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You Will Have To Acquire Wisdom

December 16, 1986

It took me a day to realise what You offered me! I was amazed with myself for just accepting without thinking what You were offering me! I want to thank You, Lord.

peace be with you; are you realising its importance?

Slowly, yes! But I'm not worthy for such a grace!

you will have to acquire Wisdom; do not get discouraged though; I will teach you to earn it; you are in My Light and being in My Light you will learn;

listen to My Voice, try and recognise Me; I am Jesus Christ and I am your Teacher; I have taught you to work through the Holy Spirit; I have taught you to love Me; I have poured out My Works on you to enable you to understand Me; I am your Strength; you will be given Strength to surmount your oppressors who will be many My child;

(God seemed sad, and it scared me because God's Voice suddenly became grave and sad.)

Why? Why?

why? because many do not believe that I work in this way too; some do not believe in Me at all; daughter, I have to warn you; 1 I am telling you this so that you are prepared and aware of these people, since they are deaf and blind and have closed their hearts; they will want to justify their cause; they will tell you that this is not Me, that all of this comes from your mind, they will feed you with venomous theories; they will find ways of showing you that you are wrong, they will let you read their theories2 to prove to you that you are wrong; so I am warning you, daughter, do not let men discourage you; do not let your era destroy you;

Lord, what can I do? Unless You protect me with Your Hand!

I will be near you all the time; do not feel abandoned; I will teach you to be strong and you will overlook all your oppressors; I am preparing you; I will feed you to be full; have My Peace and abide in Me;

Jesus Christ

1 God spoke very fatherly and intimately.
2 Prediction that came true after a week or so.



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