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On October 18th, before we embarked for the flight from Rhodes to Athens, Vassula, in trying to flee from the “cloud of strikes” that was announced for the entire country of Greece, decided to change our flights and to rush on the same day for Switzerland. So, that Tuesday, October 18th, we took a flight to Geneva passing through Brussels, and in the evening arrived in Geneva. There, Mark Jordan was waiting for us and drove us to Vassula’s sister’s home where we stayed until Thursday.

It was fortunate that we did not delay our flight because the waves of the strike on Wednesday carried through the whole day on Thursday with many delayed flights. On Thursday, we flew to Zuerich where Heinrich Jochum from TLIG Austria waited to drive us to Bregenz, a place which is situated on the borders of Switzerland and Germany, the “three-country-place”.

On the way, we stopped at the Tuebach monastery where the True Life in God prayer group from Eastern Switzerland meets in the beautiful Church dedicated to Our Lady.  It has many frescos showing the life of Saint Francis of Assisi. There Vassula met a few nuns from that monastery; one of them was the new Mother Superior Sr. Maria Scholastica, and they had a little chat.

The next day, Friday October 21st, in the conference room of the Hotel, Vassula had a meeting with the local Austrian and Swiss Clergy. . Christian Sohm, the organizer for Austria gave a short presentation of Vassula’s experience with God.

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011. In the morning we went to Church and then  had lunch before leaving for the True Life In God witness meeting which was in the “Palais am Funkturm”, in the centre of Berlin. This is a huge hall where people were already waiting while looking at the DVD on prophecy. There were approx. 500 people eager to hear God’s words from Vassula’s mouth.

Vassula then spoke about the present situation of the Church and of how Jesus is so disappointed that we do not respond to His calls for Unity and Reconciliation. If the church reconciled and united, practicing a unity in diversity, lowering their heads to see God’s Head instead, God would relent. He is waiting for our cry of repentance.

Because of our rebellion and apostasy that has affected the world; we can see the terrible happenings in many countries with tsunamis and other natural catastrophes. Even the financial crisis that we are in now is a sign of the end of time as well. The world has adored Mammon for quite sometime and now God is shattering this god of money to purify the world, was what Vassula said.   Vassula’s speech was translated by Judith who came from Salzburg. Afterwards, a dialogue took place with all the participants who were:

Father Joy-Peter Thattakath, Father Peter Loretz, Father Werner Ludeicher, Father Elmar Simma, all from Austrian Catholic parishes, Bischofsvikar C. Cassetti, Father Rolf Reichle, Kaplan A. Mueller, Father Milan Somsky and Father J. Schlich from Catholic Swiss parishes.

Christian and Heinrich (who was driving us from and to the airport) invited Vassula, Judith and I to “climb” with the help of the cableway, to the mountain “Pfaender” where we saw an amazing view of the Lake of Constance and  the three countries: Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

On Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 at 10:00 o’clock in the morning, Vassula’s TLIG witness meeting took place in Lauterach which is only a few kilometers from Bregenz. There were approx. 400 people in the hall called “Hofsteigsaal”. Vassula started by informing the people present that the speech would take longer than one and a half or two hours because it has to be translated. . She let them know that they could stand up and leave whenever they felt like it;  go maybe to an appointment if they had to, or  stand up, she would not mind. Each person was listening very carefully to Vassula’s speech which was about the prophecies given in the messages of True Life in God with the exact dates and when they came to be realized. She stressed that we have to make amendments because so few people listen to God’s Call of Love, Unity and Reconciliation. The world today has an attitude just like Pharaoh’s; in their stubbornness and disbelief people reject all that is Holy, she emphasized. Among other subjects, she spoke about the Second Pentecost.

The people seemed to be touched to the heart. The Spirit of the Lord was manifest and we give Glory to God every time His Spirit opens the hearts of His people to receive with grace the Word given to them. Vassula prayed the Prayer of Deliverance with all the participants and after the meeting ended, the people swarmed around the book table where the books of the messages were being sold.  They bought them "like hot cakes”. Shortly after this meeting we had to be driven to the Zurich airport   where we took a plane to Berlin.

That same evening, on our arrival in Berlin, we were welcomed at the airport by the organizers of the German gathering who offered us beautiful flowers and brought us to the hotel. There was already a new clergy meeting programmed for us with:

S.E. Archbishop of Addis Abeba Berhaneysus Souraphiel, Father Petros Berga Sorbella  and Father Harold Bumann, parishioners from the Catholic Church and Pastor Rudolf Schwerendt from the Protestant Church.

Even after having given at talk at the meeting in Bregenz that morning, travelling on a two hour drive to the airport as well as a one and half hour flight, Vassula’s gave her presentation in Berlin like she was not tired at all. The subject was about the present situation of the Church.  She read a few prophecies from the messages of True Life in God with the date they were given to her and explained that these prophecies have taken place. For 25 years now, Christ is pleading with us in the messages of True Life in God, she said, to repent and reconcile; asking us to bring unity to the churches by unifying the dates of Easter. After Vassula’s presentation, a discussion took place with the priests present.  They were all very interested and wanted to know more about the messages before deciding to attend the next day’s conference.

Vassula spoke very firmly and gravely about the present situation of the world and read out the prophecies given to us all in the messages of True Life in God, emphasizing the dates they were given and when they happened.  She also mentioned in her speech the many signs we can see in the whole world: wars in many countries, the natural catastrophes like drought, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis; signs that become bigger and closer every time they occur. Even the present financial crisis which appears to exist in the entire world is a sign that many things are going wrong and that we sadden God with our behaviour. She went on by telling us that if we do not bring forth sacrifices and amendments, Our Father in Heaven shall soon say His “enough”!

At the end of her speech which was translated by Elisabeth, Vassula thanked the people present for having chosen to be there in that hall with her, while there was a beautiful sunny day outside. She explained to them that they had already offered a sacrifice to God, even if they did not understand it, in staying and listening to her speech; sitting confined in a dark hall with electric lights on, instead of being outside, basking in the sunshine (that’s so rare) !

There were some announcements after Vassula’s talk, and then Vassula prayed the deliverance prayer with the people. She thanked them for their patience and we left the hall praising God and giving thanks to Him!

The next day, we left Germany and took our flight to Greece where the “clouds of strikes” had left the country and made a place for beautiful Greek gossamer.


Hildegard Panayotas

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