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Beth Myriams of Philippines


Tuao, Cagayan Valley

The Beth Myriam in Tuao, Cagayan



Situated in a clinic, the Beth Myriam of Tuau offers totally free medical assistance to all those who need it. Moreover, a meal is given every Friday to about 45 people, children and adults.

This Beth Myriam feeds poor people of all ages, they read the Messages and are also part of the TLIG Prayer Group in Tuao.

Vassula visited the Beth Myriam in Nov. '05, here with caregivers Dr. and Mrs. de Laza.


TLIG is very much alive in the enthusiasm and hard work of Dr. German de Laza and his wife Josie. After the TLIG Holy Land pilgrimage in 2000 they said: Yes - to Jesus, they opened a Beth Myriam blessed and inaugurated solemnly by His Excellency Archbishop Diosdado A. Talamayan, DD in September 2000. His free medical services for the unfortunate together with TLIG evangelization have reached the mountains of the next province, Kalinga Apayao.

Divinely powered by regular prayer meetings and personal contemplative reading, the couple and the TLIG-BM volunteers have been surely taking these words of our Holy Mother seriously: abide only in Faith, Hope and Love, let these be your fruit filling your heart God-is-among-you to provide your soul all that it lacks; the Vineyards of the Lord shall multiply and They shall yield enough fruit to feed thousands;(22.9.89)

Dr. de Laza gives free medical treatment to the poor in these hospital beds


Every Friday, the poor are served a hot meal after the Prayer Meeting.



My Personal Testimony of the BM Tuao

I was widowed seven years ago and left with eight (8) children. I had a hard time making both ends meet because I occasionally earned money from sewing clothes. After many years of financial problems, I was able to let some of my children finish their secondary education, but this was not enough for them to make a decent living. After several years, most of them got married and resided in our neighborhood. Now I have thirty five (35) grandchildren, aging from 2 to 15 years old. This time the survival problem was doubled but still with God’s help, my children, grandchildren and I managed to squeeze whatever budget we had.

Since the Beth Myriam was established in Tuao, life has changed materially and spiritually, for now my grandchildren enjoy the warmness and love extended by the Beth Myriam, through the care of Dr. German and Josie de Laza. Spiritually, my grandchildren learned how to pray the rosary in our neighborhood and are now conscious of the importance of the Holy Mass. Before, they only watched television and were very irregular in their mass attendance. Now, slight sickness of the clan is not a problem for medicines are easily given to them and they are looked after in the clinic.

Indeed, our Lord and Mother Mary, are ever solicitous for the spiritual and material welfare of their children. In turn, we would like to extend our gratitude, love and appreciation to God and our Blessed Mother for using the Beth Myriam to be instruments of God’s love in this Third World country. Rest assured that the precept of the Lord which is Love dominates our whole being.

With Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Felisa Salvador
Bagumbayan, Tuao, Cagayan

Contact information

Address: Cagayan Valley, Philippines

Responsible: Cora Zaballa

Tel: +63 2 7130211

Email: tligphils@yahoo.com

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