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Beth Myriams of Brazil


Beth Myriam Belo Horizonte II


The first BM in Belo Horizonte was opened in 2003. The second one, in 2007. Their main task is to serve daily meals, from Monday to Friday. Nutritious and succulent soup is served, made with legumes, cereals, bread and meat. More than 500 meals are made each day by volunteers, most of them from the community itself. During winter, blankets are given to those who need. On Christmas time, children receive gifts. Volunteers also make and sell soap to help to support themselves and the BM.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, TLIG Prayer Groups meet at Belo Horizonte BMs. The metropolitan archbishop has been to the BM several times, declaring to be glad with the Christian loving work that is done to help those who need.

Contact information

Address: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Responsible: Jose Hipolito and Maria Berenice Rosa Vieira Sobral

Tel: +55 3132646003 or +553132837850

Email: hipolito.faria@gmail.com, mariaberenice.rosavieira@gmail.com

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