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Testimonies from the Laity

All the testimonies copied here are extracts from the originals.

In the early '90s I was moved by grade and anguish of soul to seek my God and after a year of praying and reading and being more attentive at Mass, my Lord brought me these messages. And how they spoke to my heart! It was through these words that I fell in love with my God. - How tenderly & intimately & passionately He loves us & wants us to love Him. ... I learned so much more, things that changed my life (all for the better).
(K. T., USA, September 1999)

I have been quite absent from church this past year but after reading True Life from Vassula I have gone back to church and tears of joy are falling down my cheeks everytime I receive the communion, I love going to church and in my every day duties Jesus Christ and Mary mother is always with me.
(H. T., Indonesia, September 1999)

During my illness in 1998 when I had a lot of time to contemplate and let God come into my heart, I was presented with the first volumes of the notebooks. Very eagerly I started reading these books and it made me realise how my life had been before then, and gradually I was drawn to Jesus every day more and more. TLIG brought about a tremendous positive attitude within me and my life changed significantly. I have even learned to pray the Holy Rosary, something which I had not done before. Hence, I am very grateful for the messages of TRUE LIFE IN GOD.
(A. V., The Netherlands, September 1999)

Immediately, the messages brought me a new life. They caused me to search my heart, became convinced of my sinful life, shared the experience impacted upon me by the messages with other friends. I started sharing the books with those who showed interest. I found myself reading them for the most part of the night, shed tears and stopped to pray at various intervals. I had discovered a living message, specially designed for a sinner like me. The Holy Name of The Lord be praised.
(L. W., Kenya, September 1999)

Before the gift of this private revelation, I never would have understood the tenderness that Jesus feels for each one of us, even me. I take His Words (of union) "We, Us" to work with me each day. By doing so I know I have been empowered by Him to calm the storms of hurting, abusive teenagers with whom I work and, most especially, I have His calmness within me in a way I never had before. He has healed me of so much anxiety about so many things. The peace has deepened in me so much that even now as I face a possible lay-off (again!) in my health care profession I feel strengthened by Him to take even bigger risks in faith by facing new, unknown tasks He may give me to do.
(C. M. W., USA, September 1999)

Daily readings of the TLIG messages constantly move me to tears. The real and unchanging constants, the Blessed Trinity and Mother Mary have had a profoundly life-altering affect on us all. Having surrendered to a desire to serve God fully, I personally feel His influence growing. I am so moved by these messages that now I believe that Jesus actually DOES talk to me through them. These messages have won an entire family's intimate and grateful friendship for life with the Lord.
(N.C. W., Australia, September 1999)

About five years ago a young man loaned me a copy of Vassula's 1992 video from the Franciscan Prayer Center. She conveyed the messages in such a gentle, honest, and sometimes humourous way that I wanted to hear more. From then on each day I would take time to pray and read the TLIG messages, trying to get to know the God Vassula had conversations with...... Through the TLIG messages I learned to pray, to love the rosary, to thank God for the gift of being Catholic and having the sacraments of confession and the Eucharist available to me.
(J. W., USA, September 1999)

Just before her visit I had just completed reading Book 2. She referred to opening the Bible at random to receive a word from God and she shared some texts the Lord had given her. This particular day I had spent the whole day reading the book and then opened the Bible at Random as she said. I was stunned to get the reading from Colossian 3 :1-4 which begins 'since you have been brought back to true life with Christ.......' I knew then of the authenticity of the messages. Since then the Lord has spoken to me often in this way.
(R. W., Scotland, September 1999)

It was the TLIG message on 20 September 1986, entitled "I am the Light," that changed my life. As I was reading the message, I felt that someone took a veil covering my eyes which caused me to cry, realizing that I was lost and living in the dark for so many years; that it was our Lord Jesus that I was longing and searching for many years. It was He (Jesus) Who would fill the emptiness that I felt and that He is the One Who completes me. The messages made me realize how much Jesus loves us and wants us all back to Him; how important the Sacraments are (esp. Confession and Holy Eucharist); how intimate we could be with Him; how we could help Him save others by offering our own sacrifices in union with His sacrifice; why we should be united with the Pope; and why we should venerate the Blessed Mother. The messages made me love Jesus more, and therefore, also love His Commandments and the Laws of His Church.
(I. A., Philippines, October 1999)

Me habló un sacerdote del libro, lo compré y me impactó con muchos momentos de profunda emoción. Lo he prestado y dado a conocer a otros. Luego acudí al encuentro con Vassula en Madrid en abril 1997 donde aumentó dicho efecto sobre mí al ver en ella el rostro de Jesús, lo que me lleva a releer su testimonio de aquel día cada vez más profundo.
(L. L. A., Spain, October 1999)

Upon reading the book of "True Life in God", I realized and learned a lot of things regarding my deep personal relationship with the Lord Jesus: how much the Lord loves us and that God is so near us, as if He's just beside us, always seeking our attention.
(R. A., Philippines, October 1999)

