula, Tom and others went to Allepy. Allepy is about 80 kms from Vallichira, Pala. At Alleppy Vassula, Tom and Prof. John visited His Excellency Rt. Rev. M. Peter Chenaparambil, the Bishop of Allepy. Vassula, and others had lunch with the Bishop. The Bishop was very kind. Vassula presented one complete set of the Malayalam version of True Life In God to His Excellency. After spending one hour at the Bishop's house, Vassula, Tom and others moved to the I.M.S Retreat center, Punnapra, Alleppy. The meeting began sharp at 2 pm. Rev. Fr. Prasanth, the Director of I.M.S welcomed Vassula. Prof. John introduced Vassula to about twenty thousand people gathered there. Rev. Dr. Kurian Mattam translated her speech into Malayalam. Vassula recalled the attention of the people of I.M.S about her first visit in 1998. Rev. Fr. Vinayanand proposed the vote of thanks. Vassula had to struggle to get out of the auditorium as people were rushing at least to touch her. The meeting was over by 4 pm. Vassula, Tom and John went to Thiruvalla to meet the Bishop and the Auxiliary Bishop of Thiruvalla. Vassula had 45 minutes conversation with the two Bishops. Vassula gave one complete ser of Malayalam version of True Life In God to His Excellency, the Bishop. After tea Vassula, Tom and John returned to Vallichira, Pala.

On Sunday 28th Nov 99 about 30 people gathered at Vallichira attended Holy mass and adoration celebrated by Fr. Gratian. Nov 28th was fourteenth anniversary of True Life In God. Vassula cut a cake and gave it to all present there. All were very happy and that day was memorable. In the afternoon while she was taking rest she had a spiritual call. She stood up and came to the hall and read some passages of True Life In God messages in English, which was inspired at that time by Jesus. Fr. Gratian read the corresponding Malayalam version.

Tuesday 30th Nov 99. Early morning at about 7 we started to go to the International Airport Cochin at Nedumbassery. Vassula had to attend a meeting at Bombay. The plane was late and got the plane at 11.25 am instead of the scheduled time 10.30 am.

Prof. John.

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