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Vassula in Le Mans - France

October 16, 1999

On Saturday October 16, 1999, Vassula was in Le Mans, France. That date was providential: it was both the liturgical celebration of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (b. in Vesosvres in 1647; d. in Paray-le-Monial in 1690) and the anniversary of the pontifical election of Pope John-Paul II. Thus, on that day, the Sacred Heart of Jesus was somehow uniting His messengers: St. Margaret Mary and Vassula.

By 2:30 p.m. the Palais des Congres was already filled with 1400 people who had come from all over France and even far-away countries — Benin, Togo, the West Indies, Madagascar, Vietnam, Ile de la Reunion. After a warm welcome, Andre Roueil introduced Father Theophilus, who began by welcoming the people from Madagascar in Malagasy, then spoke to us of the present charisma of prophecy. Vassula then gave the following talk:

This evening I have chosen messages about the Sacred Heart, since today I am going to speak of the Sacred Heart. I chose what is the heart of the Sacred Heart, therefore messages that tell us what God's Heart is like. As readers of True Life in God know, those messages cover many subjects; it is not just the introduction or the presentation of the Sacred Heart.

There are other messages — I could say whole pages — which introduce us to the Holy Spirit, the third divine Person of the Holy Trinity. This is because we do not know the Holy Spirit well; we know Him very little. Therefore Jesus teaches us; in fact the Holy Spirit Himself speaks. There are people (people faithful to the teachings of the Church and who go to church regularly) who sometimes tell me: "But the Holy Spirit, is He a person or a symbol or a dove? What is it?"

Our Lord knows us and we are presently living in this apostasy (and we must not be surprised if there are some negative reactions); and as Jesus says in many messages: "Ecclesia will live again". Ecclesia is a Greek word which means "Church". This gives much hope because Ecclesia — the Church — will live. At the very beginning, Our Lord asked me things which were like mountains before me because — for those who do not know me — I did not go to church, I never attended Sunday school, I knew nothing. All the teachings in True life in God were given to me internally, by the Voice of God, sometimes in locutions or, sometimes later, I received lights projected in my intellect: what God thought, what He wanted me to write, without any spoken words but I understood what He meant and I wrote it.

But I would like to tell you first what happened recently during my trips. Two months ago, I was invited to Japan. It was not the first time that I had been to Japan, it was the third time. But what was surprising and different from previous invitations was that this particular one came from Hiroshima — where the atomic bomb had exploded —, and it came from Buddhist monks who wanted to listen to the testimony of a Christian. They wanted to know more about Jesus and Mary. I was surprised by this invitation but I thought they wanted to know more about Peace, the Unity of God who now calls us. I went to Hiroshima, and there were some Catholics, even a Bishop, and three Buddhist monks, among whom the Superior, called "bonze", welcomed me, as well as some lay Buddhists. I did not know that Japanese Buddhist monks are allowed to marry; I was told that their wives read TLIG. In the hotel, in my bedroom, I opened a small copybook of the TLIG and I fell on these words:

"Even foreigners, even these have listened to My Voice and have understood My Words"(September 20, 1989)

When we read True Life in God, Our Lord gives us many prophecies, that is to say, Our Lord says things but we do not understand them immediately, and later, when reading them again — with all that has occurred during close to 14 years —, one sees that everything He said has been fulfilled. He made me understand that even people who never knew who Christ is, who are not Christian, shall wish, in our time, to listen to His word. And Who is at work there? It is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is at work now and we speak of a New Pentecost, of a Second Pentecost.

One must not wait for the day of this New Pentecost, because it has already started. God speaks very loud with very strong symbols. Even in the Holy Scriptures, when you see expressions like "stars are going to fall on the earth" etc... those are God's expressions. I have realized that God's expressions do not take form in a material way; it means that prophecy can take place in front of you without your being aware of it because what is happening is almost natural. For example, Our Lord speaks of this Second Pentecost and of the new era which is to come which will be filled with the Holy Spirit, and there will be the purifying fire. I did not quite understand how all this would take place. Will it be a day of Second Pentecost, when every one will speak and sing simultaneously in tongues and prophesy? In fact, what is that Second Pentecost for which even Pope John XXIII has prayed so much in order to renew the Church?

Finally — only when God willed it — it was while I was giving a testimony in French in front of a TV camera that, all of a sudden, I was given the light to understand what is the Second Pentecost. When it comes from God, I want to jump with joy, as it is so extraordinary. I feel this joy: this is it. It is not I who discovers it, it is God who discloses it. Then, I understood that the Second Pentecost has already started a few years ago. The Second Pentecost is individual. Take, for example, someone spiritually dead for many years; you think this is hopeless, that he will never find God and that he is not interested at all in spirituality; suddenly what happens? It's the Holy Spirit: he hears a word or reads a sentence; it is the Holy Spirit who lifts him up and resurrects him spiritually.