When I attended Vassula's first visit in Bangkok, I just wanted to see her by curiosity sake. But when she started her testimonies, I was deeply touched. I started to praise and thank the Lord for bringing me right there. When the healing service began, I was still in my seat and suddenly my whole body started shaking. I felt weak and I could not explain what was going on. Then I decided to go forward to join the healing. While waiting for Vassula to pray over me, I already seemed to faint. When I felt the hand of Vassula on my head, immediately I fell on the floor. After that I felt so much peace within me. Now, I'm already in volume 4 reading all the messages of the Lord. I have experienced many miracles and enlightenment. My life has gradually changed, my relation with Jesus has become deeper, and my love towards other people has grown.
(E. D. A., Bangkok, Thailand, October 1999)

A partir de octubre de 1996 empecé a leer La Verdadera Vida en Dios, escrita por Vassula Ryden. Al leer el Nº 2 cambió mi forma de ver las cosas; tener un encuentro espiritual con Dios, ir al confesionario y un arrepentimiento de todo corazón por todo lo que normalmente no veía como pecado o falta a Dios. En mi familia también hubo cambio ya que en lo primero que pensamos y a quien recurrimos es a Dios y su Santísima Madre.
(A. R. A., México, October 1999)

Fiquei espantada ao ver Vassula na TV falando das mensagens recebidas de Jesus Cristo. Meu choque foi por causa da minha impossibilidade de compreender como era possível uma pessoa comum falar de uma vivência com Jesus, que é tão santo, sem que ela mesma não fosse santa. Passei a me informar sobre Vassula, e hoje compreendo a extraordinária lição que Jesus nos dá quando Ele escolhe os Seus para distribuir a graça operante, para revelar-Se, para demonstrar o Seu imenso Amor às criaturas. Ele toca os Seus escolhidos. Ele é o Senhor!
(Andrade, Brazil, October 1999)

Al empezar a leer los escritos de La Verdadera Vida en Dios, en julio de 1999, estoy aprendiendo a manejar mejor la Biblia, estar más cerca de Dios y de la Virgen María, hacerme más humilde y ayudar a la gente en caridad, a llevármela mejor con mi esposa y familia. Desde que me arrimé a Dios me siento más tranquilo conmigo mismo y seguiré uniéndome más y más a Dios, porque estando con Él, siempre estaremos más unidos toda la familia. También he notado que éstos libros hace de verdad aprender a vivir una verdadera vida en Dios. Darla amor a nuestros semejantes, me ha hecho ir todos los domingos a Misa y confesarme más seguido y así recibir el Pan de Dios. Enseñar a la gente leyendo éste libro, practicándolo con la Eucaristía y haciendo caridad hacia las personas.
(U. M. A., México, October 1999)

I grew up a confirmed Catholic so I have always acknowledged and respected my faith deeply. However, reading about Vassula Ryden's experience with Christ and her inner locutions are simply beautiful. I was deeply touched to tears when she spoke of Jesus' great care for her and all of mankind. I also could appreciate the depth of the spiritual intimacy He talks about and invites us to share His soul and become "one" with Him.
(F.A., Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 1999)

Ana gave me the gift of the True Life in God collection. True Life in God writings has deepened my belief and relationship to God, given me peace, understanding and the ability to accept my life amidst turmoil and struggle; the intimacy to God I needed. I have read through many writings inspired by God having an M.A. in theology, but none have been so fulfilling a companion to the Bible and so theologically sound as True Life in God. I lacked the flow of conversation from God to me to make my life intimate with Him.
(M.A., USA, October 1999)

Ενώ είμαι βαπτισμένη, δεν πίστευα στον Θεό και στον Χριστό. Είχα την Καινή Διαθήκη στο σπίτι μου αλλά δεν ήξερα τι έλεγε μέσα. Πήγαινα στην εκκλησία αλλά τυπικά. Όταν πέθανε ο άνδρας μου το 1996 ήταν σαν να τα έχασα όλα και έπαθα μεγάλη απελπισία. Άρχισα να διαβάζω τα μηνύματα που στέλνει ο Θεός μέσω της αγγελιαφόρου Του, την Βασούλα και παράλληλα διάβαζα την Αγία Γραφή και απαλλάχτηκα από την απελπισία. Τώρα εξομολογούμαι συχνά, κοινωνώ, διαβάζω την Καινή Διαθήκη και τα μηνύματα της «Αληθινής εν Θεώ Ζωής» που μου λένε να αγαπώ τους εχθρούς μου και να προσεύχομαι γι'αυτούς. Ευχαριστώ τον Θεό Πατέρα που με οδήγησε. Δόξα στον Κύριο ! Μ. Λ., 56 χρόνων
(October 1999)

Πήγαινα στην Εκκλησία τυπικά χωρίς να νιώθω τίποτα για τον Θεό και παρ΄όλες της δοκιμασίες που περνούσα, δεν σκεφτόμουν ποτέ να επικαλώ τον Θεό για βοήθεια. Όταν πέθανε ο πατέρας μου το 1996, έγινε το θαύμα : για μένα ο Αληθινός Πατέρας μέσα μου αναστήθηκε όταν άρχισα να κάνω την προσευχή του ροδαρίου και να διαβάζω τα μηνύματα της Αληθινής εν Θεώ Ζωής." Ν. Λ., 28 χρονών, κομμώτρια
(October 1999)

