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The Father's Heart

by Vassula

We invoke You, my Yahweh, my Father,
for we know that when we do, Your Majesty would come
in splendour all the way from heaven,
descending in glory in our quarters;

To see you my God in this inaccessible glory of Your
Divine and infinite Light is an incomprehensible splendour;
You, the Godhead, manifesting Yourself to us
and wanting to be united with us, desiring to be known;

Only You, and You alone can reach us,
for the gap, this ontological abyss between You and us
can be no more there;
Lord, You fill all things without being contained neither by their limits nor by their very being.

O come and breathe over our garden. Amen.

Let us start with the words that Jesus took to describe the Father. He said once: "My Father is a King, yet so motherly; a Judge yet so tender and loving, He is the Alpha and the Omega yet so meek..."1.8.94

Today God the Father invites us in the nuptial chamber of His Heart; this is The final goal that everyone should attain in their spiritual life. God invites us all to plunge in His Bosom and lose ourselves within Him. I, personally, would like to become like liquid in God or sometimes go as far as to dissolve so completely into God that I would be no more.

God the Father in His latest messages draws us in His Heart which He calls the nuptial chamber, and emphasizes even more that He, as Creator, is the Bridegroom of His creation and that He is wedded to His creation. He calls this spousal relationship a Mystery also, that many still to this day have not quite grasped. His words are: "Day and night you stumble along, creation, chasing the shadows, and not even once have you ever tried to penetrate into this mystery." 25.9.97

And in another passage:"Understand that I am your Bridegroom and today all I want from you is love, not sacrifice. Knowledge of My Heart, not holocausts nor solemn festivals." 25.9.97

"I will fall like dew upon you and My Divinity will overwhelm your misery, encompassing it to dwell permanently in My brightness, making out of you a vessel of light and one spirit with Mine." 25.9.97

And what is the Heart of the Father like? Here is what He says:
"My Own Heart is a Fountain of Living Water immersing in these years of favour this dry land, giving growth where dross was only to be found....in the nuptial chamber of My Heart, your heart will spring up with praises and as the bridegroom rejoices in his bride, so will I rejoice in you and you in Me.

My mighty Hand will uphold you and you would never want to part with Me again. Indeed, you spirit enriched by My sweetness and fullness of My Spirit, will cry out to all nations:

Beauty and glory is to be found in our Creator! our Hope and our Lord!

In your contemplation while you will be reposing your head on My Bosom, I will be augmenting in your heart My Divine teachings. You will learn to do good all the days of your life, and you will grow thus in My Heart, giving a sweet smell like the lilies...

I wish to bring every soul close to My Heart and have it grafted on Me, in the same way I have brought you to be close to My Heart..." 25.9.97

God calls each soul for a retreat in His Heart; this retreat that He calls, is an intimate union. It is to be just you and the Father in privacy, delighting and enjoying each other when in these blessed moments; not needing words to express your love to Him, but just leaning on the same Heart of the Father where the only Son, is nearest.

His Heart is the ultimate centre a soul can penetrate and yet there are degrees. God gives Himself to us continuously and calls us all to a complete regeneration, that is a renewal, to enliven with His grace what is dead now within us. Every soul is called to live in that centre, that is the nuptial chamber of God's Heart.

God is calling us and He is telling us that if we approach Him intimately, the Holy Spirit of grace could transfigure our souls into divine beings; so that through this transfiguration into God, it will be He Himself Who would move us and command us divinely, according to His Divine Spirit and Will.

Living then under His divine Light, all that we will be doing would be of God and our works would be Divine, because as Saint Paul said: "the one who is joined to God becomes one spirit with Him. (1 Cor. 6.:17). Our Lord Jesus gave us a Consecration to His Sacred Heart, where we plead Him that He turns our thoughts into His Thoughts, our acts into His Acts, our sayings into His Sayings, and our will into His Will.

This transfiguration would be done gradually as He tells us in the messages: When Jesus teaches us to allow His Spirit to free in us so that He transfigure our souls from a desert into a garden, it means that although we are still arid and spiritually dry, the Holy Spirit of Grace can transfigure us into what He calls a garden, thus embellishing our souls. In that garden of our soul, God can have His repose.

Then God calls us into a deeper abandonment, that means to allow ouselves to be drawn even further in His Heart so that our soul can be adorned into a palace. God can be King and Ruler then inside us, because in that step of abandonment we leave Him free to reign over us. God does not stop there, neither does the soul, because through this regeneration already the soul having tasted interiourly the sweetness of God, sweeter than the nectar, she would become more eager to penetrate even further into God and taste this sweet nectar which overflows from God.

In this further step of total abandonment, exchanging her will with God's Divine Will, the soul will penetrate into God's Heart, right into the centre, where she will be completely adorned in majesty by the power of the Holy Spirit and will be transfigured into a heaven; that heaven in which God will be glorified.

It is the Fire of the Holy Spirit with His inflowings of love that would have captivated the will of the soul and once God obtains the will, the soul is transfigured into a heaven where glory will be given to God.

Everything will be prepared by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit would have progressed the soul into perfecting its union with God, and He would continue His work of enticement to turn the soul's faculties Divine; this is what God is aiming to do in our days.

In a recent message, Jesus said:"I remind you that by reposing your head on My Heart, in these moments of interior enjoyment, I would be the movement of your heart, the eloquence and charm of your speech, I would be the light of your eyes to give good counsel to those who need it; every movement of yours, every gesture would be coming from Me; you would be listening to all of My sighs, understanding their meaning so that you would be acting according to My Divine Will; through grace you will be inhaling My sweetness as you did when your head was resting On My Heart tasting Its sweet savours..." 2.11.97

God calls us to perfect our union. In the spiritual canticle of St. John of the Cross, it says, that the soul "is made divine and becomes God by participation, in so far as may be in this life." Its union with God is such that they have become "two natures in one spirit and love of God."

