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I Just Need Your Will And Your Consent To Complete My Work

June 17, 1994

O Come Lord,
come and transfigure our wretchedness
into Your Perfect Image.
We are so far from what You call perfect!
How are we ever going to join You
in Your Kingdom with what we are now?
I miss You very much ....

have My Peace;

I am the Vine and you are part of Me; allow Me to nourish you with My sap and you will live! I have instructed you with Wisdom to bear fruit in holiness; remain, daughter, in Me; do not be astonished anymore; 1

remember, all that I have to say will be said: all the people who will have to hear will hear; I enjoy sharing My plans with you; this Work is not yours but Mine; I just need your will and your consent to complete My Work; are you still willing to remain the instrument of My desires?

Yes, Lord, You know I want to remain with You.

I bless you, daughter, I love you; My Heart rejoices to hear your consent; not that I doubted, but it pleases Me to hear, from the one I have raised, these words; ic;

1 My mind 'reels' now and then, thinking how His Messages took such amplitude in a short period and all He has given me.



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