Je suis reconnaissant pour le 7ème volume de „La Vraie Vie en Dieu". Ces messages, toujours plus forts dans leur contenu, touchent l'homme et l'inspirent à de profondes réflexions, à une foi plus complète et à une action plus efficace. Pour moi, ce sont les paroles de Notre Seigneur Jésus Christ que j'absorbe avec tout mon coeur.
(M.B., Poland, October 1999)

Ce sont des livres merveilleux. Sous leur influence, j'ai changé ma vie. Maintenant j'aime Jésus comme jamais auparavant. Je communie souvent... Non, je ne suis pas dévote... mais j'aime beaucoup Notre Seigneur, Jésus et j'essaie de vivre selon Ses conseils.
(G.B., Poland, October 1999)

.. Na verdade, é difícil pensar em passar um só dia sem ler as Mensagens... Já ocorreu muitas vezes o fato de eu estar querendo uma resposta específica para alguma dúvida ou angústia e tê-la encontrado na primeira mensagem que li (ao tentar tirar uma mensagem ao acaso). Trata-se, para mim, de uma das fontes mais perfeitas para manter a intimidade e o diálogo com Deus. Sinto-me amparada e consolada por Deus ao lê-las.
(M. T. M. S. B, Brazil, October 1999)

At the latter half of Vassula's conference Miwa saw Vassula's face change to that similar to the face of the Holy Shroud medal (with eyes closed), with large amounts of wavy hair coming down to the shoulders and the face having a dark complexion. There was authority like Jesus must have had giving the Sermon on the Mount, and spontaneously, "Oh, Jesus!" came on her lips. This lasted for quite a while. She had come to the conference with her two grand-children and the husbands of her second and third daughters. Afraid that she was just imagining, she later found that the husband of her third daughter also saw Vassula's face transfigured to that of Jesus.
(M. B., Japan, October 1999)

Participei de um encontro com Vassula em Curitiba. Durante a sua palestra, enquanto falava, vi nitidamente o Rosto de Jesus. Fiquei preocupado, pensei que fosse imaginação minha, mesmo sem acreditar muito nela, gostava de seus escritos. Porém, após esta experiência, cresceu em mim uma sede de Deus que não pára mais. Hoje em vez de assistir televisão, leio a vida de santos, em vez de ir ao futebol, antes vou à Missa aos domingos, coisa que não praticava. Passei de um cristão triste a ser um cristão feliz.
(J. M. B., Brazil, October 1999)

J'ai lu ce livre avec une grande soif : je ne lisais plus, je dévorais cette lecture et j'ai pleuré toutes les larmes de mon corps. J'ai commencé par prier - avec une personne puis deux, maintenant cinq - toutes les semaines avec le petit livret de prière de la Vraie Vie en Dieu.
(A. B., France, October 1999)

Eenmaal begonnen las ik achter elkaar de boeken van Vassula, van Jezus dus. In de eenzaamheid kreeg ik ruim de tijd ervoor. Liefde, liefde en nog eens liefde van Jezus zelf: balsem voor een gewond hart. Ik heb Zijn Woorden gedronken en ben onnoemelijk dankbaar dat Hij ons zo nabij gekomen is. Zijn gelaat op de voorkant van de boeken vond ik zo mooi er lief, dat ik het ook geschilderd heb.
(M. Beuman-v. Roermund, Holland, October 1999)

The road to the religious life is indeed bound by struggles and difficulties. I am so glad that despite these difficulties I am able to sustain them all. I could never have made it through without the grace and providence of God. This grace and providence is manifested by God through the messages of TRUE LIFE IN GOD. At first, I was so hesitant to read it because I thought it was not that interesting. But now that I have finished Book 1 and currently with Book 2, I am definitely convinced that God is speaking to me so personally. And the messages which I read are very much fitting for my special case and condition. It has become one of my sources of inspiration, motivation and encouragement as I go along the hurdles of my formation.
(P.J.L. B., Philippines, October 1999)

True Life in God has made Jesus alive in my life as a faithful friend and companion. He shows his love in a most irresistable way that I can't help but love him back even if I now realize how unworthy I am.
(J. B. R., Philippines, October 1999)

When we were listening to her testifying about God - I saw her face changed! (Our seat was +- on the fifth bench directly opposite Vassula). I saw a face - tender - lovely and beautiful with blond wavy hair and a beard - after, it looked that the face came nearer to me - and the eyes became very blue - after that I saw Him standing still - with a long white robe...I told my husband: "Her face looks just like the face of Jesus Christ" I never heard of this happening before. Since then I have faith in God. I still read the books more that once. I take the books along with me everwhere I go. It is a very great grace. I thank and praise the Lord!"
(D. van B., The Netherlands, October 1999)

