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Retreat på Rhodos 10-15 oktober

Sant Liv i Gud - retreat på Rhodos 10-15 oktober.c 

Vassula och True Life in God bjuder in till en retreat på Rhodos 10-15 oktober, under temat "Metanoia" (ungefär: "omvändelse, djup sinnesändring"). Mer information nedan. Behöver du hjälp med översättningen, skriv till oss. Adress här.


True Life in God Retreat in Rhodes, Greece
10th to 15th October, 2014

Vassula Ryden and True Life in God take pleasure in inviting you to join the forthcoming retreat on the beautiful island of Rhodes in Greece.

The Retreat is planned to take place in Kalithea, at Aldemar Paradise Mare Hotel, a four star hotel. The theme of the Retreat is about repentance (metanoia).

The Retreat, just like the previous ones in Rhodes, will be a wonderful experience of fellowship, as well as a spiritual uplifting.

The pilgrims will arrive by plane in Rhodes on the 10th October. The following day we will visit the Acropolis of Rhodes, an acropolis dating from the Hellenistic period (3rd - 2nd century BC), and then we will visit the Church which houses the famous icon of St. Michael that wept in November last year. The next day we will visit Prophet Elijah, a pine-wooded forest named after the Prophet Elijah, near to which there is a Church dedicated to the Prophet.   From there we will depart to visit the Monastery of our Virgin Mary called Skiadenis.

Our program also involves a visit to the Old (Medieval) Town, and to St. Agathi beach and Afandou beach, where people will have the opportunity to enjoy the Aegean sea.

A detailed program will be given to you upon your arrival in Rhodes.

The cost of the retreat is now finalized. The below mentioned prices include: 
Accommodation at a four star hotel, with full board, which is called 'all inclusive.  Free wine and all other drinks are included and if you feel hungry in between meals, there are free cakes, snacks, sandwiches and drinks in constant supply.  In addition airport and port transfers on the arrival and departure days are included as well as the excursions.

Double room: 340 euros. This price is per person, sharing their room with one person.
Single room: 475 euros
Child under 2 FREE
Child (under 13): 170 euros (sharing with parents in a triple room who pay 340 euros each)
Available on request, triple rooms for 3 people booking and paying together.

The price does not include air flights.  We strongly recommend that you book your tickets right away because the earlier you reserve your flights the cheaper it will cost. Just to remind the Europeans that in almost every European country there are charter flights directly from your place to Rhodes and usually rather cheaper than regular flights. 

For those of you wishing to extend your stay at the hotel before or after the retreat, we have secured good prices.  
Registrations (which will require full payment) are now open.
To register please apply to: rhodes@tlig.org 

Knowing TLIG retreats to be memorable and uplifting events for both clergy and laity, we look forward to welcoming you.

Click here to see the icon of St. Michael when it wept in November 2013:

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