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Beth Miriam de Lima - Barranco


120 lunches offered daily, from Monday to Friday. In Lima, 40 children and 80 adults are evangelised and receive one hot meal daily, from Monday to Friday. Free medical consultation and medicines are offered every Monday. When donated to the Beth Myriam, clothes are provided. Other activities include: free haircuts twice a month, every first Saturday of the month there is TLIG Prayer Meeting.

BM chapel
A kitchen
People waiting for their turn
A group of people eating
Family eating
Photo Gallery of Beth Miriam de Lima - Barranco


Leonor Falconi, Peruvian composer and poet, has been attending sitting in a wheelchair the Beth Myriam in Lima for a month; she´s recovering from an hemiplegic attack that paralysed the right side of her body. She has written this poem to honour The Beth Myriam.

translated from the original Spanish

Be blessed Mary´s Home
A house that I discovered
Full of joy and peace
Hospitable as I have never seen

The faces of the followers
Of our beloved Jesus
Reveal only worries
As so many have a cross to carry

They try laboriously
To soothe their pains and poverty
Very proudly they preach
How great Our Lord is

Blessed and delicious food
that impeccable hands prepare
Given to the needy who meet
At the Admirable Mary´s Home

Thank you Jesus for your doings
Magnificent your Teaching is
Through your Love to all of them
You gain their unity in full trust

Thank you Lord for your generosity
For lighting up the blind man´s eyes
So that he can perceive the beauty
That in Heaven awaits us.

Contact information

Address: Barranco, Peru

Responsible: Jorge Tavara 

Email: jorge-tavara@sgvperu.com

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