TWij kwamen door vrienden in contact met de foyer de Charite van Marth Robin met de geschieften van Don Gobbi en van "Het Ware Leven in God": regen op dorse grond! Hier spreekt het Hart van Jezus zoals ik dit uit mijn jeugd herinner. Het is een begin geworden van een geestelijke groei naar het Hart van de Kerk, de spritualiteit van ons christelijk geloof. Het vlees en bloed, de warmte, de vaderlijke liefde van onze Schepper, Vader, Verlosser, Vriend en Broeder. Ook de H. Magd Maria kreeg een grote betekenis in ons vernieuwde gebedsleven; dieper en regelmatiger.
(H. B., Holland, October 1999)

My grand-daughter was born with no control over her neck muscles. This was not immediately apparent but was noticed at the age of one month. The doctors thought it was most likely spina-bifida. Tests were being carried out to determine the exact diagnosis of the illness. Meanwhiule, I heard that Vassula Ryden was coming to the Point Theatre in Dublin. This was in October, l996. I asked Vassula to bless her, which she graciously did , blessing her forehead with a small crucifix. After the blessing, Vassula turned to walk away, and I felt so happy inside that I called out her name "Vassula". On turning around, I was dumbfounded to see, not the feminine face of Vassula, but that of Jesus. He looked at me with infinite love and smiled. Since that day, my grand-daughter has been completely healed, and is now a very healthy and happy three-year old toddler.
(S. B., Ireland, October 1999)

When I started reading True Life in God I knew that it was Jesus himself who was speaking. As I read the Bible the spiritual meaning became clear and God by his Grace has given me understanding of the effects of good and evil in my life. I continue to pray both the rosary and other devotions and go to Mass as often as I can. The True Life in God messages bring me great peace and consolation and also a desire for everyone to be saved.
(R. B., England, October 1999)

I'm a Filipina married to a Swiss Protestant and a Catholic by birth until 1988 when I started to practice an atheistic type of Buddhism which had its origins from Japan. I fell out of this religion and ventured in to new Age. The horrifying nightmare I had after a self-induced hypnosis made me leave this religion and mainly because I had a difficult time convincing myself to sit in a darkened room in a semi-hypnotic state to do "automatic writing." This wishful thinking of being able to channel my higher self for automatic handwriting sessions led me to a chance meeting - a few weeks before Holy Week of 1999 - with Father Richie Santos who challenged me to read the TLIG messages. He even said that Vassula Ryden received these messages through "automatic writing" (which is not true) just to get me into being curious about the writings. Since I had lots of spare time during my son's Lenten vacation I started reading - a record of five volumes in the five days of Holy Week. It was a real Easter sunday for me when I made the greatest God-glorifying decision to convert back to the Catholic faith after 11 long years in the wilderness.
(F. S. B., Philippines, October 1999)

«Πάντα πίστευα στον Θεό και εκκλησιαζόμουν από καιρό σε καιρό. Τον Θεό όμως Τον έβλεπα απόμακρο και αυστηρό. Με τα μηνύματα της Βασούλας τώρα ζω μία έντονη πνευματική ζωή. Εχω χαρά μέσα μου…Εμαθα να συνομιλώ με τον Κύριο και Τον νιώθω πολύ κοντά και μέσα μου. Γνωρίζω τώρα ότι είναι ένας Θεός Πράος, Θεός Αγάπης και Συγγνώμης. Τον εμπιστεύομαι και αφήνομαι σε Αυτόν. Δέχομαι ότι κι αν μου δώσει. Ακόμα και αν είναι πικρό…. Είμαι ευτυχισμένη κοντά Του, Τον ευλογώ και Τον αγαπώ βαθιά.» Γεωργία Βεργίδη
(October 1999)

Les livres de Vassula m'aident à me développer spirituellement et à m'ouvrir aux besoins des autres. C'est un vrai don de la Providence Divine et je pense que beaucoup de gens qui lisent les messages de Jésus ressentent le désir de s'approcher de Lui et du prochain. En plus, les sujets transmis inspirent à développer le vrai oecuménisme, basé sur l'amour envers tous les frères séparés qui portent le nom de chrétiens.
(I. C., P., October 1999)

Depois que conheci "A Verdadeira Vida em Deus", através da leitura sinto agora um Deus PAI bem próximo a mim, pois antes eu o sentia um Deus PAI distante. Com a leitura da Verdadeira Vida em Deus a minha vida foi se transformando, ou seja, fiquei com fervor na minha oração e comecei a amar mais o meu próximo e a sentir maior zelo pelas coisas de Deus.
(I. Q. C., Brazil, October 1999)

Quando comecei a ler e a vivenciar as mensagens dos livros de Vassula Ryden, minha vida interior mudou completamente, sinto Paz.
(A. C. C., Brazil, October 1999)