How do we see the difference between a person who observes his religion, who has always observed his religion and been faithful, and the same person who as been renewed by the Holy Spirit? Those who have now been renewed are full of the ardent Fire of the Holy Spirit. They become witnesses and are full of zeal for God; they do nothing but bear witness and put God first before anything else. They are like new persons and this Fire is always present, i.e. He is within them, ardent, and they are witnesses and become apostles of the last times. As I travel much, I see this fervour everywhere. When one meets God, this is the New Pentecost, it is the individual Second Pentecost, within everyone.

And this multiplies, and it reaches now even Buddhists. In Bangladesh where I was recently, there were 5000 people in the meeting, more than half of them Muslim. They listen to this divine Message, a call for Love, a call for Unity, a call for Reconciliation. This is the strongest call in True Life in God: Reconciliation. Without reconciliation, there is no unity and it shows that love is missing. But since God is all merciful, He tells us through the messages of True Life in God how to take the first step, how to achieve reconciliation. It is through repentance because, when one repents, the fruit of repentance is love and then, with love, one can do everything, one can become reconciled; and one knows full well that as long as we are divided, this is not according to God's thinking, it is contrary to God's thinking; it is the devil, the divider who keeps us divided.

The reaction of the Buddhists was extraordinary. I spoke of the Blessed Virgin, also of the messages of the Blessed Virgin. I spoke of Jesus, of His Love. I spoke of the Holy Trinity. I said it all, as I had to and I waited for their reaction. Then the bonze came toward me and what he said will be in the next newsletter of information of True Life in God. Already Buddhists are making a step towards Christianity to discover the Trinity; and therefore it was a triumph of Jesus in Japan, this time, because if they already accept messages of True Life in God, the trinitary spirituality, there is much hope for Japan, and each time I go to Japan I find people ready to be baptized. They were pagans, not even Buddhist, and suddenly they became Christian. Conversions to Christianity occur constantly in Japan and this thanks to the Holy Spirit.

I would also like to say a word about the steps to follow in True Life in God. It is a call to reconciliation, to unity, within families, within nations and also within the Church, the Unity to which Christ is calling us: unite His Church. But True Life in God also teaches about the Holy Spirit and is also a revelation of the Heart of Mary, i.e. who is Mary, what is the Heart of Mary... this is a whole teaching on Mary. In True Life in God, there are also grave and even sad messages about the condition in which the Church presently finds itself. But when God speaks — one must always know this — when God speaks, He says what He finds wrong with us (because we can say that no one is really perfect) but since He is Father, He says it with love and when God speaks, He always end on a note of hope. God lifts up the soul, He never squashes the soul and that is how we recognize God, His Love, His Splendid Love. If He intervenes, it is not in my personal interest but for the interest of the Church, of everyone. We are the Church and it is for the Church's benefit that God speaks.

I would now like to say a prayer before giving you a few passages of the Divine Call that I call the Nuptial Call, because the Heart of God is the Nuptial chamber that we all must reach and enter.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

"In Your great condescendence You have,
Lover of all mankind, hymned to us
to rejoice us; You have, as a bridegroom
who prepares for his bride a banquet,
You have prepared for all of us
a royal banquet so that we can all
feast on the bounty of Your house;
You give us drink from Your river of pleasure;
yes,for with You, my Lord,
is the fountain of Life,
by Your Light we see the Light.
As a doe longs for running streams,
may our soul long for You, my God;
may our soul thirst for God,
the God of Life;
the God of Hope;
the God of Consolation;
let our soul now enjoy Your sweetness
that is schooling us by addressing us
in a most delightful way. Amen.
(June 22, 1998)

When I was in Japan, in Tokyo, at Sofia University, there was a professor, a Jesuit, Father Valera. He is a theologian of high level and sometimes, when he speaks, I do not understand anything. This is a language which is beyond me, maybe a little technical which makes it difficult for me to understand and I ask him to explain to me in the simplest way what he means; then, he repeats what he has said. He told me once that he had discovered something extraordinary in True Life in God. I asked him what it was. He answered: "The Lectura Divina that we have lost." I then asked him: "What is the Lectura Divina?" He told me there used to be a time when the Catholic Church would learn to understand the Bible not by reading a passage and analyzing what had been read, but by taking different passages and putting them together to come up to an explanation.

