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I Am The Rock And Foundation Of Christianity

October 20, 1998

My Lord and my God,
You are truly most Beautiful,
and immersed in Your Beauty
You are Divine and Pure;
how am I and all the others
not to fall in love with Your Sweetness?
Gracefulness is a dew upon Your Lips,
and in Your majesty and splendour
You have blessed us, courted us, favoured us
and covered us with innumerable gifts,
not only to resemble Your angels,
but to resemble You;

Your Word is like a brocade
which You have clothed me with,
adorning my soul for Your majesty;
and all of this You have done
with the greatest delight,
and with no thought
that You might have been cheapening
Your Sceptre of Your kingship!

God has anointed me ....

indeed I have and with great joy that is ....

come now and lean on Me; more loyal than Myself you will not find; stronger and more powerful than Myself you will not find; I am the Rock and the Foundation of Christianity; I am He who is, was and is to come;

partners we have become; I and you, you and I, knit together in one; no human strength could have raised your soul except if it were given from above;

in all truth I tell you: your Bridegroom will continue to drench you by the dew of heaven, 1 so that you too in your turn will drench the arid soil with torrents of Instruction; then the fig tree will produce its figs and the vine its grapes; the olive crop will enrich, for the time has come for My Divine Justice to topple the wicked who prostrate in front of the Beast;

soon the storm will be over ....

- serve My House and speak in My Name so that I, in My transcendent Love, may continue to pour My blessings on this generation;

- serve My House and make My Name thrice Holy sound like music to the apostatised ears and they will be healed;

- serve my House without reserve, My chosen one, with My pure Manna and fill the starved mouths with My Word;

- serve My House so that It recovers its vigour by reminding It that My Presence lights up any darkness;

ah, Vassula, tell them how I am waiting for them to invite Me, and as soon as I will see their lips parted, ready to pronounce the first words of invitation, I will come down to them and lift them from those murky waters to soar with Me on the wings of the wind; I will not conceal Myself nor My Joy but I will speak to them in poetry, unfolding the mysteries one after the other;

on the dry soil I will pour out water, 2 and streams3 on the arid ground; I will pour out My Spirit as well as My Blessings and everyone will spring up; sated with the dew of heaven in their spirit they will honour Me;

your tender Bridegroom affirms these things to you again; those things that I, in My triune holiness revealed to you long ago; there is no Rock but I, your God;

see the wonderful deeds I am doing for My House? I instituted you as a witness in My House and I have established My Work everywhere I wanted It to be;

see how I love My House? girded with power, I Am; so raise your voice in My House and ask My shepherds: "is there anyone willing to work with vigour and love to rebuild this tottering House? is there anyone in there who is willing to defend this House? is there anyone who understands now what I am saying? is there anyone in the Lord's House who is disposed to expand the Kingdom of God?" 4

if there is anyone willing, I then, will shine on him with My splendour, clothing him with Myself; I shall make Myself known to him and he will see Me standing before him; he will see the Eternal and Immortal King, and he will draw all men to Me because I would have enriched his soul with My immutable Divinity, and would have adorned him with every ornament imaginable, and in his royal stature he would heal this generation; the deaf will hear and the blind will see and all together in one voice will cry out: "we belong to the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit";

and you, Vassula, weary not of writing; bring forth abundant fruit; all My angels rejoice at the sight of these fruits; I am on your side, so do not fear;

I love you; ic;

1 I understood also: by the graceful Presence of Jesus Christ.
2 Blessings.
3 Holy Spirit.
4 The Voice of Jesus was echoing, like someone speaking where the place is empty.



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