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Vassula visits Malawi

May 2009

On Wednesday May 6, 2009, we arrived in Blantyre, Malawi. We were greeted by Gay Russell and the TLIG prayer group came to the airport and they were joyfully singing in the African style. We were being hosted by Gay and David Russell who live in Blantyre. Vassula last visit to Blantyre was in January 2001.

Gay and David Russell with Vassula
Gay and David Russell with Vassula

Meeting with Clergy in Limbe

On Thursday May 7, 2009 Vassula addressed the Religious that consisted of approximately 29 nuns and 16 priests in Limbe, at the Catholic Cathedral. The different orders were servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Sisters of our Lady, Medical missions of Mary, Daughters of Wisdom, Sisters of Divine Providence, Franciscan Auxiliary Lay Missionary Institute, Holy Ghost Fathers, Montfort Fathers and Diocesan priest. We were told there would have been more clergy that would attend as well as the Archbishop but there was a funeral that was taking place that day of a priest and it was approx 3 hrs away. Many went to attend the funeral of the priest. There were questions at the end of Vassula's talk. One Nun asked "How will Unity start?" Vassula answered that the first step is to unite the dates of Easter. She also informed them that the dialogues have begun with Patriarch Bartholomew and the Pope. There are also many Ecumenical meetings and dialogue with the Anglicans as well. Vassula in closing the meeting asked one of the Priests to lead in the prayer The Our Father.

Religious Who Attended the Meeting at Limbe

Religious Who Attended the Meeting at Limbe
Meeting with Clergy at Catholic Catherdral in Limbe, Malawi

TLIG in Chichewa Language TLIG in Chichewa Language

True Life in God Messages in Chichewa Language

Two Interviews with the Capital Radio and Sunday Times

We then went to Capital Radio FM where Vassula was interviewed by two young ladies. The Sunday Times which is part of Malawi News also interviewed Vassula there at the radio studio.
Interviewers from Capital Radio, Malawi
Interviewers from Capital Radio, Malawi

Interview for the Sunday Times Malawi
Interview for the Sunday Times Malawi

Later that evening, the organizing committee came to the home of the Russell's to meet with Vassula.

True Life in God Organizers in Malawi
True Life in God Organizers in Malawi

Interview with MBC Radio Broadcast

On Friday May 8, 2009 we started with another interview at MBC Radio Broadcast which is the Government radio station. They were very busy because they were having elections and yet they still made time to want to interview Vassula who was bringing the messages of Jesus which is Hope, Peace, Unity and Reconciliation.

Interview at MBC Radio Broadcast
Interview at MBC Radio Broadcast

St. James Cathedral in Chilomoni

We then went to the St. James Cathedral in Chilomoni, where Vassula was invited to speak to the community. Fr. Dominic, the parish Priest that introduced Vassula, welcomed her for the message of Unity that she was bringing.

He said, "She is from the Greek Orthodox Church and we welcome her in the Cathedral Church to hear the message of Jesus and that we are all one in Jesus and we make no difference". Approximately one thousand people attended and there were a few clergy as well .The church was full and they had speakers outside for people to hear. It was wonderful to see many children and youth attend .The people were full of enthusiasm and they were singing to hear Jesus words' through Vassula. The theme of the message was Repentance, Unity, Reconciliation and Vassula also stressed the importance of forgiveness.The books were available outside for the people.

Vassula speaks at St. James Cathedral, Malawi

Vassula speaks at St. James Cathedral, Malawi

phototext phototext

Vassula with Clergy After the Meeting at St. James Cathedral in Malawi

Later, we met two Greek ladies named Maria Kritzas and Jenny Conforzi who wanted to see Vassula (as they had met her many years ago in 2001) and invited her to lunch. They said they were quite impressed and touched with what she conveyed about Jesus's teaching on the "We Us", and "The Sacred Heart" and that Jesus wants us to practice "The Sacrament of Confession" and that they must go to the Priest for this sacrament.

Vassula with Maria Kritzas and Jenny Conforzi

They had told us that there are approximately one hundred Greek families and they have a Greek Orthodox Church. Many others in the Greek community wanted to come and hear Vassula but they said that the Greek Priest, Fr. Ermolaos Iatrou , forbid them and advised them not to attend. He told one of the girls that if she attends she is committing a mortal sin. The ladies then drove us the airport where we would meet Gay Russell who happens to be a pilot, flew us on a six twin seater beechcraft 58 to another city in Malawi called Lilongwe.

Gay flies Vassula and Georgia to Lilongwe
Gay flies Vassula and Georgia to Lilongwe

A View from Above
A View from Above

Vassula, Gay and Georgia Inside the Plane
Vassula, Gay and Georgia Inside the Plane

Mission Continues in Lilongwe

It was approximately a one hour flight. This is the city that has been getting lost of publicity because Madonna had adopted a child from here and she was in the middle of a court case trying to adopt another child. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Rui who picked us up at the airport. He had been the main organizer and invited Vassula to Lilongwe. He drove us to the Sanctuary Lodge were we would be staying. Later that evening Rui had organized a meeting with the Bishop Remi St.Marie (who is Canadian) at the Archdiocese. They had a lovely meeting and once again Vassula explained the two and a half year investigation that the CDF did on her and the writings of True Life in God. He had mentioned that years ago when he was in Canada he had attended one of her meetings. He was happy to hear of all the Ecumenical work that she is doing and blessed her mission.

Rui, Vassula and Bishop St.Marie
Rui, Vassula and Bishop St.Marie

On Saturday May 9, 2009, the organizers came to meet Vassula and had breakfast together at the Sanctuary Lodge.

Lilongwe Organizers

A Small Multi-Denominational Meeting

After breakfast, in one of the rooms at the Sanctuary lodge, there was a meeting with the different church denominations such as Pentecostal, Baptist, Independent Bible church and one lady Moslem. Approximately 30 people came to meet Vassula and had a discussion. Vassula had explained to them the main message on church Unity and what hurts Christ the most is the indifference of people and the lethargic spirit. She explained that this is a Charism and nothing that she earned and the proper word is called locution as she hears the voice of God speaking to her. She also relayed to them that the gift of discernment is always attached to Prophecy.

A Small Multi-Denominational Meeting in Lilongwe

A Small Multi-Denominational Meeting in Lilongwe
A Small Multi-Denominational Meeting in Lilongwe

Vassula Speaks to 500 at Assemblies of God Hall, Lilongwe

Later that afternoon, the big meeting was held at the Assemblies of God Hall which approximately five hundred people attended.

Assemblies of God Hall in Lilongwe

Assemblies of God Hall in Lilongwe
Assemblies of God Hall in Lilongwe

On Sunday May 10, 2009, we departed for Johannesburg, South Africa.

In Christ,
Georgia Klamson
TLIG reader

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