And if you read True Life in God, Jesus teaches us for example about the apostasy. People ask me how I get the messages. Jesus wants me to always keep the Bible by me, because He gives me passages to explain and sometimes to copy in True Life in God as He explains those passages to me. Then everything happens so quickly; for example He does not say: "open the Bible at Ezechiel Chapter 28.1." No. He does not waste His time like that. He says: "Open the Bible." Then, with total trust, blind, I open the Bible at random and He says: "write." Then the Bible opens exactly where it was supposed to open. He is fast this way and I write. He tells me: "stop, now; now it is I who will dictate" and He dictates. Then suddenly, He says: "Stop; open the Bible". I open the Bible at random and He says: "Write". And all this happens at an extraordinary speed.

He does not tell me: "open the Bible, I will explain to you". For example, on the apostasy, He says to me: "Open". I open and find the book of Daniel; I write this passage. He tells me : "open again the Bible". I fall on Ezechiel 28, which reveals also the apostasy, the rebel, the spirit of rebellion. "Open again the Bible". I open the Bible and I fall on 2 Thessalonians 2, where St. Paul speaks also of the apostasy, and of the rebel, and of the spirit of rebellion. And once more: "Open the Bible". I open the Bible and I fall on the Apocalypse, etc.

This is the way it happens in True Life in God. If you observe biblical passages, learn that it happened exactly as I have just described. He told me: "Open, this is it. Then put all of this together, this has a meaning." Father Valera taught me this is called "Lectura Divina".

And also, for example, for the Two Witnesses, the two Hearts who witness. The Two Hearts, they are Jesus and Mary, the Two Hearts who will triumph at the End Times; they will triumph, because Jesus will triumph. Sometimes people ask: "but when, when?". When we observe all that is happening, we say: " but Jesus is this Your time now? because You were saying that it was my time; my time is short but Yours is one thousand years. But Your time must be starting." The triumph is close. The fight is great because Satan is not giving up and he always wants to deceive people. He always wants to keep them divided."

But regarding the Two Hearts: One day Our Lord told me: "Open the Bible." I fall on Apocalypse 11, the Two Witnesses. It was Christmas Eve and He told me: "this is a Christmas present for you". He tells us how it happens. He describes that passage: the two witnesses are the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary, because today, They prophesy. Mary appears everywhere and Jesus too. This is a testimony and They use instruments to transmit Their Word; Their testimony is much attacked, and this everybody knows. They are attacked because the world has become so rationalistic that it does not believe anymore in the divine, that it does no believe anymore in miracles, that it does not believe that God is alive, that He can speak.

When Jesus explained Apocalypse 11 to me, He said: "Open also Zechariah 4.4". The two branches of olive tree, the two lamps that shine in the dark, they go together also, it helps understand that passage: Let no one say 'the Two Hearts, this is not in the Bible'". We do not understand the Bible anymore, so Jesus now shows us that if we put this passage with that other passage, that is where He is already speaking of the Two Hearts.

Our Lord said to me one day:" I wish you to bear witness to My Holiness and My Divine Sweetness, be like a loud book, a book written by the Triune God."
(September 25, 1997)

Unfortunately, especially in my Orthodox Church, we have lost the meaning of the sweetness of God. We have made him into a God who is only a Judge, rigid, and who condemns. But this is surely due to the heart of man who has become like that, then he sees his God in this way. We have lost the meaning of the sweetness of God. So, since He asks me to bear witness to His sweetness, today, I will bear witness to the sweetness of God's Heart.

So, now, we are going to enclose ourselves in the Heart of our Saviour and seek to understand the Invisible God through simplicity and purity of heart. Let us seek to understand His exuberant Love in the divine union and in the intimacy that His Majesty has deigned to offer us by surrendering completely to Him. Let us try to understand what God means when He speaks of His Sweetness. This is what Our God says in a message:

"...flesh and blood will always brood evil and take pleasure in doing evil; these same souls do not talk about My sweetness nor of My Divinity because their minds do not know how to separate My Divine sweetness from their own flesh and blood's desires; no, they do not see that there is a difference; when I speak, My dove, with My Lips that are moist with grace, holiness and sweetness, they do not understand My sayings and cannot fathom My purity in My Magnificence; their hearts are so hard that it becomes impossible for them to fathom the brightness and the Divinity of My Heart; this is why these hearts are eclipsed from My Light, and in their perishable body and thought they accuse Me that My Words are excessive and sentimental; these are of whom I say: "they are strangers to Me and they do not know Me..." (September 25, 1997)

