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Fr. Michael O´Carroll CSSp

Fr. Michael O'Carroll, Vassula's spiritual adviser for many years, travelled widely with her on her speaking missions. He is a renowned theologian and member of the Pontifical Marian Academy. He released the following statement at the beginning of 1997 after having had to relinquish his travelling role.

I wish my support for Vassula Ryden to be known, as is already evident from the two books which I have written: Vassula of the Sacred Heart's Passion and Bearer of the Light and a third in preparation which is: Vassula: Apostle of the Holy Trinity. It is scarcely necessary to add anything to this statement but I wish to make it clear that this priest, who has been her counsellor so far, wishes any listener to be relieved of any suspicion or doubt of any kind whatsoever about my belief in the divine origin of the messages given to Vassula.

This question has been discussed and an affirmative conclusion amply expressed by theologians around the world in North and South America, as far away as Japan, and by many in Europe. And I am pleased to state that I am in total agreement with all those who have voiced their fidelity, their faith in the messages, expressing this to the highest authority available; that is to the Cardinal Prefect of the Congragation of the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Ratzinger, who eventually, after many letters had been sent to him, made an important statement to our friends in Guadalajara who have assured us that they are prepared to testify under oath what he had said to them, and I quote the essential words of his message: "You may continue to promote her writings..."

This, it seems to me, is sufficient evidence and I wish to affirm my total acceptance of this position which does not in any way compromise my attachment to the Holy See. I am known as a defender of the papacy.

When I met the present Pope on the 29th November 1995, I asked him for a blessing for Vassula. I had previously offered to him my two books on himself, one on his Polish origins and one on his life and teachings and I assured him, "I am your defender." To this he replied, "There are many enemies."

He gave me then a blessing, at my request, for Vassula. It is also known that when he knew there were representatives of our Spanish friends in an audience with him on August 11, 1996 he publicly gave them his encouragement and he asked them to continue to witness to the love of God, as we know is so beautifully expressed in the messages.

I think this ought to reassure anyone who may be tempted to think that I have changed my opinion in regard to the messages in True Life in God.

Father Michael O´Carroll CSSp,
January 2, 1997
Black Rock College
Dublin, Ireland

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