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They read the Scriptures with unseeing eyes

September 23, 2005

Your love for man is total folly, Your profound benevolence to us who are besmeared in sin, is inexplicable; how can anyone claim to understand fully your goodness? It is though they would want to grasp in their hand the mist, or the light which are not tangible...

In the beginning when You revealed my soul to me, the real me, as a leper hiding in a bush, You did not blame me, instead You were pleading for my friendship; You were trying to justify my awfulness saying:

"is it because there was no one near you to teach you?" 1

my wretchedness drew upon me Your Mercy; my impoverished and naked soul attracted Your sympathy and Your pardon, Holy One, my desire to be saved tore You asunder, saying:

"I cannot endure to see My flower thus!"

Your merciful words fell upon my naked soul like morning dew;

"I will lead you to repentance and into an undying life in Me if you too so desire..."

these were the words You whispered in my ear and thus it all began ...

and you have renounced your own will to Mine and this saved you… if anyone has anchored himself in the world and not in Me, he shall not find Me ever… renounce to your will and to the passions of the world, and come to possess Me, by possessing Me, we shall form an alliance of peace that will last for eternity; I appeared to you, My Vassula and healed you;

I granted you to walk on sapphires leading you into My Kingdom; I am calling everyone to Me, before My retribution comes upon this world; the days are approaching, for I no longer can tolerate 2 this apostasy; when the earth will tremble know that this is only the beginning of what will befall upon this evil generation; I have descended in this vast graveyard, walking among tombs, to resurrect you; I called out to the tombs to open and so they did; - to raise My sons and daughters and renew them was the gift of My Love; enflamed with the desire to resurrect them, My desire hurled Me down into the tombs and before you knew it I lifted the dead from their graves and embraced them: "this is My gift to you that should remain constant; to those who will remain devout they will obtain My blessing as a reward; now go and proclaim My Love at daybreak ..."

daughter, I have never imposed on anyone My Law or My Presence; I have come as a reminder to put order in this disorder; and yet in spite of all My visual wonders and signs, in spite of My repetitive calls, in spite of obvious graces and gifts distributed by My Holy Spirit to all mankind, in spite of all My Odes to you, generation, in spite of My Merciful approach, the response I received was indifference, persecution and disbelief, by some, mockery, and deliberate rejection of My Calls to repentance; spitting on My blessings; fattened with anathemas, the resurrections they see that I performed in front of their eyes are received with disdain, or at least are ignored: they read the Scriptures with unseeing eyes;

daughter, I had warned them ahead of time of the calamities that would fall on this earth on account of their sins, calamities and destruction that came true and still they hesitate in disbelief that all of this is drawn by them and not by nature… when I had said then that the earth will shake and come out of its axis 3 and that the islands will move away from their places, no one believed Me; no one listened; they would take no advice from Me; they spurned all My warnings; when today I will tell you that from the wickedness and apostasy of this generation the cosmos is endangered they will still not believe; when they will see the earth I created, riven and torn into pieces, fear will grip those stubborn souls; the Flood 4 will be nothing in comparison to the destruction that My Fire will do to this world; from the entrails of the earth Fire will spit out and from the crevasses, filled with liquid Fire, rivers will form, rivers of Fire that will spew out and spread in each city putting ablaze the earth; the anathemas you were giving to My envoys will all fall back on your heads; I add My Blessing to you, My Vassula, the blessing he 5 refused to give you; ic

1Jesus suddenly grasped my hand to write Himself this part.
2At the same time I heard the word 'bear'
3The 1st tsunami in Indonesia
4During Noah's time
5Patriarch Bartholomew in Constantinople when I went over to give him my speech of Unity of Farfa, Italy, that I had given to Msgr Fortino, Cardinal Kasper and Cardinal Cassidy who showed interest.



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