"...inscribe on your heart, all of you, this fundamental truth: "the Lord God knows those who are His Own and so allows them to come near Him;" these are destined to attain perfection in the divine and intimate union with Us; they are called to be transfigured in Us and be one with Us; their old self will be no more, but in an ineffable manner I gave always to My saints, I would deify them in Our union; through Me, I deify all those to whom I am united and they no longer speak with their own mind but in the manner I would speak; they no longer see with their eyes but in the manner I would see things; their acts would be My acts." (June 22, 1998)

To reach this perfection that God asks of us, we must take steps and these are found in True Life in God. The first call of God the Father was not: "Vassula, I am God the Father; come, I want to give you messages; write," then God would give me messages. No, it didn't happen like that at all; it was done progressively through many steps. God didn't want me to go out into the world — He didn't want to send me into the world — to proclaim His Word, unless I loved Him the way He would like us to love Him: one cannot serve God and glorify Him if one does not love Him. We must love Him, we must know how to love Him.

He spoke to me truly tenderly, like a father, and said to me:
"Love Me; but to love Me, you must come closer; you must not remain so far; I want you to become intimate with Me."

But I didn't dare, although with my guardian angel, I dared; I used to speak to him in a simple manner as to a friend, I was intimate with my guardian angel. But when God spoke, I was like a student when the director enters the classroom, who remains quiet in her seat, all straight and stiff. I did not understand this intimacy that God requested. This is true for you too, it is not only for me. He wants us to relax with Him, to have a simple heart, a pure heart, not to have malicious, suspicious thoughts. Then He said: "Come to Me," but I could not. Finally, this is what Jesus did: this was at the beginning, when I was speaking with my angel; I was relaxed ; my angel was speaking to me and I used to answer him; then suddenly, I did not know that Jesus had taken the place of my angel without my noticing it, and I continued to be intimate, direct. Then He started to change his tone of voice, his manner of speech; He did not speak like the angel, He spoke with authority. One could feel that He leads, and He was saying: "It is I who give this, it is I." Then I said to my angel: "Who are you to give and give like that? This is not your place, this is not you, it is God who acts." Then finally he admitted it, He said: "It is I Jesus"; He had taken the angel's place. And He said to me: "you have seen how you were intimate with Me and simple and relaxed; I want you to continue in this way." Since that day, I started to be more relaxed and more direct with Jesus, and He wants this from each one of us. But then, He wants total surrender.

Are we ready to decide for God? If we are and if we really desire to change inside, shall we be constant? This is the most difficult: to be constant in one's spiritual life, not to fall into temptation, to be always constant and to always put God first before everything.

Then, God will progress your interests. One must not think that if you give God a little more time everything will stumble in your family life; not at all: He will take care of that. I see it everyday in my family, and I can testify that it is really like this when I work for God — and I do it with all my heart — so that the whole world will know who is the true God, a tender God, a joyful God who gives us joy, a marvellous God; then I wish to make this message known to people. Meanwhile the Lord takes care of my family. How? He stimulates my children spiritually; they are now away from home; they are adults.

You will say: "But what does your husband say of all those trips?" Our Lord also took this into His hands: now, my husband travels even more than I do. I'll be gone during the month of November — I'll be in India for the second time — and I'll give witness everywhere. It will be a hard trip but it can be done when God gives us the strength. I thought: "I'll be away from home for nearly a month; what will my husband say?" Although I have almost never been away for a whole month, my husband asked me: "what are you doing in November?" I told him that I was going on a long trip and he answered me: "Me too." How long? Three weeks also. He will leave two days after me. We will be back at the same time.

I tell you quite seriously that God looks after your interests when you work for God and make sacrifices for God. And if you are ready to decide for God, you will really get this unique joy that nobody can give you. You will feel it in your heart. You will think: "Yes, Vassula, for you this is easy, because you hear the Lord with a special charisma, but for us?" But I know that you too can obtain this joy that you did not have before, and this joy can last sometimes seconds; it comes and it goes. It is the Presence of God who reminds us in our hearts: "I am here," and He gives us this joy.

If we want to progress spiritually and follow Jesus, who is the Way, to become united with Him, we must learn that the more we efface ourselves for God's sake, the more we will be united to God, and the greater His Works will be in us. He can work if you give Him freedom to do so; but if you block Him, then it is as if you tied His Hands.

