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Jan 2, 1987   to   Jan 06, 1987

January 2, 1987

I am here; blessed are the little ones for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven; I love you, daughter, wait and you will see; one day you will abide in My eternal Light;

January 5, 1987

peace be with you; daughter, you are My Own; glorify Me and be an adornment for My Name; make Me known to all those who do not yet know Me...

feel happy for I love you; since you are working for Me now, Vassula, bless My children; will you bless My children? do; I am asking you, daughter;

How do I do this, Lord?

bless them;

Is this done in my prayers?

yes, you can ask it in your prayers...
do it; do it; 1

(I prayed to God asking Him to bless all those I knew, by name.)

good, this is the way; I, God, bless all those whom you mentioned; I, Yahweh, love you;

January 6, 1987

(As a cloud dissolves and is gone, the hard shell covering my heart is also dissipating. What is happening to me, Lord? Why did you choose me as Your target now when my heart is exposed and has become so sensitive? I can see! I was blind once, but now I can see all the afflicted. I can see the misery around me, O God!)

peace be with you; daughter, I delight to feel your heart's feelings! I will help you work, fulfilling each duty; I have unveiled your heart and have washed it clean; go in peace; I, Yahweh Sabaoth, am beside you and love you;

1 I was hesitant; I had never done this before and so I tried.


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