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Vassula's talk in Mt. Tabor, Thailand

Kanchanabury, 13 February, 1999

The beginning
Vassula introduced herself as a Greek Orthodox with a Lutheran husband and two grown-up sons. Before her conversion, she never went to church and never prayed. She considered herself as very far away from God, though she believes that God exists. In 1985 in Bangladesh she was living as a painter, tennis player, model and a wife of an expatriate. She said it was the most successful time in her life. During this time when she was not thinking about God, her guardian angel Daniel appeared to her saying, "God is near you and loves you". This was followed by a purification with the angel Daniel, a necessary preparation to meet God. This purification, which lasted for three weeks, made her see through God’s eyes things she did in the past that offended God. Vassula understood that the thing that offended God the most was our ingratitude for the graces we received from Him. For example, our health, sight, clothes, food, shelter, family and other good things which all come from God.

God the Father
After the purification, God, the Father, spoke to Vassula who heard the most gentle and paternal voice one could ever imagine. The Father said: "I would like you to pray to me the Our Father". While meeting the Father this way, Vassula soon realized that He is our Father before our father on earth and that we are His children. The Father said: "You belong to Me, you come from Me, you descend from Me, you are My seed". Without realizing, Vassula started addressing the Father as "Daddy". This pleased the Father so much that He said to Vassula, "Daughter, I have taken this word in My hand as a jewel". The Father then said: "Love Me, but to love Me more, you have to come closer to Me. Approach Me, speak to Me from your heart, like a little child speaking to his father. I want you to become intimate with Me, nevertheless, do not forget that I Am Holy".

Vassula read a message from Yahweh on how to approach Him:"I, Yahweh, I Am known to defend the simple, and My heart melts from the pure of hearts. He who comes to Me as a little child will know and will be allowed to meet Me with wisdom. Wisdom will lead him into My kingdom, My eyes favored the little hearts for in these hearts My knowledge is poured in abundance. Do you want to enjoy heaven? Do you want to rejoice in My presence? Then come to Me as a child. Do you want to meet Me and see Me? Then come to Me with innocence in your heart. Come to Me with pure heart and the scale covering your eyes will fall so that you see My glory".

Why God is manifesting Himself?
Vassula explained why God is manifesting Himself. In the messages, God says: "I am coming to (remind) you that the God whom you have forgotten has not forgotten you. Today, I invite you at My table. Come and let us meet heart to heart and you will benefit from the riches that My Sacred Heart offers you."
Vassula stressed that God is determined to save us and that is why He is intervening.

Be a nothing
After the appearance of God the Father, Jesus came to Vassula as a Sacred Heart. Jesus asked her a question:
"Which house is more important, your house or My house?"
Vassula answered, "Your house, Lord."
Jesus replied: "Revive My house, unite My house and embellish it."
"Lord, I am not the right person. There are so many others who love you and prayed. Why don’t you go to these people?" Vassula replied.
Jesus answered: "Did you not know that wretchedness attracts Me? Through your wretchedness I will show My mercy".
Yet Vassula insisted, "Lord, I know nothing".
Jesus replied: "I want a nothing and remain a nothing. In your nothingness, I shall know that I Am and My authority, so die to yourself".
Vassula stressed that Jesus wants us to die for Him, which is to die to our will so that God’s will be in us. God does not want any rival within us and our will can be a rival.

To transform one's soul into a heaven
God is aiming for all His creation to be perfect – to transform them into a Heaven. He said, "Allow My Holy Spirit to transfigure your soul into a palace where I can reign over you and be King. Allow My Holy Spirit to transfigure your soul into a paradise where in this paradise you will glorify Me".
Vassula explained that God lives inside us and today our soul can be arid. He wants it to be transformed into a garden where He can have His rest. She then cited a message regarding the heart of Mary where Jesus describes in this way, "I descended from one heaven to another heaven, from one throne to another throne."