What do "efface ourselves" and "die to ourselves" mean? To what must we renounce? A complete detachment is required; for that, we must open ourselves to the grace and die immediately to our will and to our passions which keep us prisoners of this world. This is what God said in a message:

"Leave Me free to shatter all impurities and imperfections that confront Me. [...] in order to prepare you for this perfect union, I need to purify you and adorn your soul. [...] Allow My Spirit to augment in you and My Divine Fire roar in your soul, you will be molten under the action of My Divine Fire. [...] Every little impurity will be seiged by My Purity and annihilated and My Light shall continue to glow inside you and My Spirit shall flow in your spirit like a river. (January 20, 1992)

Here, God speaks of the impurities and imperfections which are present in us. Those things are already obstacles to the Divine Wisdom which wants to run in us like a river to give us happiness. But the soul is generally unable to receive the Divine Wisdom. Therefore, when God says in His message that to prepare yourselves to a perfect union, He will have to shatter all our imperfections and impurities; in this sole act, the soul will have to go through fire and through terribly painful effects. That is a purification. When one goes through this purification, one becomes transparent.

At the beginning of this divine call, when it happened to me — and I didn't go through one purification but through many at different times, and that hurt terribly — I felt my soul burn and be moved; in my suffering, I asked: "Jesus, what have You done to me!" and He answered in a quiet and relaxed manner: "I have only taken your heart..." This was said to me as if it was quite normal.

We have within ourselves blocks as hard as rock which close the entrance to the divine flow of the Holy Spirit. The water of the Holy Spirit does not cease its divine works in us but it continues to roar within us and to knock violently against those rocks that resist its passage, and that is when we feel this battle within ourselves, that is the purification. The soul feels its all-powerful effects and knows it is going through fire. But once the rocks are broken and give way, the Loving Wisdom, i.e. the Holy Spirit, like torrents of healing water, begin to flow in us, quietly, flooding us with His Light. In this passage, the Holy Spirit explains the meaning of the word "light":

"I, in My Benevolence will come down from heaven as a lightning inside your body and be your lamp. You have been taught that the lamp of your body is your eye, and so it is, because a diseased eye has no vision and has only darkness, whereas a healthy eye illuminates the view; I am this lamp and anyone who has Me within him, will seek the true virtues and not the vices; I am the real lamp of your body that fills your whole body with the treasures and splendours of Our Kingdom; these treasures and splendours are the virtues; where there is Light there is virtue; where there is Darkness there is vice; do not be mistaken and cling to this dying world, but be faithful to Me and you will live with Me in love; love virtue."(June 22, 1998)

Here and in many other passages, God exhorts us to follow Him and to perfect our union with the Three Divine Persons, because in making perfect our union with the Holy Trinity, our thoughts, our actions and our words are in total harmony with God's Divine Will since everything will be ruled and ordered by Love. In this divine union, all that belongs to the Trinity will belong to those who are united to Them. When the soul has given herself to God's Will, the spirit does not contain anything but God and our life is transformed into one unceasing prayer, and we stand before God with a pure spirit.

In other meetings, I have spoken much about unceasing prayer. I will say a word on that matter for people who do not know what the unceasing prayer is. One day, Jesus asked me to pray without ceasing. I answered Him: "It's not possible; I have work at home, housekeeping, helping my sons with their homework; how can I pray without ceasing?" Jesus let me speak and He looked at me with stupefaction. He told me: "Ah Vassula, how I pity you. You have not understood. To pray without ceasing does not mean I want you 24 hours a day on your knees". Praying without ceasing is a contemplative prayer; it is a prayer without words because it is the heart which speaks. No words are coming out of your mouth, it is the heart that loves, that longs for God all day long, that thirsts for God all day long and at the same time, this unceasing prayer is the greatest Commandment God gave us; it is being together, the two of us.

And then if we give ourselves entirely to God, we will not live only in God, but also an unceasing prayer. Our life will be an unceasing prayer, because all day long we will be thinking of God and when you meet friends, you will only speak of God. I know groups of people who only speak of God and this way, they are already living the unceasing prayer.

Purity of the soul is also essential so that this divine union be realized between the Creator and His creature. So, we must go through this purification which hurts; but it's worth it. By being bonded in this way to God and living under His Light and in Him, we understand God's Will better and God will never break you; He will never demand of you more than what you can give or do. I gave once the example of filling a glass: there can be a large glass, a medium sized glass, a small glass. For God, the essential is that the glass be full and not half full. God did not make everyone alike: one can give more than the other. Do not get discouraged thinking: "this person gives so much and I cannot do the same: I have my family, I have my children, and I cannot say as many prayers." One must stay calm and in peace. Do whatever you can, Jesus will do the rest, as long as you do sincerely what you have to do, which means the maximum.

