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Stations of the Cross

Meditations from True Life in God

14. Jesus is laid in the Sepulchre
(Mt 27.60; Mk 15.46; Lk 23.53; Jn 19.41-42)

I mean to raise you from your graves and lead you back to your domain, My Sacred Heart. (April 10th, 1990) And you, My child, who read Me or hear Me, you whom I visited your grave and made My Breath enter you, I tell you: follow the marks of My Blood I leave behind for you as a sign and if you are stopped and interrogated on your way by a passer-by, tell him that you are my pupil and I your Master and that you are on your way to witness a crucified Christ, a resurrected Christ. And if you will be stopped by a trader beware of his dishonesty, beware that he does not exchange the Cross I have given you for a corrupt so-called wisdom. Without a sound, without a word, embrace more fervently than ever the bar across your shoulders and follow the marks of My Blood and they will lead you to Me; and if anyone of these start proceeding against you, do not cover your face against insult or strike, offer your backs too so that they know you from your wounds. Let them be a perfect imitation of My Wounds for they will be given to you by the very same ones who stroke Me, your Master, and then the Sign of the Son of Man will appear in the skies. A great light shall be seen in your darkness, for I, the Holy One, mean to save you for the sake of My Name. (October 22nd, 1990)

Come, My child, you who hear Me or read Me, I have shown My Love for you again in this testimony. Do not say that I am too far away to love, for at this very instant My Eyes are upon you with a special tenderness and an affection you can never understand fully. Had I to return just for your sake alone to redeem you, without the slightest hesitation I would come and repeat My Passion, for your sake alone! Now do you believe Me when I tell you that a man can have no greater love than to lay down his life for his friends?

I am telling you all this so that you may find your peace in My Sacred Heart, so that you may find True Life in Me, so that you may find true love and rest in Me your God. I know that you are weak My child, but your weakness attracts My Omnipotence.

Can you take in what I say? I say: peace be with you! I am the Victim of Love who speaks to you, I am He who gave you this testimony of Love as a reminder of My Love. Absorb Me and allow Me to invade you. Feel how My Heart yearns for a return of love! Do not resist Me...... Come to Me as you are, come and drink the flow of My Heart and you shall thirst for more. Oh, so many of you wandered away from the Truth and went this way and that - the Truth is LOVE. I am the Truth. Be witnesses for the Truth - receive the Holy Spirit of Truth, receive the Holy Spirit of Grace. I bless you all, leaving My Sigh of Love on your foreheads. Be one under My Holy Name. (October 22nd, 1990)

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