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Alphabetical Listing


  • Lack Of Discernment Produces Unripe Fruits
  • Languish For Me
    They Have Disowned Me
  • Learn How To Pray - Live Holy
  • Learn The Holy Rosary
    Signs Of The End Of Times
  • Learn To Be Patient
  • Legion Of Angels
  • Let Me Be Your Captor
  • Let Me Be Your Spiritual Director
  • Let Me Hear Your Voice Before Nightfall
  • Let Me Offer You A Retreat And A Pilgrimage In My Body
  • Let Me Perfect You
  • Let Me Preach To You
  • Let My Creation Know Of My Great Love
  • Let My Imperial Court Prepare For Me My Way
    I Am Sending You Before Me My Mother
  • Let My Manna Fill Your Mouth
  • Let My Shoulder Be Your Headrest, My Sacred Heart Your Home
  • Let My Word Be Your Lamp
    Take Shelter In Our Hearts
  • Let No Man Oppress You
    Unite My People Into One Heart
  • Let Nothing Stand Between You And Me
  • Let Them Know, Tell Them Of My Love
  • Let Your Entire Being Penetrate In Me
  • Let Your Heart Exult With Joy In My Presence
  • Let Your Prayers Be Like An Advocate To Defend Your Generation
  • Let Your Prayers Reach Heaven
    Be My Heaven
  • Let Your Will Be Done
  • Lift My Cross
  • Lift Your Eyes To Me
  • Listen House Of The East... From Your Land Will Sprout A Shoot Of Hope
  • Little One, Do You Know Why I Love You?
  • Little Things Please Me
  • Live For Me
  • Live Holy And Pray More
  • Living The Passion
  • Loftiness Wearies Me
  • Love And Pray
  • Love Desires Love
  • Love For Love, Heart For Heart
  • Love Is The Root   -   I Am The Root
  • Love Is The Root For Every Virtue
  • Love Is The Root Of The Tree Of Life
    Scriptures Are Being Fulfilled
    Hand Over Your Will To Me
  • Love Me And Console This Heart So Unloved And So Utterly Misunderstood
    I Have Made You A Threat To My Enemies
  • Love Me And You Will Defeat My Foes
  • Love Me In Absolute Silence
  • Love Me In Spite Of Your Doubts
  • Love Will Conquer Evil
  • Love Will Reign In Every Heart
  • Love Will Return As Love
  • Love Will Return To You As Love
  • Love Will Suffer
  • Love Will Unmask Satan
  • Love Your Neighbour As Yourself
    There Is No Word As Luck In My Vocabulary!
  • Loving Me brings you to pray without ceasing
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    Food From Heaven
    A Judge, Yet So Tender

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