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TLIG Moscow Pilgrimage Talks Now Online

TLIG pilgrimage talks


If you were in Moscow and missed some of the talks the full texts are now available in English. Or if you were unable to join us in Moscow - you can read the text of the talks. 




Here are all the links on one page:  http://www.tlig.net/russia/talks.html 


Or  Click on each below  to go directly to the content. 

Vassula welcome       
Vassula's main talk     
Vassula's final talk    
Cardinal Toppo      
Rev. Mariano Arellano       
Bishop Riah Abo El 
Bishop Simon Atallah   
Bishop Battikha (1)       
Bishop Battikha (2)      
Camel Bechikh      
Bishop Selwanos Boutros      

Bishop Antoine Chahda   
Michel Thao Chan      
Sheikh Daneel Khalek      
Dr. Alon Goshen-Gottstein      
Sheikh Ali El-Hajj Ali Al-Amili       
Archbishop Jumoad    
Archbishop Ledesma        
Bishop Markos Gebremedhin     
Sheikh Mostafa       
Ven. Suddhananda Mahathero      
Fr. Teófilo Rodríguez      
Sheikh Valsan    


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Happy Anniversary TLIG!
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