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2001 Reports
Mexico City, Mexico
December 4-6, 2001
November 6, 2001
Sri Lanka and India
October 26-28, 2001
Crete, Greece
September 7 -9, 2001
Holy Land
April 19-23, 2001
March 2-6, 2001
February 18-20, 2001
Swaziland, Africa
February 2-4, 2001
South Africa
January 29, 2001
Malawi, Africa
January 24-28, 2001
Athens, Greece
January 4-7, 2001

Vassula's Worldwide Meetings
List of all past meetings

Reports of Vassula's Meetings
Detailed reports of some of Vassula's past meetings.

The echos of the Echo ... Witness meetings and an invitation from Jesus to evangelise

Summary of what the Foundation for True Life in God is all about, the reason for its creation, the mission it has been entrusted with and formalities of importance


I Shall Come Suddenly Upon You In A Pillar Of Blazing Fire!

Multiplication Of Vineyards
I Am The Root Of The Tree Of Life
Peter's Chair

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Blessings from Jesus for Unity Week- given on Vassula's birthday, Jan.18,2002
January 18, 2002
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Beware the Jezebel Spirit


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