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In Time Of Famine, I Came
I Ask Love, To Break The Barriers Of Your Division

October 17, 1991

(Message given to the 'reapers' God selected in the United States to print this book.)

I give you all My Peace and bless you; I am with you to uphold your work in My Name and which I have blessed, for this is the work assigned to you all to glorify Me,

- in time of famine I came -

to fill your mouths with My Celestial Manna so that you will not perish; I will never desert you; Love will return as Love;

(And Our Blessed Mother also gives them a message.)

ecclesia will revive; glory be to God; I am the Queen of Heaven, your Mother, and I bless you; pray for peace, pray for faith, love and unity; pray for the conversion of all My children; I want everybody to be saved; God's works of Light cannot be hidden forever,1 this is why I have chosen you to be God's reapers;

I love you all with a great love and I thank you for dedicating the Lord's Books to Me; 2 have faith, little ones, the Lord is with you, follow Him; be confident for I am with you; come;

October 20, 1991

(Message from the Sacred Heart to Belgium. Read out in Bruxelles at St Michael's Hall of the Jesuits' College, on October 20, 1991.)

My Lord, be with me.

feel confident because I Am is with you; My Vassula, tell them this: if many have forgotten My Sacred Heart, I have never forgotten them;

I have called them, assembling them here today to pray together; I desire My children united; I desire My entire Church to be united; those that persist in remaining separated have already separated My Heart from theirs; realise the gravity of your division, the urgency of My Call and the importance of My request; I need your heart to unite you, and rebuild My Church, united into one, inside your heart; all I ask is love, to break the barriers of your division; pray, you who have offered Me your heart and unite your heart with My Sacred Heart for the unity of My Churches;

I, the Lord, bless each one of you leaving the Sigh of My Love on your forehead; I, Jesus, love you;

October 21, 1991

Your Mercy, O Lord, has breathed in me,
and inspired a living Spirit within me,
in the very core of where He dwells;
it was Your Word, Lord,
who heals all things that healed me.
And the invisible God became suddenly visible to me.
And the dimness of my eyes saw a Light, a pillar of Blazing Fire,
to guide my steps to Heaven.
And the Darkness that imprisoned me and terrified my soul
was overpowered by The Morning Star,
and gave my soul Hope, Love and Peace and a great consolation,
because I knew that Love and Compassion Himself
was my Holy Companion for the journey of my life.

My child, Love is with you and no power from beneath can or will ever separate you from Me; walk in My Light and remain united to Me;

1 That is because of the many obstacles Satan had put to stop the Messages of the Sacred Heart from spreading.
2 The group who printed the English Books, dedicated one of them to our Blessed Mother.



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