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You Have Not Toiled In Vain

November 28, 1995

(Anniversary of 10 years of True Life in God)

peace be with you; My Vassula, ah, let Me know, let Me know, are you happy to have been with Me in this way all these years? mere creature of flesh, but with a heart, are you happy?

how could I not be happy?
I have been carried off by Your Breath in the clouds
to advance on the wings of the wind,
to become a part of the winds, 1
so how can I not be happy!

and you have become part of Me, 2 and I part of you, and you have made your home in Me, as I have made My Home in you, transfiguring your soul into an Eden so that I may be glorified; advance your step and go forward on the wings of the wind, for you have a special place in My Sacred Heart;

Ointment-of-my-eyes! Light thrice Holy!
my soul rejoices because
You have rescued the "Uninhabited",
blessed be Your Name thrice Holy.

indeed if I am your 'Feast-of-your-own-heart'; celebrate annually the date of today where I brought you and so many others to come into My Heart; and discover those innumerable treasures I kept for your times; keep this great day in mind; be by My side as you have been for the past ten years now: NEVER leave My side, walk with Me as you have done all these years; see how I educated you? see what I have accomplished? see My Wisdom? by adopting you, I adopted so many others; My path is straight, My ways of approaching you are delightful .... your King is perfect and beautiful;

"revive My Church, embellish My Church, unite My Church", was My Order to you; and all I asked from you, to be able to work with you for My glory, was for you to consent to do My Will; and so you have won My friendship;

My Church benefits now with so many souls who returned to Me .... and now their praises to Me are joined with those of My angels in heaven; and from your mouth I spoke, giving what My Heart desires most for Unity; you have not toiled in vain; I had asked you to pass on My Words and My desire: the unification of the date of Easter, and so you have; see? to have acknowledged Me, My child, was indeed the perfect virtue and the light of your soul; daughter from Egypt, I kept guard on you constantly, the twilight I longed for in your soul was given to you by My Spirit thrice Holy, to fulfil My whole purpose;

My words: "full, you shall be many," were an enigma to you; then I made you understand what they meant: "when you shall be filled with My Holy Spirit, thrice Holy and giver of life, you shall, with the power of My Spirit, convert and bring to repentance many";

I have cultivated your soil with My Own Hand, and shattered the rocks to level My way in you; then I have sown My Own celestial seeds in you; to honour My Name, I vowed to knock down any intruder who would come My way into My new garden; night and day I delighted watching over you; today, I can say, Vassula: I have not toiled in you for nothing; My Spirit set you free so that you would be a proper place to be lived in by Me; may My sons and daughters approach Me and I shall free them to join My assembly too; ic;

1 "You use the winds as messengers" (Ps. 104:4).
2 Allusion to Jn. 15.



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