Love unites the soul with God, and, the more degrees of love the soul has, the more profoundly does it enter into God and the more is it centred in Him; and thus we can say that, as are the degrees of love of God, so are the centres, each one deeper than another, which the soul has in God..."<.P>

The centre here of course means in other words the depth of God's Heart.

"And thus the soul which has one degree of love is already in its centre in God, since one degree of love suffices for a soul to abide in Him through grace. If it have two degrees of love, it will have entered into another and a more interiour centre with God; and, if it attain to three, it will have entered into the third. If it attain to the last degree, the love of God will succeed in wounding the soul even in its deepest centre - that is, in transforming and enlightening it as regards all the being and power and virtue of the soul, such as it is capable of receiving, until it be brought into such a state that it appears to be God.

In this state the soul is like the crystal that is clear and pure; the more degrees of light it receives, the greater concentration of light there is in it, and this enlightenment continues to such a degree that at last it attains a point at which the light is centred in it with such copiousness that it comes to appear to be wholly light, and cannot be distinguished from the light, for it is enlightened to the greatest possible extent and thus appears to be light itself."

Let us now hear this message:"Remember how My Father instructed you? (16.3.87) He told you that were you to allow Him to strengthen the bonds of union with Him, your soul then would be so joined to Him and your spirit so englobed in Mine that everything you would be doing would be according to My Mind, your works would be rooted in Our Goodness and your performance in Our Spirit; then, My Father gave you an example of the way the members of your body work: "you just do not tell your hand what to do, but it works with your will;" This would be the manner in which We would be guiding you." 2.11.97

In such a union we will we get to know God's Will, but before that, we would have to allow God to purify us so that in that transparency we will glow from within like beings of light. And our union will be perfected. Therefore, a complete detachment is required, so we have to open ourselves to grace and die to our will. This is what God said: "Leave Me free to shatter all impurities and imperfections that confront Me. In order to prepare you for this perfect union, I need to purify you and adorn your soul...allow My Spirit to augment in you and My divine fire roar in your soul; You will be molten under the action of My divine fire... every little impurity will be seiged by My purity and annihilated, and My light shall continue to glow inside you and My Spirit shall flow in your spirit like a river..." 20.1.92

Purity in the soul is essential so that this close union is realized between creature and Creator. By being bonded to God and living under His Divine Light we will understand God in a better way than before, because when one becomes transparent in that transparency you perceive in a clearer way God's Will and His Thought, since you would have penetrated even deeper into the Heart of God.

In another part of that message God gives us encouraging words, this is what He says: "...So you who read Me and are My Work too, come to Me as you are and I, in My perfect Love, will perfect you. I shall ravish your heart so that I may obtain from it the rarest and the most delicate fragrances; then like someone stretching upwards his hands holding a golden bowl full of incense, to perfume My Holiness, I will life your heart,holding it upwards, letting those rarest essences swirl out on the earth, spreading your sweet fragrance all around Me, delighting Me, and delighting all the saints and angels in heaven.

My joy will be such that it will be taken as a wedding dance. While My angels' mouths will be filled with laughter and their lips with song. And I, exulted with joy, in your nothingness, I would turn your heart into a jewel, and with My Hands still outstretched, lifting your heart, I would anoint you, My jewel and bless you.

And like I had once placed you with tenderness into your mother's womb to be nourished and to grow, I will place you in My Heart to nourish your soul with My Divinity, allowing you to grow with My Holiness... Then your soul will be cleaved so profoundly on My Heart and in Me, that you will never forget Me because your soul would have fallen voluntarily captive to My charms...

"I, who only act out of love, will fasten your little heart on integrity, willingness and love, and inflame it with divine fire. I will make you taste My sweetness by having you share with My Son, Jesus, the One nearest to My Heart, Our Blessedness, inviting you to enter into the True and unique Knowledge of Our Triune Deity. This knowledge of Ourselves will teach you that We can give you back your divinity, divinizing your soul to enter into Eternal Life; and our Divine Light can glitter too into your soul and body to live in Our Light and in Us..." 25.9.97

When God says to us here that He will make us taste His sweetness sharing with His Son Jesus Christ Their Blessedness, and that He invites us to enter into the True and unique Knowledge of their Triune Deity, it means we would come to a state so very near the Beatitude state because that union which we talked about will resemble the souls who see God in Heaven. "You who have entered into the delights of our Trinitarian Holiness and have come to understand Our tender affection and Our infinite Love, We rejoice for having accepted voluntarily to lay Our Work upon you, hence becoming a living altar, increasing Our joy. We have converted you and led you to contemplate a Spousal contemplation in the intimate union of Our Oneness. Then We sent you out of Our embrace into the wilderness to defend the Truth." 25.9.97

And here we are today defending the Truth. I will conclude now by our Creator's words:"Draw with joy from Me: Life; and be consumed in My Divinity. Do not allow any shadow to cross your spirit. Your Lord graciously leans towards you now to dress you with the ornaments of His Love. I will increase in you, do not give in to your weakness, saddening Me by doubting on My Goodness. Embrace wholeheartedly the precious dew of Divine grace that borne your spirit in My noble Light. You are truly visited by the Most High; you are visited by Spring Himself." 25.2.98

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