When we understand the will of God, and we are transparent after this purification of our soul, we will then be able to say: "we walk with God." Walking with God, is to be in this state. During all our life, God will never cease to call us to share the Beatitude of the Holy Trinity. He invites each one of us to enter into the True and Unique Knowledge of Their Deity, to live a true live in God. If we agree, we will reach a state very close to the state of the Beatitude because the union to which God is calling us to have with Him today will look like the union of the souls who see God in Heaven. In a message Our Lord describes this state and it is true you will be able to obtain this grace if you decide for God. He says:

"...and although you will still be among men, your mind will be in heaven; and although your body will be moving among men, your soul and mind will be as an angel's, walking in the Courts of Our Kingdom, walking among angels [...] I will teach you to live in Us, move in Us and breathe in Us; I shall teach you that We are Life and in Us you will not cease to be." (October 25, 1994)

Much later, the Father said almost the same thing, but he developed that passage: "...a time will come, and this hour is near, that although you will be still among men, your mind will be in heaven glorifying Our Trinitarian Holiness; and although your body will be moving among men, your soul and mind, captured in My Will, filled with the nobility of My Light, will be as an angel's, and you will find yourself walking in Eden, in Paradise among My angels and saints because your union with Me would be complete... Ah, and We would be enjoying to see Ourselves in you; you will have the image of the unseen God; We will gaze heaven (A spiritual heaven) "in you. (February 25 1998)

This passage reminds us the words of Christ, that He wants to transform our soul into a Heaven so that our own interior image will be His image. You know that God loves to see and contemplate Himself in us. He delights in us. To reach this point we must first die to ourselves and let the Holy Spirit work within us. As Jesus mentioned many times, this reminds us also of the words of God the Father, a transformation will take place within us and we will become like a Heaven, an Eden, a Paradise for God, inside ourselves. It will be — as I have already mentioned — after you have received the Holy Spirit, your Second Pentecost in you. In this Second Pentecost, all will be transformed in you and God wants that little by little everyone attains this transformation, that our hearts become a paradise for the Holy Trinity.

After this transformation which, as I said it, will be like a Second Pentecost in you, whoever will receive this transfiguration will also receive in him the New Heaven and the New Earth [Ap 21-4]. He will become the New Jerusalem [Ap 21-4], coming from Heaven from close to God, as he will now be like the beautiful bride all dressed up for her bridegroom. In this state of the soul, the Bridegroom, who is our Creator, will carry His bride into the nuptial chamber which is His Heart. And Our Lord will say:

"Now come and step into your permanent Home, the nuptial chamber of My Heart where your King is waiting to rejoice in you and you in Him; come My angel and My bride, I am longing to dress you with My Name, with My very Presence. (January 28,1997)

Whomever will be transformed in this state, the Lord will invite immediately into His Heart, to live in this Heart, which He calls the nuptial chamber. He will become also an apostle; he will be sent to the entire world, i.e. according to his ability, especially where heresy, vice, inequity flourish, so he can practice his apostolate. Filled with zeal and love for the House of God, this soul that divine Love united in an inseparable union with God will go through fire to win souls for God, after realizing the value of each soul; the zeal for the House of God will devour her. To win a soul for our Lord surpasses all kinds of service that we can do for God. Once, God told me: "if you win one soul only and bring it back to Me, this is the greatest service that you can do for Me your God; this surpasses all other service that you could do for God."

In True Life in God, the Sacred Heart speaks continuously of Wealth, and He invites all of us to share this Wealth. Of all the divine Wealth within His Heart, the largest and most elevated is the possession of God Himself. As God says it in a message: "Come and take Me, come and possess Me." Here is an extract which describes His Sacred Heart: "My Sacred Heart is like a bed of selected roses; My Sacred Heart is filled with graciousness; yes, It is like a wellspring of life. Turn your eyes on My Sacred Heart and Its brightness will fill your dark night into the fullness of day; hold My Sacred Heart and embrace It and Its closeness to you will set a crown of sanctifying grace on your head, which will bring your feet into the path of loyalty, even to accept shedding your blood for My honour." (November 28, 1996)

When, in other passages, He reminds us to seize Him and to possess Him, as He explains here, this is the largest Wealth which He can offer us out of His Sacred Heart. The divine union is total, complete, perfect.

