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True Life in God Newsletters

Worldwide TLIG News via Email

Each month we report on activities around the world in Beth Myriams, Vassula's meetings, new publications, insights and commentaries on the True Life in God Messages and much more! We also on occasion send important additional announcements and letters from Vassula.

If you are looking for a way to be informed or connected to the world wide apostolate of True Life in God getting the e-news is a great way to start.

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Local News via Traditional Paper Newsletter or Email

Additionally, if you would like to be informed of meetings with Vassula, TLIG witnesses meetings, prayer groups, retreats, or video screenings in your local area please provide us with this additional information.

Each country has their own mode of sending their newsletters. Some send via email and others send paper newsletters via post. Depending on which country you are in will deterine how you will receive them.

All personal information provided to True Life in God will remain completely confidential. Your information will not be given or sold to any other individuals, organizations, or corporations at any time.

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Any questions about the list should be sent to:

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Assine o Nosso Boletim Eletrônico Gratuito
TLIG Magazine (inglês)
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Principais Notícias
A Verdadeira Vida em Deus ao Redor do Mundo

Notícias Top
Notícias de A Verdadeira Vida em Deus ao Redor do Mundo

Arquivos de Notícias
Acesso a todos os artigos anteriores e boletins eletrônicos

Boletins PDF baixáveis
Baixe, imprima e compartilhe boletins AVVD anteriores.

Assine o Nosso Boletim Eletrônico Gratuito
Mantenha-se atualizado com as últimas notícias e atividades dentro de A Verdadeira Vida em Deus em seu apostolado

TLIG Magazine (inglês)
Filled with TLIG activities worldwide and spiritual teachings on various subjects. Subscribe now to the newly launched (Aug 2006) TLIG Magazine.

Pesquisa nas Notícias
Pesquisa nas Notícias de AVVD


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