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A Vision Of The Anointed

June 26, 1987


(At 7.30 in the morning, I saw a coloured cloud, very attractive to the eye. Then five beams came out like a star. I said: "Look!" and a hand behind me pushed me forward. Another change came then, on one of the beams a candle appeared, I said again: "Look!" The hand behind me pressed me making me fall on my knees. I still did not bother to see who was doing this to me as I did not want to miss a single moment of the event. The five rays by now by their speed of turning around they produced a kind of lit ring; and suddenly from the very centre of that lit ring Jesus appeared; I said: "Look!" Again the hand behind me pushed me and now I had my hands on the ground. Suddenly hundreds of voices were worshipping Jesus. They were just saying: "J-e-s-u-s" all the time. Then Jesus' image left and instead a scene appeared. I again said: "Look!" and the hand pushed me flat to the ground, prostrated by now, only my head lifting to watch the last scene. I saw someone kneeling surrounded by five others; in front of this scene a very bright silver chalice. The five were doing something to the one kneeling in their midst. The words ANOINTING was heard by me. Then everything just disappeared.)

My God, I have not understood Your dream to me.

Wisdom will instruct you;

June 27, 1987

(So now I realise; I have been split. My body goes around, but without my soul in it. My soul - My God, You have taken it. I feel like a carcass. Detached totally. Has anybody experienced this? To think as long as you are awake and conscious of God only. Has anyone experienced an awareness of God for 24 hrs a day for every day and more than one year? And the minute my mind would start to forget my chin is taken by a Hand to turn my head and face Jesus' smiling Face. I surprise myself how I cope still with other things!)

Vassula, I have just taken your heart, 1 placing it in My Heart; I am Yahweh and I love you! cradle My Love; creature, stay in your Creator's grace;

How, how could I stay in Your grace?

you have to be holy;

How can I be holy?

by loving Me fervently;

Then, if it is Your will, help me be.

I will help you, have My blessings; I will never ask anything from you that would harm you, remember this always;

come, I will unveil My deepest and most intimate desires; allow Me to engrave them on you, little one;

1 This was said, as if my heart was nothing, very simply...



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