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Alphabetical Listing


  • Yahweh is near, coming with all speed
  • Yahweh Is With You
  • Yeshuah, Lama Sabachthani?
  • You Allow Me To Efface You
  • You Are All So Very Precious To Me
  • You Are Free To Choose
  • You Are Most Imperfect As An Instrument
  • You Are My Altar
    The Sons Of Russia Shall Be Rescued By Me
  • You Are My Echo
    I Have Put My Angels In Charge Of My Messages
  • You Are My Gift To All
    Today I Need One Thing: Heart To Heart Conversation
  • You Are My Net
  • You Are My Seed, You Are Mine
    I Have Come To Consolidate My Church
  • You Are Never Alone, I Am Always With You
  • You Are Poor But I Can Provide You
  • You Are Spirit And I Am Also Spirit And Holy
  • You are the heiress of these Messages
  • You Are The Offspring Of The Most High
    The Trumpet Of The 6th Angel Will Soon Be Heard
  • You Are To Be My Net
  • You Can Never Witness For Me Without Being Persecuted
  • You Do Not Belong To The World
  • You have been authorized by Me to speak in My Name
  • You Have Been Inhaling A Scorching Apostasy
  • You Have Been Sold By One Of My Own
  • You Have Been Taught By Me
  • You Have Fallen As Low As Sodom Was
  • You Have Neglected My Garden
  • You Have Not Toiled In Vain
  • You Infatuate Me With Your "yes"
  • You Must Trust Me Fully
  • You Shall From Now On Be The Slave Of My Love
  • You Shall Suffer Too
  • You Should Be Awake And Praying - Pray!
  • You Were Wrestling With Me
  • You Will Be The Sign Of My Works
  • You Will Continue Restoring My House
  • You Will Have To Acquire Wisdom
  • You Will Learn To Live A True Life In God
    The Day Of The Lord Is At Hand
  • You Will Listen Again And Not Understand
  • You Will Turn Into A Copy Of Myself
  • Your Apostasy Betrayed My Church
    The Great Conversion
    Childish Words Of Love
  • Your Apostasy Is Condemning You
    For An Indifferent Soul
  • Your Beauty Should Be Interior
  • Your Cote Is My Sacred Heart
    Rationalism Blurs The Spirit
  • Your Era Is Dead
    How I Desire This Unity!
  • Your Errors Are Being Repeated
  • Your Eyes Will See My Sovereignty
    Salvation Is At Hands Reach
  • Your God Is Coming
  • Your Holy Mother Is The Arc Of Alliance Of My Word
  • Your Holy Mother Will Teach You Apocalypse, Chapter 12
  • Your Home Is In My Sacred Heart
  • Your King Is Here
  • Your King Will Abandon No One
  • Your Merits Are None
    The Source Of Life Flows Out Of Me
  • Your Misery Entices My Clemency
  • Your Mother Is Caring For You My Child
  • Your Pleas Are Not In Vain
  • Your Prayers Can Destroy Every Evil Empire Of This World
  • Your Priests Need Prayers!
  • Your Race Is Not Over
    I Have Decided To Hurry Up With My Return
  • Your Salvation Lies In Conversion And Tranquility
  • Your Sins Are Black As Coal
  • Your Suffering Is Nothing Compared To Mine
  • Your Weakness Infatuates Me
  • Your Whole Life Should Revolve Around Me
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