We see here how much the Sacred Heart can powerfully transfigure us to become loyal and zealous to the point of giving up our blood for Him. One day, Jesus has said:

"To embrace Me is to embrace My Cross... and now let Me breathe in you My Divine Words: I have said to you that when you embrace Me you are embracing My Cross and in this embrace you are bathed in My Light. The way, and I would say again, the only way to a union of Divine Love with Me is when you voluntarily embrace with love My Cross which you know bears its sufferings but its joys as well which would lead you where your soul would be exalted... (November 11, 1998)

"The proof that any one is joined and one with Me, formed in Me and knit with Me, is when your heart is grafted as well on My Cross with all its bearings. Anybody who is convinced he belongs to Me must understand that he also belongs to My Cross as well." (November 12, 1998)

This call is a call to Jesus Himself, and in accepting Jesus, one accepts His Cross. He gave me a kind of vision: He was standing in front of me (He appeared in fact inwardly within me, in an intellectual vision) and I saw Him in front of me, and He opened His arms, and He said to me: "come, come towards Me, embrace Me (i.e. surround Me with your arms)." When I held Him, I saw that it was not Him anymore, I had taken in my arms a great cross. This means one cannot separate Christ from his cross. In the messages, God insists that we transform our lives into an unceasing prayer but also that we never give up, i.e. we must be constant; because there are lots of people who come back to God, all on fire, all zealous, then little by little, the world start again. Instead of taking forward steps, they have retreated. It is prayer which will keep us at the same level and even make us raise. The Blessed Mother told us: "Your arm is prayer." There is nothing else, it is only the prayer.

This call is not only a call to unite ourselves with God. God asks us also other things. God tells us that at the end of our days we will be judged on the greatness of the love we have had on earth. And it is very important to live in the Love of God on earth. In a message, God says:

"...serve the cause of right, lift the oppressed; do no harm to anyone, but love and help one another. Do not afflict or harass the widow or show harshness to the orphan; practise goodness and do not be like the villains and the wicked who ruin their souls by ruining the helpless." (June 19, 1995)

You see, these are acts of love and we must always go ahead in these loving steps. Love unifies the soul to God and the more powerful love becomes, the deeper the soul penetrates God. In such a deep union we will succeed in knowing the Will of God; then as He says:

"...you who have entered into the delights of Our Trinitarian Holiness and have come to understand Our tender affection and Our infinite Love, We rejoice for having accepted voluntarily to lay Our Work upon you, hence becoming a living altar, increasing Our joy; We have converted you and led you to contemplate a Spousal contemplation in the intimate union of Our Oneness." (September 25, 1997)

The Love of God is an ardent flame which does not allow any carnal or earthly thought to cross our mind. Whoever experiences this Love will thirst for that Love day and night untiringly, and will be drawn to it, into His Ardent Love. God is not complicated, but we complicate Him. God is simple; He wants only that you make a few steps forward. At this moment, when you will make this effort, and say sincerely: "Yes, I want to do this, and I want to be transformed, I want to obtain this sweetness of God, I want to make one step toward You, my God," if you do that, if you show that you desire to do it, God who is King and sits on His Throne, when He sees His child throw himself with little steps towards Him, He will get up; He will take off His Crown and He will run towards you to lift you up and put you on His Heart. God is not insensitive; He has the most sensitive Heart which could exist in your imagination. He cannot be insensitive to your efforts.

When in His most recent message, Our Lord speaks of spiritual espousals in the Trinity, we must not forget that the Father who is our Creator is also our spiritual Spouse. If you read Isaiah 54.4, you will see that in that passage, God is described like this: "God the Creator is your spouse. Yahve Sabaoth is his name." Jesus also is our spiritual Spouse, and the Holy Spirit also. In His most recent messages, the Holy Trinity treats us like Their spouse. We are the Church and the Church is the Spouse of God. In a long message of the Father of which I have an extract, He says the following:

"I Yahweh, your Creator, am wedded to My creation and am everyone's Spouse [...] day and night you stumble along, creation, chasing the shadows, and not even once have you ever tried to penetrate into this mystery [...] I looked at My seeds and asked Myself: "what am I to do with them? they are entrenched in their deceitfulness; how am I to make this lot, who cannot tell their right hand from their left hand, understand that I am their Bridegroom and all I want from them is love, not sacrifice; knowledge of My Heart, not holocausts nor solemn festivals." (September 25, 1997)

And with a voice that I can only describe as full of sweetness, I heard this:

"O royal household of Mine, you have bartered your glory for shame! [...] Come to Me! My Heart is like a Lamp to your feet and from My Lips moistened with grace and with the dew of divinity on them, flow rivers of grace and boundless calls of Mercy." (September 25, 1997)

