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As You Walk, I Leaven Your Path
Wisdom Is Given To The Lowly And Simple

March 27, 1989


I am; beloved, My Kingdom shall come;

allow Me to use you for My Glory; I shall not forsake you, even though your spirit sometimes seems so far away from Me, your God; trust Me, rely on Me, dearest child; allow My Spirit to breathe fully in you and freely; compensate Me now, My child, by being obedient and looking only after My interests; I am always before you, so do not fear crossing this valley, without shelter, without pastures, barren and dry; I know its gloom is terrifying your soul, but I am known that those I have led through deserts never went thirsty; I am before you to shelter you from the dry winds with My Love; I feed you with My Word;

as you walk, I leaven your path; I remove all the stones and rocks so that you may not stumble, I remove them to open your way; My Holy Presence chases My enemies, who are your enemies, far away; when briars and thorns come, they are quickly cut away and burnt by My angels who surround you; I, your Redeemer, do not allow any of these thorns to tear upon you, My child; dearest being, rely on Me; Almighty I Am, the Highest I Am, all I want from you is love, love, love, so come and share with Me; let Me be your Joy; ah Vassula, love Me and console Me with your childish heart; come and rest My Head, be My rest-head, be My foot-stool, be My Heaven; allow Me to lead you through this valley of death; soon I shall take you from this desolation into My Home, which is your Home too; My child, be one with Me; O dearest child, will you console Me, your Saviour?

Blessed be our Lord
who performs marvels of love for me.
Lord, how great Your Goodness
reserved for those who fear You,
bestowed on those who take shelter in You,
for all mankind to see!

Rejoice in our Lord and Saviour,
exult, you virtuous,
shout for joy, all upright hearts!

I shall unmask all My enemies and with My Breath I shall sweep away all those who block the Way to Me; I shall reveal My Holy Face once again and I shall cover this Wilderness with Purity, Holiness and Integrity; Love and Peace will be with you and dwell among you; see? have I not said that I shall dwell among you and that you will be My very Own?

My child, remind them how My Spirit resents boastful people, and that Wisdom is given to the lowly and simple;

come ...



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