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I Have Chosen You To Be My Bearer

January 23, 1987

O Vassula, how I love you, come to Me, I am your Eternal Father; feel My love I have for My children! I guided you to love Me; it is I who showed you the Way; I am a God of Love, I am a God of Peace, I am God of Mercy; I am Meek; I am the Good Shepherd; I am a Forgiving Father; how could I see you lost without Me coming to your rescue? I count each one of you; the Good Shepherd will lay down His life for His sheep; I am an abyss of Forgiveness; I will never abandon you;


If I stopped writing, Jesus, what happens?

Vassula, even if you stopped writing, I am always with you guiding you; I gave you this charism to meet Me in this way and teach you; I have asked you if you want to work for Me and your reply pleased Me; Vassula, I like it when you hesitate; you are beginning to learn to think before deciding;

I am your Teacher, accept My guidance; I am guiding you to stay aware of evil seeking the ruin of souls by feeding them his vanity; I am teaching you to understand how treacherous evil can be; I will teach you to accept; I will teach you to be humble, honest with yourself, faithful to Me; I will feed you with humility; I am reminding you that I am not favouring you from others; My guidance is to teach you to improve and purify your soul; do not think for one moment that I gave you this charism because I love you more than the rest of My children; I gave you this grace to feed you and others who are in desperate need; I am the Lord Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd who watches over His flock; I come to show you the way back; I come to shine on you and give you hope;

Vassula, it is true, I have assessed you before you were born; I have chosen you to be My bearer, revealing My Message to all mankind; are you hesitating because I asked you before to be My bride?

Yes, Lord ...

You have already accepted, remember?

I know, Jesus. But on second thoughts I can't, not that I don't want to, but I'm not worthy to be Your bride. How! How could I have accepted just like that without realising its value!

Vassula, I can teach you to become worthy of Me;

Even if I'm worthy, that's not enough.


Because it's not just being worthy, there is more than that.

I know, to be worthy is not enough, but I will teach you to be worthy and holy; you will have to work and earn it; come, I will help you; you are going to remain My bride, a bride who needs forming; I have accepted you as you are because I love you, but you must let Me form you the way I want you to be; I will feed you to grow; I have revealed to you how evil works, delivering amounts of information; I want you to stay awake reading them carefully;

learn to accept; every time I see you weak, bound to fall into traps, I will rush to your rescue, do not take My guidance as a treatment of penitence, I am guiding you so that you do not fall; I do not want to lose you; invoke Me in your prayers and pray more;



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