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Vassula’s Interreligious Speech Given at Inauguration Ceremony in Bangladesh, 2011

Vassula Gave this Speech as She Received Her Third Gold Peace Medal Award for Inter-Religious Harmony and Peace

It is again with great pleasure to be present and share the Jubilee feast I also wishes to convey my sincere thanks to the Ven Suddhananda and to all the Honorable delegation for inviting me to be around you on this important day. Also on behalf for the promoters for Peace, Reconciliation and Unity the followers of the mission of True life in God and myself wish to convey our warmest greetings as well. As you might know, I am together with all the True Life in God people promoters for world peace and all our efforts go to improve our societies to reach reconciliation peace love and unity among people .It is important to become ourselves peacemakers to live it and transmit it to others in that way we can be an example and show to the world that on earth we are but one big family because we are all equal before God’s eyes. We should understand that Peace has its own price too, Peace does not come without self giving and self sacrifice, fasting and prayers .It is our duty to make the world understand that so long as there is no peace but terrorism, violence and wars and hatred nature too will keep rebelling against us and bigger and bigger catastrophes and sorrows are bound to come in the future. We are self destroying ourselves without love for one another we shall never be able to hear the cry of the needy or understand the injustice being done to the weak and the orphan and the sufferings they are bearing. To love is to know God. Therefore, the remedy to save this world from destroying itself is to open their spiritual ear and teach them about forgiveness, affection and respect for all human beings and for nature. Dictatorial leaderships only promotes hatred .With this, I sincerely hope, that the day will come that through our constant prayers and sacrifices through our fasting God will pity us and give us the peace we need and bring us together as one big loving family in Him. I thank you very much ...

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