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My Sheep Are Scattered

April 4, 1987

(While going around in Switzerland, I watched people and how they live. Many, like everywhere have daily problems, some more than others. Many seem so unhappy and struggling. This I never noticed before God's approach to me.)

yes, Vassula, I want you to see all, I want you to watch and hear everything they say; I grieve to hear and watch My lambs; why have they forgotten Me, when I am their Consoler; I can console them, they can turn to Me;

(Here I was wondering if it was Yahweh or Jesus.)

Vassula, I am One, I am One! 1 Vassula, I am God who gave you life; I established My Word; I came on earth in flesh; I am One; bless you Vassula; the Holy Trinity is in One; I am One; 2

(I was just thinking to learn by asking priests about this.)

with Me you will learn;

(Later on:)

daughter, when you will understand how indifferent the world has become towards Me, you will understand My bitterness; My chalice of Mercy is full and My chalice of Justice is full too; they are grieving Me, embittering Me, creating revolutions, 3 rebelling against Me and My Law; I am the same Living God, but My people have grown fearless, they challenge Me, they provoke Me! creating them was a delight for Me, why are they rebelling against Me? whom have they to turn to? I suffer; where do they believe they are heading to? My Body is weary and injured, 4 My Body needs to rest and be soothed;

Are you referring to the Church, Lord?

yes, My Body is the Church; Vassula, I wish to consolidate My Church; I wish to unite all My priests, like an army, an army of salvation; My sheep are scattered, all priests should unite;

My God, I personally am baptised as Greek-Orthodox, whom are you referring to My Lord, to Catholics or Protestants, or sects? or other religions? If I dare ask You this it's because it's existing.

O Vassula, Vassula, I am One; I God am One; My children are all created by My Hand, why are all My children dispersed? I desire Unity, 5 I want My children to unite; I am One God and they must understand that the Holy Trinity is all in One! the Holy Spirit, the Holy Father and Jesus Christ the Son, all three are in One; 6 Vassula cling to Me, learn from Me;

My God, what about the Light?

I am the Light, I am One; 7

1 One in substance.
2 One in substance.
3 I think religious revolutions.
4 The Church.
5 Unity. I do not dare to think out loud about what God's desires are!! I understood...
6 One God.
7 One God.



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