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A Parable: The Nonchalant Servants

July 26, 1988


My Church has been wounded savagely ... and in a short time Ecclesia's Foundation will be shaken; this will be followed by the extirpation of all those who caused Her Wounds and who accumulated in My Body with intention of harming It;

Her Tribulations have just started; Jerusalem's walls will tumble down into a heap of dust so that My New Jerusalem can be rebuilt; it is I, the Lord who will construct her again; I will renew Her walls, I will embellish her so that you may all live under her new roof; under a new heaven and a new earth; and Love will return to you as love, living among you; I will be your God and under My Name you will all live peacefully; your spirit will be filled with holiness and purity;

yes, Vassula, I will descend from above like Lightning renewing her entirely; tribulations there will be many because they have made desolate My House; they have plundered It; do you understand, Vassula? it is like a Master of a House who entrusts His household to His servants ... although they had been given strict orders to keep His House in order and watch for burglars, they disobeyed His orders by their nonchalance and carelessness; in His return, He would find that His servants are asleep and in their sleep His House plundered; His valuables robbed; these servants disobeyed and rebelled against His Orders, and these same servants will be taken care of in a severe way when the Master returns;

on My Return I will find My House in ruin and My Fundamental elements missing; My lambs I will find dispersed and starved to death; ah, Vassula, how much will I have to repair ... thorns and briars are replacing the lilies and roses I had planted by My Own Hand; they have choked My flowers one after the other; they have grown with Satan's help to encircle and trap My Flower; 1 they are getting closer daily and are so near now to molest him and feel their poisonous sting; those thorns will suffocate him; 2 Peter is trapped and stands helpless in their midst;


Yes, Holy Mother.

(Our Lady came.)

believe, for all this is happening; My Son's Body will bleed even more profusely; Peter's end is near; Love is missing;

1 Pope John Paul II.
2 It is interesting to know that the Pope, before dying, had serious respiratory problems.



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