Intimacy with God
Vassula emphasized the need to know God intimately. She said it is one thing to believe and speak about God, and another thing to have met God. Jesus says, "Let us meet heart to heart". It is a tremendous grace of knowing Him in an intimate union. Jesus adds, "It is good to do good works, devotion, acts of love, thanksgiving, acts of reparation but God would be greatly disappointed were you to die before having to know Him and tasted interiorly His sweetness."
It is divine treasure to know Him and for this it is through the Holy Spirit that we can know Jesus. Vassula cited that even the disciples had a problem understanding Jesus and not until they received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost that they understood His mission.

Holy Spirit
Concerning the Holy Spirit, Vassula said that without the Holy Spirit, we are spiritually dead. It is through the Holy Spirit that we can breathe and live. As an example, take a fish. If it is in the water, the fish lives, it moves in the water and breathes in the water and obtains life from the water. Once moved out of the water, the fish dies. This is like our life in the Holy Spirit. We move in the Spirit, we breathe and obtain life in the Spirit. If we do not call enough the Holy Spirit, we will die spiritually.

How to become near to God?
Vassula then shared her experiences on how to become near to God. One day Jesus came and said, "I want you to pray without ceasing". Vassula thought this was not possible, being a housewife with a family and a house to attend to. Jesus explained, "Ah Vassula, how I pity you. You have not understood. To pray without ceasing does not mean I want you 24 hours a day on your knees. To pray without ceasing means your heart desires Me, your God, all day long. To pray without ceasing means your heart longs for Me, your God, all day long and to thirst for Me, your God, all day long. It is a prayer without words because it is your heart that desires God out of love".
Vassula added that if one comes to this point, one actually is living the greatest commandment of all, which is to love your God with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your strength.

In order to become closer to God, Vassula suggested using the words "we" and "us". For example, you should say, "Let us go, Jesus" instead of "I will go" because Jesus is with you. Another examples, "Jesus, let us do this work together", "Jesus, let us drive", "Jesus let us cook". Everything you do, do it with Jesus. Is Jesus interested in all our activities? In the messages, Jesus said, "These small duties you have to do if you do with great love in Me are great in My eyes".

Many people come to me and say we do not know Jesus, we can not find Jesus. Jesus says this to these people:
"Come, you who are still in this wilderness saying I have sought my Redeemer but I have not found Him. Find Me My beloved in purity of heart, by loving Me without self-interest, find Me in holiness, in the abandonment I desire of you, find Me by observing My commandments. Find Me by replacing evil with love. Find Me in simplicity of heart, sin no more, cease in doing evil, learn to do good, search for justice, help the oppressed. Let this wilderness and aridity exult. Let your tepidity (be) enflamed with an ardent flame. Relinquish your apathy and replace it with fervour. Do all these things so that you may be able to say I have sought my Redeemer and I have found Him. He was near me all the time but in my darkness I fail to see him. Oh! glory be to God, blessed be our Lord. How could I be so blind".

Vassula spoke about repentance, which is necessary to obtain the gift of love. God asks us to go to confession once a month. If you do not do that, you will not be able to distinguish your sins. The more you do not go the more blind you become. Vassula shared about a friend who said, "I do not want to go to confession. I can confess directly to God. I do not need to confess. I have not stolen. I have not killed. In fact, I am very good because I gave a lot of money to the poor." Vassula said, "To think that you are already perfect is already a good reason to confess. We are all sinners and we have to go on to repent and Jesus forgives us".

God the Father says:"He who lives holy will live with Me. He who loves his neighbor has already overcome the world and is well in the same footprints as My Son and on his way to My Kingdom. I Am your Father before your earthly father. Bind your sense to me so that you won’t lose your sight. Obey my principles but with a heart. Resort to do right for the rest of your life but with a taste of joy".

Vassula concluded by giving the essence of the messages of True Life in God. She said, today, God asks our hearts and He wants us to speak to Him like a child. He wants us to reconcile and make peace with Him. This means also to be reconciled and make peace with our neighbors. He wants us to see our sins in the eyes of God and to truly repent. By repenting, we will obtain the fruit of love, the biggest virtue of all virtues. Once you have the gift of love, all other virtues will sprout.

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