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Alphabetical Listing


  • Be A Herald And Apostle Of Our Trinitarian Deity
  • Be An Athlete
  • Be At My Service
  • Be Aware Of My Presence
  • Be Fearless, I Am With You
  • Be Firm Like A Rock
    Live Our Messages
  • Be Holy
  • Be In A Constant Prayer And Awake
  • Be Innocent!
  • Be Intimate With Me
    My Shepherds I Want Them Pure
  • Be Like A Lily
  • Be Like A Loud Book And Speak
  • Be Mine Entirely
  • Be My Altar
  • Be My Bride
  • Be My Child Of Light
    I Shall Come To You Like A Thief
  • Be My Echo
  • Be My Reflection
  • Be My Reflection
  • Be My Sacrifice
  • Be My Tablet
  • Be Nothing And Let Me Be Everything
  • Be Obedient To Loves Desire So That Everyone Sees That You Are My Disciple
  • Be One In My Name - Message To India
  • Be Prudent
  • Be Slow To Anger
  • Bear Fruit That Will Last
  • Bear With Patience The Cross Entrusted To You
    Repay Evil With Goodness And Love
  • Bearing My Cross is a blessing
  • Behold, This Is The Heart That Bled For You And For All Humanity
  • Believe In My Heavenly Works
  • Believe In My Miracles
  • Believe In What You Ask
  • Believe In What You Ask
  • Beloved Children, Your Hearts Are Still Far From Us
  • Bend! Bend To Be Able To Unite
  • Beware Of The Deceiver
  • Beware Of Those Who Have Mouths But Say Nothing
    It Was A Delight To Teach You
  • Blemishes In Your Soul Sadden Me And Are A Horror To Me
  • Bless Your Persecutors
  • Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit
  • Blessed Are Those Who Do The Will Of My Father
  • Blessed is the soul that has come to love Me
  • Bloodshed Generation Will Pursue You
    I Will Raise Disciples In These End Of Times
  • Bring Back My People To The Real Faith Based On Love
  • Bring My People To The Obedience Of Faith
  • But Always Return To Me
  • By Assigning You For This Mission You Are Blessed
  • By The Road That I Came On I Will Return
  • By Your Discipline, They Will Look Upon You As Harsh
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    Five Of My Wounds Are Wide Open
    Why Have They Neglected My Garden?


    If They Have Called The Master Of The House Beelzebul, What Will They Not Say Of His Household?
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