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Today is the 31st Anniversary of True Life in God!

Jesus has asked us, the readers to observe the anniversary of TLIG each year:


"...indeed if I am your 'Feast-of-your-own-heart'; celebrate annually the date of today where I brought you and so many others to come into My Heart; and discover those innumerable treasures I kept for your times; keep this great day in mind; be by My side as you have been for the past ten years now: NEVER leave My side, walk with Me as you have done all these years; see how I educated you? see what I have accomplished? see My Wisdom? by adopting you, I adopted so many others; My path is straight, My ways of approaching you are delightful .... your King is perfect and beautiful;"   11.28.1995



8th November, 2000

"Celebrate annually the date of today where I brought you and so many others to come into My Heart and discover those innumerable treasures I kept for your times; keep this day in mind..." 28.11.95


Vassula writes:

Jesus asks all of us who lived a True Life in God: " Are you happy to have been with Me in this way all these years?" He continues: "you have become part of Me and I part of you and you have made your home in Me, as I have made My Home in you..." Further down in this message, Jesus says: "My path is straight; My ways of approaching you are delightful... Your King is perfect and beautiful."


These words of Christ are to be lived; even more by those who have been called to be apostles of True Life in God. When He says My path is straight, our Lord expects us as well to straighten our paths and be an example to others since we are and have become part of Him. Therefore, no vice should remain within us. Where there is virtue, there is Light; where there is love, there is God. So I make an appeal to all those who have been called into True Life in God to make a special act of reconciliation. If you happen to have in this day and to this day a grudge against someone, please, for Jesus’ Sake, go and reconcile in this feast of True Life in God and offer your act to Jesus Christ. I know that He will receive this gesture of yours like a bouquet of flowers, like an appeasing incense. Therefore, go and make peace with your brother, in order to be able to say with all honesty to God: "Your servant is living your message, for I have now reconciled and made peace with You." Having made peace with your brother, you have made peace with God as well.


Live the message of Christ, for remaining unreconciled and yet preaching reconciliation is like lip service given to God when in prayer. Our Blessed Mother said one day: "I came to you all to ask you to reconcile with God and with each other.... I came to remind you all that a true apostle of God is the one who does the Will of God. To love is to do the Will of God." (December 6-8, 1993). Do not disappoint our Blessed Mother by keeping the grudge in your heart, like a coiled up serpent. Surely you would not want to hear your Holy Mother tell you one day: "When I called out for reconciliation, since you are all parts of one another, I have not been heard." (December 6-8, 1993)


I had a Call from God; and I answered Him. He spoke; and I believed. When His Work started to expand and His Harvest became rich, labourers were needed. So the Father, who sees all things, looked at you, and called you. You have answered to His Call, you responded and He was pleased...

Having responded to His Call was a grace that flourished you. This grace was a gift from God coming out of His Infinite Mercy. And as our Lord said, He then formed us to become apostles of these end of times. The Lord said to us:


It had been said that at the end of times Our Hearts (Jesus’ and Mary’s) would raise apostles and they would be called apostles of the End of Times. These would be instructed by the Queen of Heaven and by Myself to go forward in every nation, to proclaim without fear the Word of God. Even when they would be drenched with blood by the enemy’s vicious attacks, they shall not be broken.

Their tongue would pierce the enemies of My Church; like a double-edged sword, by exposing their heresies. They would never stagger nor would they know fear because I would provide them with a spirit of courage. The destructive whip would not catch them. They would not leave one stone unturned. They would pursue the sinners, the lofty speakers, the great and the proud, the hypocrites, the traitors of My Church, they would pursue them with My Cross in one hand the Rosary in the other. And We would stand by their side. They would shatter the heresies and build faithfulness and truth in their place. They would be the antidote of the poison, because they would sprout, like buds from the Royal Heart of Mary. (April 3, 1996)


But our Lady too, who has as well prepared several harvests of Peace around the world, has been calling her children to gather and pray with one heart. To some whom She called, She has given a special task of spreading Her messages. We never know when the Lord will come and fetch us. So we have to live every day as though it is our last day on earth.

Again Jesus reminds us:


I have come in your ignorance and charged you with a task far beyond your means; and I have made My Sacred Heart known to you, and I will continue to make It known in this cold world drenched in its blood from its crimes; I will let this Fountain from My Sacred Heart invade this cold world, giving life wherever It will pass, and My Promise will be accomplished because My Holy Spirit, the Giver of Life, will govern this wicked society and turn it into an upright people, then holiness and justice will be their consort. (November 28, 1996)


Let us rejoice in the Lord so that Paradise invades us. Let the Holy Spirit take root in the middle of our heart to transfigure our soul, impregnating it with Christ’s Image, a Divine Image. Let us pray and say these words our Lord had given us:

Lord, give us Your Kingdom,
so that we may obtain incorruptibility
and the deity to have Eternal Life. Amen

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