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Prisoners Testimonies of Conversion through True Life in God

Four books of testimonies from prisoners of the impact of the True Life in God messages on their lives have been published in Portugal. The testimonies were collected from prisoners in jails in Portugal.

Here are some of those testimonies:

... how incredible it can seem, however incomprehensibly it presents itself, the reality is that, in prison, I have learned to be free and I feel myself more free now than ever before...

Reading of these books (True Life in God) helps us to consecrate all our being to God, offering to Him day-by-day all our sufferings, our gladness, in reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, every day wounded and lacerated by our sins. I feel flowing in myself, through me, a universal Love and not an egoist love, that only corrupts and destroys man. It is why I am free. Nevertheless, we can't uproot our past: our vices, our weakness, our faults. And it is necessary to re-construct these, as does the architect of a monastic abbey, as balancing heavy stones, making them become lightweight.

The meditation, the reading of these books helps us precisely make lightweight the tortuous roads of life, that each one certainly calls his own cross, his own calvary. Reading the books helps us not to worry with questions such as what can we take from life but primarily helps us how to give something to life. And to give something to life is to surrender ourselves to the will of God, just as every day we ask Him: "...thy Kigdom come, thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven...".

When we are able to become aware that the Will of God is also our will, when we entrust ourselves entirely, without reservation, to Him we become free men. And to be free is a miracle that we must permanently safeguard, and it will only become perpetual when we allow Jesus to act in us, through us, just like the canticle "... I entrust all of myself to Christ, never more do I feel alone ...". A universal love is the supreme expression of being free. Universal love is in Jesus. Stay with Jesus to be free.

A crucifix, which lies on the iron board of the window of my cell, near the headboard of my bed, constantly watches me. I think it is there by Its own will because every time I tried to put it on the wall, it seemed that it rejected such a new disposition...

Now, as to the already initiated reading of the books offered, what most calls my attention, undoubtedly, is the peaceful feeling I have as I read True Life of God: "I am Jesus. Vassula, lean on Me and rest". Yes, I remain calm and peaceful. It is as if He were there, beside me, calm and tranquil, giving me the assurance of not being alone; or as if I could imagine His Silent Presence, knowing Him close to me, always my Friend, with no need to pronounce a single word, knowing that I can, whatever happens, count on Him, much before I ask Him for anything, trusting that we can rely on each other. And this was the best gift I got this Christmas; i.e. to gain the trust of a Friend, whom we know shall never forsake us...

Thus, with this feeling of peacefulness as a form of communication, I shall pursue His Work, searching even more, to strengthen my new and better rejuvenated friendship...

I can't really write anything unless I feel it comes from the bottom of my heart. Thus, I have to say to you again that I've read all the volumes of True Life of God up to volume 7, and the monthly magazine too. I know and admit that I don't have the faith I need (as Jesus said); but the truth is that I've gained more perfection so it was worth reading them. It was also of a great help to me to go through the Sacred Bible, both Old and New Testaments.

Sister! My greetings. I've just received your message. In fact, your words can heal a wounded soul. I've always asked Christ to look after me, especially during the Easter season, so that it can be my redemption time.

I'm looking forward to your third visit which means a lot to me... I enjoy the "flavour" of Christ's words, because His words can teach me all we have to do... "I love you, Come and Console me, by loving Me..." I have a great empathy for the word 'Vassula'; and as I put myself in her place, I feel that Jesus lives inside my heart. I've read volumes 1 through 3 of the TLIG messages. I think it's an extraordinary and very important reading, especially in my situation. It helps me learn about Christ. I've been feeling very well with these books. I shall continue reading them. I'm waiting for my freedom because of my faith which comes from Jesus Christ, the All-Mighty. I'm always available to Him..

... The first news I have is of a great joy. The Priest came back to say a Mass here as usual on every Saturday and, after talking to him, he encouraged me to go on. Thank God, during these last two weeks many other inmates have also attended Mass and I have too as often as possible. I've loaned the books about True Life of God to other people in jail to attract them to Mass, although there are a couple of other prisoners who have different ideologies (which I respect); yet, gradually, they began to understand and start joining our side. I know of an inmate who was preached by the Jehovah Witness people who used to come here. But I asked him so often to join us that he finally decided to attend Mass. I've asked God to send the Holy Spirit to bless us all, so that in the future we can all become only one family, real christians, and by being so, our burden should become less heavier to all.

I have placed the Crucifix on the wall of my cell, by the headboard of my bed. I've read most of the books and am now reading volume 8 of True Life of God. As I read them, I become more and more interested, and recognize it is an extraordinary work which has helped me a great deal...

As to the book "True Life of God in the Prisons of Portugal" I find it extraordinary. There are other prisoners in other prisons who have great talent. I admire them and can tell God is closer to us more often, despite our errors and faults... One day, when I'm free, I'd like to take all those books home with me, although I have read them, so that my grandchildren can become real christians through its reading.

Sister, I've hung the Crucifix on top of my bed. I have also decorated my cell with posters and it now looks very pretty. I feel very well in my cell now. I pray a the Rosary and I'm also reading Vassula's book, True Life of God, and I have loaned the other one to my cell neighbor.

I'm really enjoying the book True Life of God, and my next cell neighbor is too. Sister, I'm happy because ... has always attended Mass, but since she was convicted in June, she became sad as she could no longer attend Mass. Well, when I arrived here with my posters and the books about True Life of God and the Crucifix, as I showed them to my cell neighbor, she liked them very much. I also told her I had been here with a priest. I talked to her for a long time. Now she often goes to Church with me and we pray the Rosary together every day . I've given her an image of the Holy Mary so that she could hang it by her bed. Now, ... feels very happy and I do too.

Once again I thank you for your efforts, your strength, courage and dedication as well as for the love you've given to the prisoners of Portugal. Only by the blessing of God could you have been able to pass on to us this strength and love. His signal could not have been spread all over the country sowing the Word of Jesus throughout an arid land if He had not chosen you to do it.

...Well, despite my ignorance, as I've already admitted, I believe that Vassula's writings have not come out to jeopardize the faith of the christians, but on the contrary. At least for those who were only Catholics but that intimately were ashamed to be so, Vassula's writings reinforced their Faith, more vividly and with even a more vigorous religious life.

Vassula certainly must have many enemies; The Holy Father does too; Jesus also had them. By the way, all those who tell the "truth" have their enemies mainly because it is just. That's why only those who do not have foes shouldn't be worthy.

I confess that Vassula's writings have helped me a lot; I've never felt alone in my pain and suffering since I began to read them. Fortunately, my sorrows and suffering are not known by many. Yet, from the time I've got acquainted with Vassula's books, which you offered me, I have never felt lonely any more.

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