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To Unite, You Must All Bend

January 12, 1988

Lord, my God,

Vassula, let Me help you; do you remember the vision of the three rods? upright and stiff?

Yes I do, Lord. I remember.

well then, to be able to unite all three have to bend; I never said that merely two should bend; Vassula, do you realise that I, your God, am in full plan for uniting you?

I had in mind to ask You about yesterday's message, about the way one crosses oneself.

I know daughter, that is why I want you to understand what I mean by, 'to unite, you must all bend'; I love you all and out of My boundless Mercy, I come to help you to unite;

Vassula seek Me in simplicity of heart; I am a God of love; I am meek and humble; remember My ways to be able to unite; cast away your selfish intentions; recognise My Voice, you whom I have entrusted with My Word and have entrusted you with thousands of souls; you, whom I proclaimed lords of My flock, why seek your interests and not Mine? My lambs are scattered, scattered ...

I am, flower, descending through you to gather the nations, assembling My sacerdotals and renew you by My Love;

Lord and Saviour, how will they know or recognise their faults?

the way to recognise their faults is to seek My Will; repent; think of My Mercy; believe in My Providential Works instead of treading upon Them; worship Me in sincerity; seek My interests and not yours;

Lord, forgive me for perhaps being unable to understand the word, 'interests'. Does 'interests' mean: all that You want, Lord, is to assemble Your flock which right now is dispersed?

beloved, even you understood what I desire most, but this is not all what I desire; reading this revelation again you will understand, Vassula;

Yes, Lord.

I will remind you, daughter, to bless those who will persecute you; Love is always patient and kind; live holy, think of My patience I have with you daughter; 1 be My image, have faith in Me; hope and love; come, rest in Me, soul so dear to Me, your God; us? we?

Thank You Lord for the love You envelop me with, for the patience, Your kindness and compassion You have upon my soul. I believe, I worship, I hope and love You, amen.

ah beloved! My Heart swells with love to hear you say these words to Me! 2

O God, how can I not love You?
I am Yours, even if I am clay.
All I do is out of love for You.
I do not seek my interests,
I seek to Glorify Your Name.
I seek to bring back Your lambs to You,
I seek to follow Your Will, Lord.
I love You and because of this love I have for You,
given and taught by You,
I ask You, if it is Your wish, to strengthen my faith
and to love You without limits,
to enable me to continue and glorify You.

I am going to feed you fruits from My garden; I will, beloved, feed you under the eyes of your persecutors; for this is My Will;

Thank You, Lord Jesus.

hold firmly on what I have given you and let no one take your prize away from you; believe in Me firmly; here, take My Hand and listen when I whisper in your ear;

1 If He was not Love, He would have struck me long ago!
2 God seemed so overjoyed.



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