This is a call of the Eternal Father but the Son and the Holy Spirit reveal themselves also like the Spouse. To understand this language, we must be simple and poor in spirit. The Holy Spirit will not reveal himself to those who show intellectual pride; they intimidate the Holy Spirit and make Him run away and, as a consequence, they continue to live in obscurity. Let us listen now to what Jesus Christ teach us:

"The One who sings to you now is the Lover of mankind, the Spouse of the whole earth. While some of you have no memory of your God, to this day, I, in My Faithfulness and in the greatness of My Love, come to you, to offer you My Heart, greater offer than this, one cannot give; let your eyes then marvel at the beauty of My Heart; it is the Heart of the great Sacrifice; it is the Heart of the New Covenant; it is the Heart of the True Vine, it is the Heart nearest to the Father's Heart; [...] let your Bridegroom repose undisturbed in your heart; learn from your Beloved: I am gentle and humble in Heart, and in Me your soul will always find its rest." (January 26, 1997)

Our soul cannot live without God, but it takes its life from God. We know that the Holy Spirit is the Eternal Life and that the soul lives in the Love of God, in the humility and the sweetness of the Holy Spirit. The soul is like a bride and Our Lord is the Bridegroom, and they love each other and they long one for the other. Our Lord, in His Love, longs for the soul and is sad if there is no room or reaction in the soul. While the soul who has succeeded in knowing God longs after Him, because in Him lie her life and her joy.

To know God is to understand Him, and to know Him is to take the first steps into intimacy, heart to heart, a heart to heart conversation. It is the most important thing in our life because we can speak to God throughout our life, preach about God, but knowing God only through books by theologians is not enough. To know God in the intimacy of your heart is to have already made an experience with God, a special experience. Once you have obtained this grace of knowing God and understanding Him, this is the treasure, the pearl, this is the treasure Jesus speaks of in His parables and the pearl one obtains. Then we do not wish anything else because we possess God and we have allowed God to possess us. In this way we are united and we become one thought with God, and our actions become His actions, our words His words. It is no longer us, and this is why He explained in one passage that "even though you will still be among men, your spirit will be in Heaven." And it is as if you were detached, but detached in a beautiful manner, because your thoughts, your spirit will be so closely united with God that you will live Heaven on earth. This is where God wants to lead us all.

We will pray the Holy Spirit that He comes in strength on us to heal us spiritually, give us peace, reinforce our love, revive us. This is also a prayer for physical healing. We are all going to stand up and pray two prayers to the Holy Spirit, one to ask Him for His gifts, and the other for deliverance and healing.

"Lord and Wellspring of Life,
Sumptuous and Divine action
of the Mystical Body of Christ that is the Church;
Light of our soul, Dispenser of gifts,
Revealer of the filial mystery,
visit our poor soul to enrich her with Your gifts
so that we may be transfigured
into Your goodness and Your kindness.
We ask you, we implore You,
to cover us with Your riches
with Your seven gifts,so that our heart
be set ablaze with Your ardent fire."Amen

(Lausanne, prayer group, August 17, 1997)

"Blessed be Your Name,
You who listen to my prayer!
Blessed are You, my Lord,
blessed be Your Kindness
which draws us into Your Heart
to save us and to free us.

God, You are our Salvation,
our riches, our sight and our life;
You who daily delights our soul
and rejoices our heart with Your Presence,
allow us to benefit from Your Presence.
We ask You, Jesus Christ, in Your Name
peace, integrity, love and a spirit of forgiveness.

We ask You Jesus Christ, in Your Name,
to heal us of our iniquities and vices.
Heal us, Lord, by the power of Your Holy Spirit,
heal us spiritually,
and uproot all that is evil;
refresh us, Oh, Holy Spirit, and revive us
in renewing us.

Jesus Christ, in Your Name,
we ask You to heal us of all spiritual,
psychic or physical illness
and of all that is troubling our soul.
May every fibre of our heart
proclaim with love Your Glory.
Grant us our prayer, all loving God."Amen

This crucifix contains a relic of the true Cross.

may Yahweh bless you and keep you,
may Yahweh let His Face
shine on you and
be gracious to you,
may Yahweh show His Face and
bring you peace. Amen (Nb 6:22-27)
(August 12, 1996)

Led by Vassula, the assembly sang the Greek doxology to the Holy Trinity: Thoxa, thoxa, thoxa (Glory be to God! Glory be to Christ! Glory be to the Holy Spirit!)

A feeling of brotherly communion arose from the assembly; a healthy and holy joy could be seen on every face and they all went away in peace.

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