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Vassula Evangelization in Mexico

Article provided courtesy of True Life in God Radio

Between 18th and 27th of October, 2012 Vassula visited Mexico where she gave her witness in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

In Mexico City, Vassula was interviewed for 15 minutes by Maxine Woodside on her program “All For Women”, a very popular TV-RADIO Program, not only in Mexico City, but in the whole country as well. Maxine warmly welcomed Vassula, and introduced her as a mystic and a woman who receives messages from God. Vassula talked about the beginning of her experience with God and the messages. At the end, Maxine announced Vassula’s upcoming meetings in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey and thanked Vassula for the short interview.

Later in the afternoon, Roberto O’Farril interviewed Vassula in his program “Freedom to Believe”, on Channel 34, also a very popular TV program in Mexico. A Mariologist Luis Eduardo Lopez Padilla was also present at the interview to defend Vassula and the messages. At the end of the program, the TV station received many thankful calls about the presentation of TLIG and queries about the books.

Vassula gave her first talk at the Centro Banamex, in Mexico City. About 1000 people attended her witness. Patrick Duchemin, a reader and active witness of TLIG, presented Vassula to the audience while Hilda translated into Spanish. Vassula asked people to pray the Lord's Prayer before giving her presentation. There was a lot of interest and many were touched, as Vassula very simply explained spiritual matters about events in the present days. The prayer of "Repentance and Deliverance" given by Jesus on November 13, 2006, marked the end of the talk. Vassula’s testimony was broadcast live for the first time on TLIG radio via Internet. More than 500 listeners from 41 countries tuned into TLIG radio to listen to the presentation.

Dear listeners. Thank you for listening to TLIG radio news. May Our Lady protect and guard you all. Amen."

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Vassula Evangelization in Mexico

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