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Vassula in Bangladesh

August 10 - 11, 1999

Vassula, constantly travelling like St Paul (2 Cor 11:26), being a servant of Christ is going through all kinds of hardships. Also in this trip there was a long 5 hour wait in transit in HongKong and then the suffocating heat of Dhaka very late at night. But Jesus said to her: "I Myself will provide you with My Strength, in the meantime carry on the work I have given you and shout for joy..." (November 10, 1992)

What a completely different country Bangladesh is compared to Japan! Driving around the next day for Vassula to show us how she was living while there 13 years ago, one couldn’t help noticing the striking poverty on one hand, and the complete depending in God’s providence of the local people, something which is exactly the opposite in the 'progressed countries'. What was also striking was that although these people are so poor, they are not miserable! They seemed so happy, ready to smile and to serve! Driving across the town, we saw the big banners for Vassula's meeting next day "Dhaka Welcomes Vassula" and arrived at the Press Building where Vassula gave a press conference. A Muslim friend of Vassula's from when she was there came, Hiyum, who supported her in the beginning of her mission.

The next day (11 August) we went to Vassula’s old house to film inside. She showed us where she was sitting when her guardian angel Daniel had his first contact with her. Also, she showed us where she saw Jesus on the Cross at the top of the stairs. The owners of the house were astonished to find out what had happened in their house almost 14 years ago. Almost across the street of that house is the Seminary where Vassula went to find a priest, guided by her angel. We went in the Church, where she had received the Holy Communion in her hand and she didn't know what to do with It. The Church was the same as 14 years ago.

Inside the Church, Vassula shared her first experience of attending Catholic Mass: 'I was there with my sister attending Mass. It was my first Catholic Mass and I did not know how to follow it either so I thought it best to copy what the others were doing... if they knelt, I knelt as well, etc.. When the time came and the priest was giving out the Holy Communion, I had no idea what to do or what was really going on. We saw the people lining up and I asked my sister whether we should do the same. She refused, but I decided to join in the queue. Arriving towards the priest I saw the people stretching out their hands and so I decided to do the same. Of course the priest offered me the Host in my hand. When I looked at Jesus, I did not recognize Him, and I wondered what this was, I said to myself: 'What is that?' I went back to my seat and asked my sister, 'what is that?' she replied: 'I don't know'. Mass was over and I still held Jesus in my hand and was already thinking of placing Him near my icons because, I thought that if the priest gave this it must be holy and blessed. We went out into the Church yard and it was already dark.

My sister then said; 'Do you think it could be the Communion? Try it and put it in your mouth and if It melts, then It is the Communion. If it does not melt, then it is something blessed and holy'. So I tasted Jesus, and ate the Bread of Life the Bread of Life that Jesus wanted me so much to have'.

'What is that!' These words in Hebrew are famous and are the popular explanation of the name 'Manna'! (Exodus 16:16). When the whole community of Israelities began complaining to Moses and Aaron in the desert that they would starve to death, Yahweh said to Moses; 'Look, I shall rain down bread for you from the heavens (Exodus 16:4). 'When the dew fell on the camp at night-time, the manna fell with it' (Numbers 11-9).

Bread from Heaven! It's another way of saying; Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. When Vassula said: 'What is that?' she didn't know, at the time, that she was declaring a truth of great importance: Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, His real Presence, He is the Bread from Heaven. "I have offered you from the Palm of My Hand My Celestial Manna; I have offered you, while crossing this desert part of My Cloak; to 'to keep you alive, I have offered you to eat My Body and drink My Blood." (July 27, 1992)

"My children, our love must be not just words or mere talk, but something active and genuine. This will be the proof that we belong to the truth..." (1 John 3:18-19)

Later on, Fr. "X" and Duleep drove us to the market place of Dhaka for Vassula to show us where she was buying the clothes for the poor people. We parked the cars and had a ride with the rickshaws! An experience one can never forget! With the rickshaws we went through the streets searching for the lunghi and sari market.

On the 23 May 1986 Vassula's Angel, Daniel, said to her - 'collect money and give it to the poor needy souls; give them better clothes; be generous'. After that, what she earned in her painting exhibition, was given to the poor, She bought stacks of the local outfit saris for women and loungis for men, distributing them to Christians and Moslems alike. 'Later on, just before Christmas, I went with two friends from house to house begging for donations for the poor. I lost a few friends for this action, because they thought that I had lowered myself to become a beggar'.

Our Holy Mother, back in 1991 said to Vassula; "A mission of angels is being sent to you to spread the Heavenly grains, everywhere in the world and bring a message of Peace and Love in your great triblations; these grains will be welcomed as rain on a thirsty soil, have you not noticed how God has opened the Doors of Heaven to rain down His Celestial Manna? yes, His Holy Spirit of Grace? the Almighty has taken pity on you and said; "let My people eat; let them eat the Bread of Heaven;" His order was given from above; like in the times of Moses, the Father fed His people with manna in the desert, more than they could eat, and Jesus, His Son, has He not multiplied the loaves and fishes? have the crowds not eaten as much as they wanted? and today, why are some of you surprised that the Holy Spirit descends with full force on you to feed your nations with this Celestial Manna?" (January 8, 1991)

More than 5000 people attended Vassula's meeting that night, held at the yard of an orphanage. A beautiful choir singing like angels, opened the meeting to prepare the people's hearts to receive the riches of the teachings that Vassula was to share with them; fathomless riches that the Father is revealing through the work of His Holy Spirit, this Hymn of Love, the messages of True Life in God."My Holy Spirit is the sweet Manna of Heaven nourishing the Poor. (October 5, 1992) "They will never hunger or thirst again" (Apoc 7;7;16) & (October 1, 1992).

The audience was a mixture of all religions, The Holy Spirit was feeding the 5000 with the same Celestial food, going beyond religion, colour, race, age and nationality, "He makes no distinction between Jew and Greek, the same Lord is the Lord of all, and His generosity is offered to all who appeal to Him" (Rom 10:12). Vassula was giving out what God is giving her: 'God Yahweh selected you to be His pupil and teach you all about Himself and His Son Jesus Christ' (Angel Daniel, August 7,1986). This means to know Him and the way He works, to understand His Signs and to feel the love He has for everyone, to be intimate with Him and place Him first in our lives and by doing all these things we will be truly living a True Life in God, and our lives will turn into an unceasing prayer.

Of course, the enemy had to try his best that day for the meeting not to happen. The worst thing that could happen was to rain again, as it was very rainy during the days before Vassula's visit. That would have been minutes after Vassula had left the place and went on raining for the next 2 days. The other amazing thing was that the electricity was off that day at the orphanage, but was on for the meeting! Wow, and glory be to God!

Nothing of that was able to stop the word of God from being heard. It was really a success! There were nine priests present, which is about 25% of the priests in Dhaka, as well as many nuns who came to hear this message of hope, love and unity (basic elements that are missing today from our society).

Glory to Him who is able to give us the strength, the perseverance and the patience to live according to the Messages which are a pure reflection of Scripture itself, and of which Vassula has been commanded to preach; to preach a resurrected Christ Who is our daily Companion. This message reached already even the non-Christians' ears for this is the way the eternal God wants things to be. He alone is Wisdom; give glory therefore to Him through Jesus Christ for ever. Amen.

Catarina Andritsaki

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