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Jul 20, 1986   to   Jul 29, 1986

July 20, 1986

rely on the Bible; pray; name Jesus in your prayers; need Jesus;

Do you realise that I do not quite realise all this?

yes, but you will one day; rely on Jesus; Daniel;

July 22, 1986

peace be with you; ponder on what Jesus wants;

To love God, but truly love Him. To follow His commandments, to worship Him and to be good.

yes; deliver yourself to Jesus; pray more; meditate more; you have to praise Jesus who helped you;

Do I have any proof of all this?

you are the proof; Jesus flourished you;

The priest said that this is not a way God works.

how did you love God?

Through the messages.

so feel peaceful; God guided you to Him; love God till the end; pray; glorify God; Dan;

July 25, 1986

peace be with you; need only God; love


love Him more;


loves you more than you can imagine; give this message to others too; lean on God; go in peace, dear, and pray; Dan;

July 29, 1986

(Doubts again.)

peace be with you; how did you lead your cousin to read your Bible? what are the reasons that make you do all this?

I want everybody to feel like me, happy for loving God. I also learned many things through the writings.

God loves you far more than you are able to understand; praise God; Dan;

(Later on:)

peace be with you;

I sometimes think my appearance is not right for this gift, so it bothers me.

your appearance has no harm; give no heed to your appearance; Jesus told His disciples that clean hearts are healthier than what appears to be good from outside, but from within is corrupt; Jesus healed you from your guilt; He healed you from leading a false life; I desired so much that Jesus would heal you; Glory be to God! have my blessings; pray; love God, He loves you; He will help you; have


for your peace; Daniel;


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