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Articles and Messages related to prophecy
Prophecies on Russia
Various extract from the Messages of True Life in God pertaining to the Prophecies on Russia. (PDF Download)
Article by Theol.Dr. Niels Christian Hvidt
The Problem of Christian Prophecy
Christianity always carries within it a structure of hope
Interview with Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
The Problem of Christian Prophecy (cont'd)
Page 2
Vassula Writes a Letter on Prophecies
(after the Tsunami disaster in SE Asia, December 2004)
The Foundations of the Earth Will Rock
September 11, 1991 prophecy
A Warning Message to the World and the USA
Link to the actual Message from Jesus on February 7, 2002

Selections from the Messages

Selected speeches from Vassula and various other contributors listed in chronological order

Vassula writes on various subjects

Essays and other writings from various contributors on various subjects

A NEW project undertaken in Nov 2006. Collection of recorded miracles associated with Vassula and TLIG

Reflections on the Messages
Periodic meditations, reflections and commentary on selected Messages

Prayer Groups
TLIG Prayer Groups and Associations

Pilgrimages & International Retreats
Upcoming and past True Life in God pilgrimages and retreats

Articles and Messages related to prophecy

The Passion
Vassula experiences Jesus' Passion


Peter, Why Are My Disciples Dispersed In Enmity?

I, The Lord, Do Not Want Any Divisions In My Church
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American Association 10th Annual Ecumenical Prayer Retreat
Oct 26 till Oct 29 2017
The TLIG Ecumenical Pilgrimage to Moscow,Russia 2017
"Honouring Russian Orthodoxy"
What is Christmas?
Merry Christmas to all !


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