Ao ler o primeiro volume de 'A Verdadeira Vida em Deus' senti que se tratava do próprio Jesus que falava com Sua ternura e Seu Amor. Senti o perfume de incenso que emanava do livro o que respondia à minha dúvida sobre se devia lê-lo. Quando, depois, ao assistir uma palestra de Vassula recebi a graça de ver o rosto de Jesus em lugar do rosto de Vassula percebi que o Senhor se manifesta aos Seus, àqueles que Ele deseja tocar. Isso mudou em muito a minha vida, a minha maneira de participar nas coisas da Igreja e de viver o Evangelho como Jesus nos pede.
(A. C., Brazil, October 1999)

Yo soy una lectora de La Verdadera Vida en Dios, para mí, ha sido una bonita experiencia leer y darme cuenta de lo mucho que nos quiere Dios, a pesar de que soy una pecadora, Él me ama; y nos dice que ama tanto a la humanidad que nos pide nos apartemos del mal, y que seamos buenos y nos amemos unos a otros. Me pareció muy bonito lo que nos habla María nuestra Madre, tan tierna, tan cariñosa, nos pide que escuchemos lo que Su Hijo nos pide. Es muy bonito saber la verdad, la realidad y querer hacer las cosas como se deben de hacer.
(M. E. C., México, October 1999)

Yo fui Testigo de Jehová durante 11 años y no había poder alguno que me convenciera en salirme. Mi hermana Josefina quien insistía mucho en que nos alejáramos de los Testigos, un día no recuerdo la fecha pero fue en 1996, nos leyó a mi mamá y a mí los folletos de La Verdadera Vida en Dios. A partir de entonces, dude y me convertí, hoy me doy cuenta en el gran error en que encontraba. Quiero dar gracias a Dios por los escritos.
(G. A. C., México, October 1999)

Valorizo muito o livro de Vassula 'A Verdadeira Vida em Deus'. Obtive uma grande graça com a conversão de minha filha e genro. Eles leram os livros e entenderam que Jesus é em primeiro lugar. Obrigada Vassula pela sua linda mensagem. Em Cristo.
(E. C., Brazil, October 1999)

Yo no tenía ni temor ni amor a Dios, los Testigos de Jehová me convencieron de estudiar con ellos ya que mi mamá y mi hermano eran Testigos de Jehová. Me inundaron con sus ideas y desde entonces rechazaba la Iglesia Católica. Años después tuve un accidente en donde me comprometí con Dios de estudiar verdaderamente la Biblia, busque por varios lados hasta que en la Pascua de 1996 llegaron a mis manos los Mensajes de la Verdadera Vida en Dios. A medida que los leía, mi alma se estremecía y fue entonces que mi fe en la Iglesia Católica creció y mis dudas desaparecieron. Desde éstos momentos sentí un respeto por los sacerdotes, a la Virgen María y a los templos. Mi fe creció de tal manera que hoy para gloria de Dios me dedico a predicar y defender a mi Iglesia Católica de los ataques de las sectas. He difundido éste mensaje con todos aquellos que han estado confundidos por los Testigos de Jehová, el resultado es el mismo que el mío, vuelven a la Iglesia Católica y con más fe que antes.
(M. J. A. C., México, October 1999)

After many years of being a lapsed and luke warm Catholic I stumbled across two books on my grandmother's bed and I was drawn to read these books titled "True Life in God" by Vassula Ryden. As I read these messages all my spiritual questions were answered. These messages were a result of my deep conversion in the Catholic faith and return to the sacraments including reconciliation after twelve years of absence. TLIG was a turning point in my life and it was real miracle, ie Jesus showing me the way to living a TLIG.
(A. P. de C., South Africa, October 1999)

Si bien llevaba una vida de oración regular y frecuentaba los sacramentos, la lectura de la Verdadera Vida en Dios produjo un cambio muy profundo en mi vida: recibí algo así como "gracias eficaces" que me permitieron vivir lo que había deseado y no lograba, como por ejemplo, vivir en la presencia de Dios, hacer de la oración un encuentro personal con Nuestro Señor y adquirí un gusto grande por las Sagradas Escrituras. Pienso que obtuve la gracia que, por consejo de un sacerdote, había pedido durante muchos años: tener un conocimiento vivencial de Jesús. Por otro lado comprendí la ternura del Amor de Dios, de qué modo quiere que todos se salven, qué significa su Amor Misericordioso, cuánto nos apartamos de Él con nuestro racionalismo, cómo le agrada que obtengamos gracias para aquellos que aun no lo conocen, cuánto le pesa la división de los cristianos y otras verdades que me han llevado a una mayor preocupación por la salvación de mi prójimo y por la causa del ecumenismo; me han llevado también a pedirle al Señor que me conceda abrazar mi cruz de cada día con amor y con espíritu de reparación.
(E. P. C., Argentina, October 1999)

La lecture de „La Vraie Vie en Dieu" a été pour moi et pour ma famille une grande joie et un profit spirituel précieux. Ce livre a agrandi notre foi, notre espérance, notre amour et notre confiance en la Bonté et la Miséricorde Divines sans mesure... Nous avons compris la valeur de l'unité avec le Saint-Père et la puissance du Rosaire. Je ressens une grande reconnaissance à Dieu qui - par Vassula - donne des fruits si bons et si évidents. La foi revit dans la famille : on prie avec ferveur, on se confesse, on comprend mieux la valeur de l'unité des chrétiens avec le Pape comme guide.
(T.D., Poland, October 1999)

