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Be My Bride

January 8, 1987

peace be with you, Vassula; it is I, Jesus; Vassula, come to Me, come and live in the middle of My Heart;

Do you want me, Jesus?

O I do! I eagerly want you; I want to entice you!

But I'm not worth anything,

I love you as you are ... be My bride, Vassula;

How could I!

I love you;

I don't know how to be Your bride, Jesus.

I will teach you to be My bride, beloved;

Do I carry a symbol for this, Lord?

I will let you bear My Cross; My Cross cries out for Peace and Love;

I want to make you happy, Jesus.

give Me happiness by never leaving Me, give Me happiness by loving Me, give Me happiness by awakening My children;

I need Your strength for all this, especially the last one!

look at Me;

(I looked at Him; He was radiating strength, like an aura.)

I am Strength; I will help you, be blessed;

Are You happy with me? I never asked You before.

I am happy with you all the time I feel loved by you;

I wish I could see You materialise!

ask and it shall be given to you; augment your faith in Me;

(I decided to show the writings to a Catholic priest here. He condemned them saying it's the devil, and that I should stop. Jesus had asked him if he wanted to bear the Cross of Peace and Love with me. I told him that. He said it's evil. He gave me to read: St. Michael's prayer, and the Memorare of St. Bernard, and the Novena of confidence to the Sacred Heart; told Me to read these prayers for the following days then see what happens. 1 I did. I let my hand write and it came out: "I, Yahweh, am guiding you." Four days in a row.)

Lord Jesus I have done the priest's will, I stopped writing except letting these five words come out after praying. I stopped You from writing to obey the priest. I want to ask You Lord, why, why did You ask him, since you knew what will happen and what a lot of sufferings he would give me!

I am with you daughter, I asked him because I want him to learn, I want him to start to understand My Riches, I am Infinite Wealth!

"learn that I, Jesus Christ, am giving this guidance for My children; it is I, who am guiding Vassula; do not reject My given blessings; My messages cry out for Peace and Love; I want My children to fill up My sanctuaries; I want them to turn to Me, I want them to live holy; I come to shine on this dark world; I want to revive them and tell them that My Word is Alive! I want them to remember My Word which they put aside; I want to remind them how much I love them; I want to enkindle their hearts, I want to tell them to love each other as I love them; I love you, son, understand that by trying to stop Vassula you are unwillingly damaging My Church; I am the Lord Jesus Christ whom you love; I know you are doing this in good faith, but so was Saul before I came to tell him, that what he believed right, was wrong, and was persecuting Me; you believe that the charism I, Jesus, gave to My daughter is from evil; believe Me, son, do not feel frightened, for I am telling you again that it is My Will having Vassula learning from Me; she is flourishing now and later on her fruits will feed many lost souls; you will one day understand, son;2 I, Jesus Christ, love you;"

(The priest, after having read this, blamed me, saying it's evil and divinations.)

I know; narrate Me by saying to him: "divinations are for fools, inspirations are for blessed children; divinations bear no fruits, inspirations bear good fruits feeding many;"

regain your courage, daughter, Wisdom awakes My children; I, God, love you;

1 The priest had asked me to stop writing and so I obeyed him but when I took a pencil, God used my hand again.
2 Prediction came true.



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