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Rebellion Is At Its Work Already

March 17, 1993

peace be with you;

My child, you are to teach My children all that I have given you; do not fear, for I am in front of you and I am your Shield; no one will ever, no matter how much the evil one tries, come between you and Me; although Satan mobilises men to handicap you, and although he makes them join forces against you, never fear; I am the Almighty and My Eyes witness the injustice done to you; beloved, I will imbue you with My Strength and I will give to all My children bread in abundance;

I will make your zeal for My House devour My enemies; I will make you a threat to them; so never fear, since I Am is standing in front of you; My blessings are upon you and every fibre of your heart will be covered by Courage, Strength and Peace; in this way you will atone for the salvation of souls and for the renewal of My House in the most perfect way;

lift your voice without fear and prophesy; prophesy, My child, to blot out wickedness from so many hearts! let those who have ears let them listen to what the Spirit today is saying to the churches; let all who are thirsty come: write and tell My sacerdotal souls this: "rebellion is at its work already, but in secret, and the one who is holding it back has first to be removed, before the Rebel appears openly;" 1 I tell you, love My Church as I love Her and as I sacrificed Myself for My Church to make Her entirely holy, you too, My priests, sacrifice yourselves to Her, imitate Me;

I am telling you all this and I know that My sheep who belong to Me will listen to My Voice and will never fail Me; I am addressing you today to tell you from the core of My Heart the same embittered words I uttered at My Last Supper around My disciples: "someone who shares My table rebels against Me; I tell you this now, before it happens, so that when it does happen you may believe that I am He speaking, today;"

My little children, do not let your hearts be troubled; trust in Me, and do not fear; soon a Baptism of Fire will be sent by the Father to burn the crimes of this world; the hour will come when men of power will enter My Sanctuary, men who do not come from Me; in fact this hour is already here;

I, Jesus Christ, wish to warn My priests, bishops and cardinals, I wish to warn all My House of a great tribulation; My Church is approaching a great tribulation; remember, I have chosen you, by My sanctifying Spirit, to glorify Me; I have chosen you from the beginning to be the sturdy pillars of My Church and to live by faith in the Truth; I have chosen you to share My Glory and to shepherd My lambs;

I tell you solemnly that you will soon be tested by fire; pray and fast so as not to be put to the test; stand firm and keep the traditions you were taught; obey My Pope2 no matter what comes up; remain faithful to him and I will give you the graces and the strength you will need; I urge you to keep faithful to him and keep away from anyone who rebels against him; above all, never listen to anyone who dispels him; never let your love for him grow insincere;

soon you will be faced with an ordeal as you have never experienced before; My enemies will try to buy you for themselves with insidious speeches, the evil one is at his work already and Destruction is not far away from you; the Pope3 will have much to suffer; this is why you will all be persecuted for proclaiming the Truth and for being obedient to My Pope; this is also why they will hate you, because their deeds are evil and indeed, everybody who works for evil hates the Light and avoids it, for fear his actions of Destructiveness should be exposed;

I tell you solemnly, every fibre of My Heart is lacerated; if anyone comes your way bringing a different doctrine than the one I Myself instituted, do not listen to him; these people come from the Deceiver; I have laid down My foundation on Peter, the rock .... and the gates of the underworld can never hold out against it ... if anyone comes your way and tells you: "move from your fidelity you have for this Pope to another's sound movement"; do not move! beware! the yeast of the Deceiver may be powerful and might taste good, but in reality it is of deadly deception! do not allow anyone to deceive you; resist the devil's tactics, for today, My priests, you will have to conquer evil with the strength you receive from Me who am the Truth; you will be in a spiritual war as never before with an army which originates from the powers of Darkness;

pray, My beloved ones, all the time; I Am is with you; I love you all; a man could have had no greater love than to have laid down his life for his friends, as I have; you are My friends; be sincere with one another, love one another and stand firm without fear when the great Tribulation, that now hovers like a black cloud over My House, will cover it like a black veil; I have told you all this now before it happens, so that when it happens you may believe;

2 John Paul II.
3 John Paul II.


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