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My Life is Changing Because of Jesus

A man from Ghent, Belgium speaking of his "strange experience in Namur" where Vassula spoke in December 2009

To Mrs. Vassula Ryden

Concerning: my strange experience in Namur

Perhaps a little bit of my personal history can be important.

I am a man of 45 years (was educated catholic and my parents are very strong believers and very happy with it). When I was Young, studied good, was very good in sport, was always trying to do everything as good as possible, but I never felt happy, there was always a fear in me. Also religion, even if I did really my best, never could make me feel “home”. The last 20 years, step by step I turned away from the face of God en Jesus. I had a lot of problems after my divorce, I lost a lot of money with “good friends”, my last friend killed himself, I don’t see my children very much and so, slowly I only found peace in hard smoking, in alcohol and in the easy succes with women … till I was completely sick- of it. So I became more and more a lonely man who hides himself in his house and his books.

Two years ago, I read for the first time a book of you and I was touched with it, so, by my own surprise, I read them all. I knew that it was all so right and good what was written in it, but I think I was not ready at that moment to do something with it …

A few months later, I was really sick again from too much pills and alcohol that, instead of going to the hospital again, I went a long time to the “Cenacolo” an organisation of Sister Elvira: every day 3 hours praying (also at night), hard work, a lot of sport, but no books, music, television, cigarets and alcohol. My body became very strong again but after six months of praying every day and trying hard to feel myself good in believing I didn’t feel myself closer to God. The emptyness and the fear stayed.

So after this experience, I really didn’t want to go to Namur. After long asking from my mother and some friends, I finally went, mostly out of curiosity to see the woman who writes these strange books … I can’t explain it, but from the beginning, when you were speaking, I felt a not human charisma and every word touched me. I never had this in my live. So, Saturday evening, there was that healing moment for everybody, something I don’t like … people are falling down or are crying, for me this feels like some kind of mass hystery? Everybody wanted me to go, but when I saw all that people falling down I tried to escape to my hotel. When I was on the street, Geneviève (a friend) ran after me and said that she had to bring me to you from Jesus (hesitated again, but her force and convincement to bring me to you was so big that I finally followed her) and it was very strange that everybody was going beside so that she brought me before you in 3 minutes, perhaps even shorter. At that moment I thought: I hope that it will take not long that I can go as quick as possible to my hotel. I totally didn’t feel good to stand there before you. So I closed my eyses and on the moment the cross touched my face I feld a very short but heavy pain in my head with a light flash (very strange feeling) I opened my eyses to go away and at that moment I saw the face of a man with gentle eyes. Quickly I went away … When I was on the street and stood still, I realised it was like the face of Jesus on your books.

My emotions where so strong that, for at first in a long time, I couldn’t stop crying. It was like all the pain from the last 15 years flowing out of my body.

The first days, I didn’t want to talk about it very much, because I didn’t know what to do with this experience and I felt more confused then before. I rather wanted to forget it. But people saw that something was changed in me from that moment … so I started to tell it very short to a few people and they told me that this is possible and that Jesus wants to show me that He loves me and has plans with me. So I feel myself already a little bit better.

Certainly it helps to know that a lot of people are praying that everything becomes clear for me now. One thing for sure, I don’t know what it is, but my life is changing slowly … I think that, through you, Jesus really wants to change my life.

I thank Him for that!

But I also thank you … !


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