Je sens comme un voile tomber de mes yeux et je sais une chose: j'aime Jésus par dessus tout. Mais cela n'est pas mon mérite. C'est Lui, le Seigneur Miséricordieux a regardé sa créature et l'a serrée contre son Coeur par cette lecture. Mon coeur Le désire tant que, maintenant, chaque jour, Il est mon hôte par l'Eucharistie...
(M.D., Poland, October 1999)

Though born from a Catholic family and raised in a Catholic community, I had never known God personally until a friend in 1994 showed us a video of Vassula Ryden's presentation in the US. From then on, for a period of four years, reading and meditating on the True Life in God became part of my daily prayers feeding my yearning soul with God's love messages. Amazingly, the day after I finished reading the last book, sometime in May 1998, Vassula came to Thailand for the first time to witness. Since then, I was no longer just a receiver of the message but, through God's grace, also became a worker in spreading the TLIG messages.
(E. D., Thailand, October 1999)

... O que mais vivenciei nas palestras de Vassula e na leitura das mensagens de 'A Verdadeira Vida em Deus', foi a intimidade com Jesus, pedindo muito perdão pelos pecados pessoais, do mundo, pelas omissões de cada dia. Procurei vivenciar o Amar a Deus, empenhar-se em levá-lo aos outros, para que Ele seja mais conhecido e amado. Falar com Deus com a pureza e simplicidade de criança. Desprender-se das coisas que passam... Quanto às profecias levaram-me a viver melhor o amor e a rezar sobre a humanidade.
(G. D., Brazil, October 1999)

I am born Greek and as all Greeks I was Orthodox, before my conversion, and I am still Orthodox. We, all, Orthodox believe in God and, me too, I believed in God, but I did not know. I only knew that He was great, very powerful and because of His greatness he was not interested in me, a mere miserable creature. One day a friend brought me a video of Vassula to see. I believed at once; I did not have any thought of judging if it was true or not. The door bell rung at the moment that I was watching the film and I thought: "Oh no! nothing is important! Only what I am watching now!" I read the Messages and I am still reading them. The truth touched my heart. I came to know that this God I pushed away all these many years is a most beautiful tender loving Father who loves me so much with a constant faithful love in spite of my nothingness.
(A. D., Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 1999)

En un período de mi vida en el que me hallaba sin rumbo a raíz de un episodio emocional, debido a mis desórdenes cotidianos me vi envuelto en una terrible angustia y un desgano del que no me podía reponer. A fines de 1997 un conocido me regaló los Mensajes de Vassula Ryden. Comencé a leer aquellos libros acompañados con la oracón del Santo Rosario. Progresivamente fui mejorando hasta que reordené mis objetivos, entre otros confesarme con frecuencia, leer las Escrituras, formar un grupo de oración, brindar ayuda a los necesitados, estudiar. Gracias a todo esto empecé a darle la importancia que Jesús tenía en nuestras vidasy pude lograr todos esos objetivos.
(A.L. D., Argentina, October 1999)

Door een bekende van mij, ben ik aan de lektuur van Vassula gekomen en heb alles van haar gelezen wat zij geschreven heeft in haar boeken met en over Jezus. Ik had een kamertje ingericht, om te bidden, lezen en heb dit nog steeds. Ik trek mij een aantal uren terug in dat kamertje voor gebed en het lezen van de boeken van Vassula, waarin ik dan echt ervaar, dat Jezus bij mij is. Ik geef folders van Vassula door en alle andere belangrijke berichten die ik ontvang. Ik heb ook een aantal gebeden van Vassula overgenomen die ik dagelijks bid. Dankzij Vassula, wat priesters en Vader Abt Nicolaas de Wolf ben ik blij Jezus en Maria weer in mijn leven gevonden te hebben. Het is niet meer weg te denken en zeg ik uit het diepste van mijn hart: "Loof en Prijs de Heer" - God is Liefde!"
(M. van den D-H., Holland, October 1999)

About four years ago, when I was 21 and when leading a very sinful life, I yield hesitantly to the pressure of my sister to do the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola in Madrid, Spain. While doing the exercises, the nuns there gave me a book called "True Life in God" in Spanish. I started reading and could not believe it. I must have received a grace from Heaven, for after a whole life of ignoring God and being very sceptical about His ways, I immediately believed that the messages were true. I started reading the messages and after a couple of days, could not get enough of them! I simply could not believe that God could talk to us so intimately, so full of Love. I fell in love with God. Thus started my conversion.
(A. D., Spain, October 1999)

