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Alphabetical Listing


  • A Heavenly Church
  • A Light Has Shone In You
  • A Multitude Will Rise To Strike You Down
  • A Parable: The Nonchalant Servants
  • A Prayer For Unity
  • A Prayer From Jesus
  • A Prayer of Repentance and Deliverance
  • A Prayer: Yahweh Visited Me
  • A Purification
  • A Smile At My Holy Face And I Shall Forgive And Forget
  • A Smiling Giant
  • A soul that has surrendered his will to God's Will does not worry
  • A Tempest Of Fire Will Soon Sweep Away This Iniquity
    I Will Make Many Return To Life
  • A Vision
  • A Vision Of The Anointed
  • A Warning Message To The World And The USA
  • Abandon Yourself
    I Want This Wilderness Irrigated
  • Abba
  • Abel Is My Seed
  • Act With Goodness Towards Others
    Message For Brazil
  • Adore Me And Love Me In My Holy Eucharist
  • Adore Me In Silence
  • Adore Me In Silence
    Hear My Wedding Song
  • Adore Me, This Is The Way To Me
  • Adorn My Sanctuary
    Greater Apostasy Than This One, My Church Never Encountered Before
  • Adversity Practised On You Gladdens Me
  • Alas For Those Who Shed Innocent Blood Of Unborn Infants!
  • All I Ask Is: Love - Love - Love!
  • All I Need Is Love, Love, Love
  • All I Want From You Is Love
  • All I Want Is Your Will
    St Michael
  • All is night for those who do not want to see
  • All The Earth Will Suffer Unless I Hear A True Cry Of Repentance
  • All Wisdom Comes From Me
  • Allow Me In Your Nothingness To Be Everything
  • Allow Me To Guide You Blindly
  • Allow Me To Progress You
  • Allow My Spirit To Breathe In Your Spirit
  • Alone You Are Not
  • Alpha And Omega
  • Always Defend To Death The Truth
    The Keys To Unity Are Love And Humility
  • Always Remember My Gentle Mastery
  • Ambassadors Will Come From Egypt - My Eucharist Is Given Less And Less Importance
  • Amend
  • And Now I Will Name You After My Passion - Vassula Of Jesus\' Passion
  • Annihilate All That Is You By Absorbing All That Is Me
  • Annihilate Into My Body
  • Another Call To Repentance
  • Anyone Who Blasphemes Against My Holy Spirit Will Not Be Forgiven
  • Anyone Who Is United With Me Takes The Same Road I Had Taken - The Road To Calvary
  • Apocalypse 21 Explained
    Let Your Tolerance Be Your Witness
    Discipline Also Your Lips
  • Apostasy Challenged My Mercy
    The Woman Clothed With The Sun
  • Apostasy, The Fruit Of Rationalism
  • Are You Happy To Be With Me In This Way?
  • Are You Willing To Be Holy?
  • As A Spouse I Will Provide You
  • As For Your Nation I Will Melt It Down As One Melts Iron - With Fire
    The Sacred Heart
  • As You Walk, I Leaven Your Path
    Wisdom Is Given To The Lowly And Simple
  • Ask For The 7 Gifts Of My Holy Spirit
  • Ask For The Grace Of Compunction
  • Ask My Spirit To Help You, Ask!
  • Ask Padre Pio
  • Ask The Father To Relent
    Canada Is Mine
  • At Your Doors I Am
  • August
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    I, The Lord, Desire This Unity
    The Advocate


    I Allow Them To Persecute You
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    An Important Article From Vassula about Pope Francis
    Vassula - The Chair of Peter
    Days of Ordeal lie Ahead of You
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