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Transcript: Vassula's Dublin 2005 Meeting - PART II

Let us open our hearts to the Lord...

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

"Blessed be Your Name,
O You Who hear our Prayer
Blessed are You, my Lord, who removed our soul from the pit,
Blessed be Your Graciousness who draws us in Your Heart,
to save us and set us free.
God, You are our Salvation, our Riches, our Sight and our Life.
You who daily enchant our soul and rejoice our heart with Your Presence,
Allow us to profit from Your Presence;
We ask You, Jesus Christ, in Your Name,
Peace, Integrity and a Spirit of Forgiveness.
We beseech You, Jesus Christ, in Your Name, to heal us, Dear Lord,
From our iniquities and our vices,
Heal us, Lord, by the power of Your Holy Spirit,
Heal us spiritually, uprooting all that is evil.
Refresh us, O Holy Spirit, and revive us by renewing us.
Jesus Christ, in Your Name,
We beseech You to Heal all spiritual sickness,
Any physical sickness and anything that troubles our soul.
Let every fiber of our heart proclaim now with love Your Glory;
Hear our prayer. Most Gracious Lord, and answer us.

Please sit down.

Just a few words before I leave...I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Switzerland. I have a meeting again - just like this one- on Saturday and then on Tuesday I'm going back home. I'm living now in Washington, DC. My husband has been transferred to the USA. We were six years before that in Rome. While I was in Rome, I had many opportunities to go to the Vatican and meet with Monsignor Fortino, who works for Unity of the Churches and we got to know each other and I used tell him what I was doing and he was aware of it. And before leaving Rome, I was invited also to speak with Cardinal Kasper, who is the German Cardinal who works for Church Unity. They were very happy to tell me just before I left that the Russian Church is actually more in dialogue than ever before with them. So this was the good news. They asked me to always be in touch with them because now they know fully the work I am doing, since at that time when I was in Rome, Cardinal Ratzinger - the 'then' Cardinal Ratzinger - who is now the Pope - Benedict XVI - had wanted to review my case. And he started a study all over again. It took them exactly two whole years to review True Life in God and the work of True Life in God and my position as well. And it was it was really Cardinal Ratzinger who pushed to review the whole matter and it was by asking me five questions in written form, which the Cardinal gave to Fr. Prospero Grech. Fr. Prospero Grech is a theologian in Rome. He is now 83 years old a well known theologian and also a Consultant in the CDF (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) Office. So he had Fr. Prospero Grech as the intermediary - and he gave me the letter on behalf of Cardinal Ratzinger, to answer five questions so as to clarify certain things that they could not see clear, if you want. And I answered..and they said: 'Take all the time you need.' They were very gentle, very nice saying: 'Take your time, you don't need to rush...so long as you explain things clearly.' And I managed to do that. In two months I had everything ready - it took thirty-three typed pages...so when I saw the pages which came to thirty-three, I took it as a sign you know, that the Lord was helping out. And I gave my answers and I know from different sources that approached Cardinal Ratzinger that he was very happy with the responses and that he used to say all is positive and "soy contento" - in Italian - which means "I'm happy". So the result is that after that...there were many more inspectors and Cardinals who had been together you know talking about what to do...and in the end, the 'then' Cardinal Ratzinger gave me a letter, which he signed where he says that now everything that the Notification had said which was not clear on my case, now has been clarified after having read my answers to them.

So that is the great Triumph of Jesus.

We printed this booklet: 'Clarifications with The Congregation For the Doctrine of Faith'. There is the correspondence (with the CDF Office) in here, the signed letters and the questions and the answers. And it's available for all who want it. You can take it for your priests or for your Bishop if he doesn't have it.

Now, as I'm leaving remember that you are here but don't ever believe that you came here by yourself- of your own accord - it's a Call. I call it a Call from God - you answered to that Call - He brought you here, and I'm happy that you gathered here, so many of you, from different places. And I will be praying for your journey back because I know people came from very far away.

I'll pray for your intentions. I don't know what they are but the Lord knows, He knows your name and I will mention to Him tonight that He responds to your prayers and to your requests - as well to our Blessed Mother. But... I want also that you pray for me - alright? And for my family...because my husband never complained...I've been away - 62 countries - he's never ever come up to me and said it's too much, you just stay home...

He respects it, he knows it's a mission. It was tough in the beginning for him because he had married somebody whom he knew and he discovered later on somebody else...so that was not very easy for him...and I'm telling you, as friends, as I consider you my friends, it was difficult for him to accept that his wife had this gift and sometimes he was reprimanding me saying: "Well, what do you think? You can change the world? Just take it easy...your sons will be ridiculed in school if they find out that their mother is saying God is speaking to her and so on..." So I understood that, it' that it was not easy in the beginning that my husband absorbs all this. But eventually you know, with Grace, only with the Grace of God, he started to understand that it is overpowering and that it's not my fault - I did not ask for this gift. So he accepted it slowly, year by year better and better. And now if he has the possibility he would even come to a meeting, which he did not before, so progress has been made by the Lord.

Always have hope in the Lord, and for your children as well. Never ever impose anything on them. This is from experience with my children. I never imposed on them to read or anything, it was there and they knew it and because of that they themselves were drawn inside.... So if you impose they will react and do the opposite. So this is just some advice from a mother to mothers...

Thank you. May God bless you all...

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