I was seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus, but did not know how to go about it. Then I saw a poster in our church advertising a talk by Vassula. Immediately I felt that God was calling me to attend. I did attend and was profoundly touched and was led into a closer walk with Jesus beyond anything I would have believed possible. I was drawn to understand the intimate workings of the Holy Spirit through the messages of TLIG. I thank God for this and pray that Vassula through her witnessing for Jesus and His messages win many souls to the glory of God.
(A. D., Johannesburg, South Africa, October 1999)

After a sinful life, I came to know God the first time really through a friend of mine who was just been converted. From then everything changed slowly in my life: I went for confession and holy communion, I read the messages of True Life in God and I had no more stress, no more nerve crisis, no more wanting to have fun in bars drinking as if that was my whole world. This was one year ago and I thank God who is the Only Truth, Glory to the One who was, is and always will be. Amen.
(Efsevia, Rhodes/Greece, October 1999)

I still almost get tears in my eyes when I recall the tender words of Our Father referring to the moment when He first "held us in His hands''. All my life I had wondered why human beings seem to have a deep common inner sense of what is most good, most beautiful in art, music or philosophy and why, as St. Augustine says "our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee". Unless I am misreading Vassula, God tells her that for an instant after our creation He allows our sou1 to see Him and obviously it is this memory which is so deeply imprinted in the soul of each one of us, although it is veiled for now by our human nature…
(H. E., Tokyo, Japan, October 1999)

My conversion occurred (7) years ago after watching the video tape of Vassula in Kansas City. I had a feeling inside of me that I can only describe as being at peace, happy, full of Love and being secure. This particular feeling was the Holy Spirit rejoicing that I had opened my eyes and also let Christ into my life. I carefully read each book. I soon realized that Jesus was very real in my life and not something that I could not visit or relate to. I began attending daily Mass, confession once a month, praying the rosary, reading daily scripture, reciting the Chaplet of Mercy and visiting my parish church and spending time in prayer in front of the Tabernacle. I have developed a relationship and devotion to the Blessed Mother.
(S.E., USA, October 1999)

«H μεταστροφή μου από την αίρεση των Μαρτύρων του Ιεχωβά αποτελεί και απόδειξη της αυθεντίας και της γνησιότητας των Μηνυμάτων. Η μελέτη των Ιερών Μηνυμάτων με τη χρήση της Αγίας Γραφής, η Περισυλλογή, η Εξομολόγηση, η Νηστεία, Η Θεία Κοινωνία, ο Τακτικός Εκκλησιασμός.. με έκαναν πραγματικά να νιώσω τον «Θείο Ερωτα» Αρέθας Ελευθέριος, Καρδίτσα,
(October 1999)

Je suis tombée dans un profond sommeil spirituel. Il aurait sans doute fini par la mort éternelle. Mais Jésus m'a réveillé de ce sommeil. Après avoir lu le 1er volume de "La Vraie Vie en Dieu", un fort rayon de l'Amour Divin à pénétré mon âme. Je me suis réveillée et j'ai commencé à prier. Depuis lors, mon coeur bat plus fort pour Dieu et j'ai ressenti la nécessité du travail concret à la gloire de Dieu... Les paroles de Jésus dans "La Vraie Vie en Dieu" sont tellement réchauffantes, rayonnantes, vraies, belles, persuasives, actives, elles contiennent la puissance Divine, elles nous appellent, elles sont pour nous une "planche de salut"...
(T. F., Poland, October 1999)

The 2nd of Sept. 1995 I visited the meeting of "True Life in God" at Hilversum. I started to read from part I just as Mrs. Vassula had advised to do. Within a month I felt the urge to go to the church. Through the dictaats in combination with the Bible I got to know more and more about Jesus and soon it was clear to me that Jesus is the one for Whom I had been looking for such a long time.
(S. F., Holland, October 1999)

... fiquei um ano sem frequentar a Santa Missa, em desolação total. Nesta época li a 'A Verdadeira Vida em Deus' de Vassula e re-encontrei o Jesus que eu tinha conhecido no Evangelho de Mateus.
(D. L. B. F., Brazil, October 1999)

Através da Bíblia tento chegar aos Céus. Através da leitura dos livros de Vassula encontrei um reforço para chegar lá mais depressa.
(C. F., Brazil, October 1999)

Ler a Bíblia e rezar a Bíblia; ler os livros de Vassula e rezar os livros de Vassula, são atividades que se alternam na minha vida. A oração passou a fazer parte de todos os momentos da minha vida. É como se eu tivesse voltado para reaprender os ensinamentos catequéticos da minha infância, só que agora muito mais amadurecidos. Foi uma transformação na minha vida de oração, de participação nas missas e na Eucaristia. Sinto Jesus presente em nossas vidas e em nossas atividades, mesmo as mais simples. Graças Lhe sejam dadas eternamente.
(J. F., Brazil, October 1999)

Estive afastado de Deus e da Igreja durante longos anos. Ao ler um dos livros de 'A Verdadeira Vida em Deus' senti um forte impulso de retornar à Igreja e aos Sacramentos e o meu desejo hoje é que seja feita inteiramente a vontade de Deus em todas as circunstâncias.
(M. F., Brazil, October 1999)

In 1995 a student of mine introduced me to the TLIG books by Vassula Ryden. I have been involved in the church from a very early age through my parents. But it was only after reading these books that awakened in me what living in Jesus meant. My life has changed since then, not only myself but those around me too. My husband, my children and my friends. Mass, communion, confession, the sacraments have a different meaning for me now, and I am in love with Our Blessed Mother.
(M. F., Johannesburg, South Africa, October 1999)

... eu estava com o vírus HIV (AIDS). Criei coragem e resolvi fazer um exame de laboratório, após ter feito três exames, veio o resultado: eu era portador deste vírus. Neste meio tempo eu estava lendo o I volume de 'A Verdadeira Vida em Deus'. Depois de todo o sofrimento, oferecido com amor, tive a certeza de que Deus havia me curado, de corpo e de alma. Voltei a fazer os exames e o resultado foi negativo. Agradeço a Deus. Até hoje continuo com excelente saúde. Voltei para a minha cidade natal e hoje participo da Igreja e frequento um Grupo de Oração.
(J. L. P. F., Brazil, October 1999)

The Holy Spirit through the messages, has opened my eyes and ears and mind so I now see and understand everything around me especially what is happening in our church, in a spiritual way from God's point of view. The Holy Spirit has taught me how to contemplate and how to pray from the heart. I desire to live holy, to possess and to be possessed by our Triune Loving God. Every morning, everyday I put myself into His Will, I offer Him my love and my wholebeing. The Sacred Heart as He revealed Himself through True Life in God, is the Love of my life.
(J. F., UK, October 1999)

I have read all the books of "True Life in God"and the newspapers and I visited the 3 sessions of your visit to Holland. I experienced more love for God, our Heavenly Father, our Abba. Since then I wish often to end this life to go to the eternal life (if He calls me).
(J.A. F-F., Holland, October 1999)

Quero louvar e agradecer a Deus de ter posto os livros da Vassula no meu caminho. Libertou-me de todas as minhas dúvidas, ensinou-me a viver uma Verdadeira Vida em Deus. Com suas mensagens levei outros irmãos encontrar o Caminho, a Verdade e a Vida em Deus.
(L. F., Brazil, October 1999)

Eu testemunho que foi através dos livros da Vassula Ryden que eu me aproximei muito de Jesus, criei uma intimidade toda especial que antes não tinha. Hoje posso dizer que realmente sinto a presença de Deus vivo dentro de mim.
(H. M. H. F, Brazil, October 1999)

While I was always a practicing Catholic I believe the messages have made me more ardent and keen to learn about my faith - though I still have a long way to go! I recently got married and my wife and I now read together a message together before we go to bed each night. I feel it has helped us spiritually in our marriage. My wife was a baptised Catholic but had become Pentecostal, she is now doing the RCIA course at our parish - I believe it is due to Jesus's messages given through Vassula.
(P. F., Zambia, October 1999)

I have been deeply touched by the messages passed down by Vassula. It is a source of comfort and reassurance to me to know that God continue to long for our love and adoration. I look forward to drawing closer through the continued reading of Vassula's divine revelation.
(A. F., UK, October 1999)

"Eu te louvo PAI, Senhor do Céu e da Terra, porque escondeste essas coisas aos sábios e inteligentes, e as revelastes aos pequeninos. Sim PAI, porque assim foi do Teu agrado." (Mt. 11, 25-26). Vassula é sim, a escolhida entre os pecadores a nos puxar novamente para a realidade cristã!
(A. F. L. F., Brazil, October 1999)

Les livres de Vassula sont une lecture merveilleuse. Je les lis chaque jour ; ces paroles accompagnent ma prière... Pendant cette lecture, je sens la présence de Jésus, Son immense amour. Cette lecture pénètre mon coeur, par son action apaisante, et finit toujours par la prière. La Sainte Écriture et les messages de Jésus transmis à Vassula, constituent ma nourriture et un indicateur en ces "jours de ténèbres"...
(K.G., Poland, October 1999)

"Je crois, j'adore, j'espère et je T'aime, Abba. Amen." Les paroles de cette prière m'accompagnent pendant toute la journée depuis ce jour où la Bonté de Dieu m'a permis de l'apprendre du livre „La Vraie Vie en Vie". Je lis déjà le 3ème volume. Un demi siècle de vie derrière moi... et seulement aujourd'hui je commence à sentir que Dieu nous est tellement proche! Avant cela personne ne m'avait dit que Dieu est d'abord Amour et Miséricorde et puis - Juge sévère. Maintenant je sais que Dieu est seule Bonté et Amour, Il ne rejette personne, même le plus grand pécheur... Je pense que personne ne peut rester indifférent après la lecture de cette „grande supplication de Jésus qui nous demande de L'aimer". Il nous supplie d'aimer Dieu mais aussi d'aimer le prochain. Nous avons tant besoin de l'amour dans cet ère du matérialisme... Nous avons tous faim de Dieu et ces livres sont une nourriture extraordinaire...
(T.G., Poland, October 1999)

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